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Thank you Vin Scully

Dear Vin:

Thank you for soothing my soul and my heart. We have been through a lot. I have not helped you but you have helped me through some difficult times in my life. Your voice was my first introduction to the Dodgers. I remember that voice coming through a yellow Datsun truck.  That reminds me of something you said at the stadium when Datsun was a sponsored and you said “That soon”  then you said “that was bad”  Wish I can remember more about it but I remember hearing you and chuckling about it.

You amaze me with your stories.  I wish I could remember things as well as you do.  What is your secret Vin?  I cannot even remember peoples names sometimes.  I am good with numbers as I associate them with players numbers, Dodger and baseball events.  Perhaps I should associate names with players name.  Yes! That is what I will do!  See? You are still helping me Vin!  Thank you so much!!

Dear Vin:

Do you remember a a few years back a friend and I greeting you from lower levels yelling “VIN SCULLY! WE LOVE YOU!”  We got you attention at Dodger Stadium, Chase Field, Anaheim Stadium, San Francisco, Camelback Ranch & I did it at a Spring Training game in Cashman Field in Las Vegas where the Dodgers played the Cubs.  You were always so sweet to us getting up, acknowledging us and applauding us!  You made our day every single time!!!

Dear Vin,

One time in Arizona, we stayed at the team’s hotel and saw you in the lobby.  Timidly we approached you and told you “Hi Mr. Scully! We are the two crazy fans that greet you underneath your cabin..”  You said “Oh you are not crazy, I love your enthusiasm! What are your names?”  We proceeded to introduced ourselves then Vin repeated our names (sounded like music in his voice) and said “nice meeting you”.  My friend Lorena (who I met at Dodger Stadium about 12 years ago and since then we have shared many Dodger memories at the stadium and on the road) said that we had this look on our faces like kids in a candy store.  We were shy in front of Vin.   A friend that I told the story to asked if I had taken a picture. I said no.  She said it did not count.  I said it counts! The picture and the memory is in my heart and brain.

Dear Vin,

When.tou got your Hollywood Star in the Walk of Fame, I took the day off from work.  I took pictures with my small Kodak camera.   Those pictures are in one of my photo albums!

BTW, we started the greeting “Vin Scully We Love you” after hearing Vin tell the story of Hilda Chester, long time Dodger fan who once greeted Vin from below at Ebbets Field with “Vin Scully I Love you!”  Vin told the story in the air  imitating Hilda Chester’s deep voice.  Vin Scully said he was a young man then fresh between the ears.  He did not response but then Hilda said, and again Vin used a deep voice, “Vin Scully!  I am talking to you!” Ebbets Field being a small stadium, you could hear Hilda  well . 

Thank you so much Vin!! VIN SCULLY I LOVE YOU!!!







Vin Scully on the Dodgers-Giants rivalry

Emjoying reading Vin Scully recollection of the Dodgers-Giants rivalry. I can’t wait to head to Dodger Stadium but it just started to rain in Los Angeles! We have not had rain in FOREVER!

Dodger Insider

vin-1961By Jon Weisman

This morning, Vin Scully spoke on a conference call with the national media. Given the series beginning tonight at Dodger Stadium and the fact that he will call his final game October 2 in San Francisco, several questions circled around the Dodgers-Giants rivalry.

Here’s a sampling of what he had to say …

Sharing a memory of Giants broadcaster Russ Hodges:

With Russ, when I was back in New York, I can actually remember one night in his kitchen harmonizing with Russ and Ernie Harwell, one of the beautiful memories in my entire life.

On broadcasting Dodgers-Giants games in San Francisco, starting in 1958:

First of all, when we arrived at Seals Stadium, they did not really have any kind of a radio booth. We didn’t televise. So we actually were one row behind the regular fans, and once they realized that we were doing, for instance, a beer…

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Vote for MLB’s Dodger Fan of the Year

Vote for me for Dodger Fan of the year by going to Twitter and using the hashtag #DODGERSFOTY4. Thank you! I am a long time Dodger season ticket holder. My first recollection of hearing Vin Scully was in my boyfriend’s Datsun truck. I remember that Summer. I was the first Dodger and Baseball fan in the family and I have converted many since then. In 2013, I was awarded the Hilda award from the Baseball Reliquary given in memory of long time Brooklyn Dodger fan Hilda Chester.  The award is given to recognize distinguished service to the game by a baseball fan.  I am also an active member of SABR (Society for American Baseball Research)  Go Dodgers!!

Dodger Insider


You can now vote for the Dodgers’ Fan of the Year in an MLB contest sponsored by Esurance.

Each of the four finalists has a video supporting his or her candidacy — click the image above to see them. They are:

  • Laura Zimmerman: Zimmerman is passionate about all things Dodgers, as she attends every home game and follows the club’s Minor League affiliates.
  • Vincente Reyes: Reyes dedicates his Instagram to sharing the dazzling photos he personally captures at Dodgers games in various locales.
  • Danny Del Toro: Elvis tribute artist Del Toro has combined his love of the King and the Dodgers, and he is now renowned as Dodger Elvis.
  • Emma X Amaya: Season-ticket holder Amaya is a savvy fan who rarely goes a day without posting about the Dodgers on her Facebook page.

Voting is takes place through 10:59 a.m. PT on September 19. To vote, you must use a…

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Two Vin Scully covers next week for Dodger Insider

Looking forward to getting these two Dodger magazines with Vin Scully on the cover. They are small and free. That last weekend at Dodger Stadium is going to be very emotional. Get your kleenex ready.

Dodger Insider


Here’s a sneak peek at the cover of Dodger Insider magazine for September 19-24. This will be distributed at auto gates (one per vehicle) and via Fan Services for those who use alternate transportation.

As is the case with the Special Commemorative Edition that will be given at the ticket gates to the first 50,000 fans September 25, the September 19-24 edition has been dedicated to celebrating the life and career of Vin Scully. The main difference is the September 25 edition will have the special commemorative cover. Existing subscribers will receive the September 25 commemorative issue.

Looking forward to you getting your copy …

— Jon Weisman


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Who are the Five Players that Clayton Kershaw has Walked this Season As of 6/3/2016?

First of all, congratulations to Clayton Kershaw for being selected NL Pitcher of the Month for May! 

As of June 3, 2016, Clayton Kershaw has allowed 5 walks.  5 walks to 105 strikeouts! 

Who are the five players Kershaw has walked?

4/4/16  @SD.  W 15-0.  Solarte 2nd inning, 4,1, count, 2 out walk.

4/9/16 @SF.  W 3-2.  Hunter Pence 1st inning, 4,0 count, 2 out walk.

4/21/16 @ATL. W 2-1. Freddy Freeman 8th inning, 4-1 count,  2 out walk. 

5/12/16 NYM.  W 5-0  David Wright 1st inning, full count, 2 out walk.

5/23/16  CIN. W 1-0  Joey Votto, full count, leadoff single

There you  have it!! 
Clayton Kershaw takes his 7-1, 1.56 ERA on the mound tonight against Bud Norris and the Braves.


Brooklyn Dodgers. Where are they now. Lee Pfund

Sad to hear that former pitcher Lee Pfund died Thursday June 2, 2016. My condolences to his family and friends. Wrote this in 2013, honoring Mr. pfund. Rest in peace sir.

Dodger Blue World

Lee Pfund then

Name DOB Birthplace Uniform #
Lee Pfund 10/10/1919 Oak Park, IL 14

His full name is Le Roy Herbert Pfund.

1939 – 1941 Signed by the St. Louis Cardinal and sent to the Columbus, Ohio and Mobile, Alabama farm teams.  Played in the minor leagues for three seasons while teaching junior high and coaching during the off season.

1941 Broke into professional baseball in the Georgia/Florida League

1942 – 1943 During off season taught math at Longfellow Junior High School and coached grade school baseball teams

On November 1, 1944 he was drafted by the Brooklyn Dodgers from the St. Louis Cardinals in the 1944 rule 5 draft, and played for the Dodgers in 1945.

Pfund made his debut against the New York Giants.  Playing for Leo Durocher he had a very successful first season. While with the Dodgers, Lee chose not to play on Sundays, citing…

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Twas The Night Before Opening Day

Twas the Night before Opening Day and all through Dodger town

Dodger fans anxiously waited for the final countdown

At the stadium the awnings were hung with much care

in hope that in October they will again be there

The fans all sleepy snuggled in their bed

while visions of World Series danced in their heads

after finishing blogging and checking the MLB at Bat

I went upstairs to take a long nap

when my alarm kept making such a clatter

I sprang out my bed to see what was the matter

Away to Dodger Stadium we left in a dash

drove up I-10  but had to stop for some cash

On the mound, Maeda-san

against Corbin is the Opening Day plan

On Kenta, on Adrian, On Seager, on Puig, on Joc, on Ellis

Give us a win fellas!

Giddiness!  Opening Day is the reason

Good luck to my Dodgers and to all fans a good season!

PS.  I might cry tomorrow being as it will be Vin Scully’s last Opening Day.

Dodgers vs Giants Kersh vs Bum

I was looking forward to this matchup Kershaw versus Bumgarner. Another classic Dodger  Giant game battling each other out and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Here are some haikus from Saturday’s Dodger win over the Giants:

Bum homers off Kersh
Hit by a pitch ties the game
With bases loaded

Adrianza homers
Dodgers score to tie the game
In the 9th inning!

Colberson doubles
Corey Seager scores!
Dodgers 3, Jints 2

Jansen in the 10th
Saves the game for Hatch
WOO-HOO! Dodgers win!!

Vin Scully Avenue to be dedicated Monday

Yes! I plan to attend! I remember a long time ago I took a day off to go to Hollywood when Vin Scully got his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Somewhere I have the pictures I took.

Dodger Insider

Vin SA Andrew Connorton/Los Angeles Dodgers

Jon SooHoo/Los Angeles Dodgers Jon SooHoo/Los Angeles Dodgers

By Jon Weisman

Vin Scully Avenue will be officially dedicated Monday at 11:15 a.m. with a ceremony at the corner of Stadium Way and the street formerly known as Elysian Park Avenue.

The Los Angeles City Council approved the renaming of the street January 29, and following a couple of months of neighborhood processes and street beautification, the council today formalized the ordinance.

Members of the public who wish to attend should park in Lots 13/14 on Stadium Way (located just east/downhill of the main entrance to Dodger Stadium) and proceed to the entrance.

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Happy Opening Day 2016

Happy Opening Day everybody!  Here are some Haikus for this glorious Day! 

Is that time again
Dodger fans flock to Petco
For Opening Day!

Kershaw on the mound
Dave Roberts at the helm
Go Kid K! Go Doc!

Is making me wild crazy
Want to hear Play Ball!

Scully at the mike
“Is Time for Dodger Baseball!
How sweet that sound is!!