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Happy Jackie Robinson Day Everyone!

I hope everyone is having a beautiful Jackie Robinson Day!  I am off in a few minutes to my beloved OLOCR (Our Lady of Chavez Ravine).    I got my Jackie Robinson jersey in the car!  

I am still high from the great Opening Day!   After Vin Scully threw out the ceremonial first pitch, I could not stop the tears when I heard Vin say “Two things,   #1  In all the years I needed you more than you needed me”.  “#2.  Is time now for Dodger Baseball”.    He threw out the ceremonial first pitch to Joe Torre.  Joe came over afterwards and touched his face.   Vin’s wife was wearing a beautiful baby blue dress. 

The players were announced in numerical order with Tommy Lasorda being first with his #2 retired number.  No, he did not have his uniform on.  He only wears it during Spring Training.  the players came out from the field level and the outfielders and pitchers from the left field pavilion.   The last number coming out was #99 Manny.     

We all heard O-Dog hit for the cycle, Andre hit two homeruns but Chad Billingsley cannot be overlooked in his great performance where he did not walk a batte rand he struck out 13.   11.  Thanks LuvDodgers23 for the correction!

Wishing you all a great Jackie Robinson Day!  



Last exhibition games at OLOCR, Opening Day at San Diego & Vacation

Last night I attended the only exhibition game against the Angels.  What was up with that?  We usually play them for 3 games!  Tonight we face  Milwaukee for  two exhibition games then my beloved Dodgers fly to San Francisco for one exhibition game then to San Diego for Monday Opening Day there.   What a crazy way to end exhibition and start the season!  

Last night it was reunion day greeting and hugging the same people that I see day in and day out during the baseball season.   Not everyone has made it back yet but tonight, tomorrow night and Opening Day I’ll get to see the rest.   My brother said that he was observing me and that I looked like a fish in water when I get to the stadium.   I LOVE IT THERE! 

I was and still is fighting a cold.   I dont want to get sick!!!   I got games to see and the trip to San Diego to catch a couple of games there!    I stocked up this morning on Dayquil and I am drinking lots of liquids.  

I put on the board at work the vacation days I am taking.  Someone drew a baseball next to it :-).  

I don’t care if it is exhibtion but is always good to beat the Angels!  Bragging rights on the train with two Angel fans there!   How sweeet. 

I bought a a new Big 5 Scorebook, I got pencils, I got my radio, my binos, my glove, my tickets, my sunblock, my cold medicine in case I need it.  I am ready for tonight!  

Bring on the Brew Crew because our  Big Blue Wrecking Crew is back!!

Like Vin Scully sayd “Is Time for Dodger Baseball”


Oh is also Fireworks night and the game time for Friday nights have been changed from 7:40 to 7;10 to accomodate that now we have Fireworks every Friday.  

How I became a Dodger and Baseball fan. My first post!

My name is Emma. I was born in Honduras and came to the LA when I was 13. No one in my family followed baseball so my first boyfriend introduced me to the game when I was 20 (long time ago) . He took me to my first game and I remember that he would listen to Vin Scully on the radio. I did not pay much attention as I would argue with him that Football was better than baseball. He would explain baseball to me and I would explain Football. I was a big Ram Fan then. He was born in Maine so his baseball team was the Red Sox but he was also a fan of the Dodgers.

After we went our separate ways, I started attending some games with a very nice older Jewish lady from Brooklyn that used to talk about Sandy Koufax. I started getting into the game more and more.

The last games of 1980 had left me elated and devastated when The Dodgers pushed for an extra playoff game with the Astros. that was an incredible last 3 games of the season in 1980 where one game would have eliminated the Dodgers but they kept fighting back. I remember Bud Furillo playing “Another one Bites the Dust” on Dodger Talk.

Dodgers won in incredible fashion Friday, Saturday and Sunday. After it was official that the Dodgers had won Sunday’s game, I got in line to buy a ticket for the extra playoff game on Monday.

I remember I made sure to show up at working very early that Monday. I walked into my boss’s office to tell him I was only working half a day. His response was “I am surprise you are even here.”
Monday’s game was such a letdown with a lot of second guessing Lasorda. He should have used Fernando in that game! I sat in my car for quite a while all depressed. When I went home I did not want anyone talking to me.
But that November in 1980,  I decided to purchase a season ticket. I remember they took me to see a Loge seat (aisle 103 N 3) and that became my seat for 1981 and 1982.

What a year 1981 was with the start of Fernandomaniaand culminating with the Dodgers beating the Yankees in the World Series!!

I had the season ticket for one more year and afterwards I still attended games but not so much as I wanted to go back to school. I started attending less and less games until I would only watch some on TV or just playoffs. Things like free agency, strikes started turning me off. I have a gap of many years that I’ve been catching up. Back in 2000 this guy from work had 3 extra tickets to a game and he invited me along with two other women from work, then someone else invited me to another game and before long my addiction, my love for the Dodgers & baseball was back in full force :-)


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