May 2013

Ross Porter back at Dodger Stadium and Dodgers at Colorado

Ross Porter will be at Dodger Stadium this weekend! I read it on Tom Hoffard column here:

From the article:

The 74-year-old has stayed busy on various broadcasting projects and finds himself returning to the stadium today as an employee of Fox Sports West. Executive producer Tom Feuer hired him to call today’s CIF Southern Section Division III title game between Mira Costa and Serra (2 p.m.) as well as the Division II championship between Cypress and Temecula Valley (5 p.m.), both of which will stream on the Prep Zone online platform

Ross Porter, Vin Scully and Gerry Doggett

I would love it if he would return working for the Dodgers.

In the meantime, the Dodgers are in Colorado after dropping the two games at Anaheim Stadium. I made the trip to Anaheim for the two games. I drove for the first game and took the Metrolink special train the second night. I do recommend taking the train. It is $7 round trip. The train back from the stadium leaves 30 minutes after the last out.

Tonight is El Niño de Oro Clayton Kershaw against Garland. Game at 5:40 p.m. Pacific Time.

Trivia: Name a living Brooklyn Dodger player that played with the Angels

I’ve been working on updating the living Brooklyn Dodgers players list. I am adding some additional data as a request from a commenter but I am having some difficulty now that I added an additional column to the Excel worksheet. It is not copying correctly to WordPress. Anyway, when adding addtional data to the list, -see list here _ I noticed one player that played with the Angels.

Can you name him?

It might be an easy question for some of you. Maybe I should give a prize…hmmm.

Dodgers at Angel Stadium.
I went to Angel Stadium last night. It is a long way from work in the San Fernando valley to Anaheim. Anyway, I went there

Weaver was dealing but at the end the Dodgers made it a close game losing 4-3. Dodgers took the first two games at Dodger Stadium so lets hope Dodgers can win tonight. Ted Lilly will be looking for his first win against Vargas.

Brooklyn Dodgers. Then and Now. Johnny Rutherford

Johnny Rutherford then

Portrait of Johnny RutherfordJohnny Rutherford  was born on Tuesday, May 5, 1925, in Belleville, Ontario,  Canada. Rutherford was 26 years old when he broke into the big leagues on April  30, 1952, with the Brooklyn Dodgers.

Rutherford pitched both as a starter and reliever for the pennant-winning 1952 Dodgers. He made his major league debut  in relief against the Cardinals at Sportsman Park. His first major league win came a week later, also in relief, in a 5–4 decision over the Cincinnati Reds at Ebbets Field.

At the plate, he batted .290 (9-for-31) with 3 runs batted in and 3 runs scored.

Rutherford made one appearance in the 1952 World Series   He pitched one inning in  Game # 4 and gave up one hit (a Mickey Mantle triple) and one earned turn.

Johnny Rutherford now
I looked everywhere for a current picture of Johnny Rutherford but I could not find one😦


The WordPress photo Challenge for this week that ends today is Escape.  For more information on this week’s photo challenge go here

If you know me, you know that my home away from home is Dodger Stadium so for me the word Escape brings to mind being at Dodger Stadium.   Nothing makes me happier than to head to my Blue Heaven on Earth, Dodger Stadium or as I like to call it OLOCR, Our Lady of Chavez Ravine so here are some pictures that means my Escape to a happy place

From Opening Day

I like sitting in my seats, watch game, listen with my headphones and keep score.

My view as I exit the stadium

The Dodgers and Don Mattingly

The rumors have been flying high about Don Mattingly being fired soon. Even non-baseball fans at work have come to me saying “I hear Don Mattingly is getting fired soon.”

I am in the minority but I don’t think Mattingly is getting fired and I don’t think he should be fired.

Firing Mattingly seems like a sign of desperation. I doubt they find someone available that is better at this stage in the season. If management wants to do something they should have done it in the offseason.

I don’t think you can blame Mattingly for the Dodgers poor performance. I think that Mattingly is doing a fairly good job especially with all of the injuries plaguing the team. I do think that he should give Kemp a day off here and there and the same goes for Ethier and Crawford. If Van Slyke is fairly hot, play him.

So here is Thursday, a Dodger day off and the day that some think Mattingly will be fired. The Dodgers open up a three game series with the Cardinals. I think Mattingly will be there.

The matchups for this weekend:
Friday: Capuano faces Lance Lynn.   Capuano had two pretty good starts in his last two starts. 

Saturday: The game starts at 4:15 on Jaime Jarrin Bobblehead Night. Ted Lilly returns from the DL to face John Gast. I hope Ted Lilly pitches like he pitched on his first start instead of his second. It is also Jaime Jarrin Bobblehead day!  Game on Fox.

Sunday: Clayton Kershaw🙂 against Shelby Miller.  I have not missed a game this year and I especially make it a point not to miss Kershaw’s games.  This game promised to be a good matchup.

Last Place Dodgers against Last Place Brewers

The Dodgers and the Brewers have exactly the same record: 17 wins, 25 losses. At least the Brewers were able to win one of the three games they played against St Louis. The Dodgers got swept by the Braves.

It was a tough weekend in Atlanta where the Dodgers were leading in all three games but the bullpen let it get away. The bullpen collapse and the light hitting undermined the starters pitching.

Off to Milwaukee they go with their tails between their legs.

It seems like the season is slipping away, like Jaime Jarrin’s shirt says “Se Va, Se Va, y Despidala con un Beso”

Tonight’s matchup
Lefty NIÑO de ORO, Clayton Kershaw

against Mexican righty Yovani Gallardo

The Dodgers won two of three from the Brewers in a late April series this season, while Milwaukee won six of seven games between the teams in 2012.

When the Dodgers are in Miwaukee, we always remember the time Shawn Green hit four home runs in one game at Milwaukee .   Shawn did that on 5/23.02.     The Dodger with the highest home runs this year for the Dodgers is Crawford with five.  Adrian Gonzalez has four, Ethier and Scott Van Slyke have three.  A.J. Ellis, Mark Ellis and Uribe have two.   Kemp, Ramirez, Hairston, Gordon), Sellers, Kerhshaw and Punto each have one.

Let’s go Dodgers!  Let’s go!

Yeah that is Rue (Ruda) for good luck

Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

This week’s Photo Challenge is Pattern I was looking around Dodger Stadium to see what I could use for the subject “Pattern”  Reviewing the Dodger photographer’s photos I came upon what I could use so before the game I took some pictures with my Iphone.

By the clubhouse entrance there are many Dodger yearbooks and Dodger programs framed forming a nice pattern.   I could have taken just one picture of the whole thing but it would have been too small so I took seeveral.

Here is the collection:

I wish I had some of those programs

Dodger fan Deuce playing catch with Hyun-Jin Ryu

This is great! Deuce is playing catch with Hyun-Jin Ryu!

Deuce has an arm! But don’t worry Logan White already is scouting him

Deuce and Logan White

Here is Deuce, Devon Ethier and I

Dodgers Haikus for Good Luck.

Dodgers losing streak
is at gulp… seven, really??
Let’s stop it tonight!

Are the Dodgers cursed?
If so let’s reverse
and work toward first

Marlins are in town
their record 10-25
Time to beat them down

Magill on the mound
Fernandez for the Marlins
Bums don’t make us frown

Dodgers we beg you
Please start your winnings tonight
We are feeling Blue

I want to hear cheers
Want to hear I LOVE LA
Want to celebrate

tonight be the night
to stop Dodgers losing streak
and start winning feast

But really, is there some kind of curse on the Dodgers? Did it start when Manny Mota stopped being part of the coaching staff? no matter, I hope it stops tonight!

Go Dodgers!

Herrera has been optioned back to the minors and Van Slyke is back!  Van Slyke was crushing the Pacific Coast League with a .397 batting average, 9 Homeruns.

Dodgers lineup:

Crawford, LF
Punto 3B
Gonzalez, I B   YAY!  He is back!
Kemp CF
Ethier RF
Ellis C
Schumaker 2B
Gordon SS
Magill P

Marlins lineup:
Pierre LF
Hechavarria Ss
Polanco 3B
Ruggiano CF
Dobbs 1
Ozuna RF
Dietrich 2B
Brantly C
Fernandez P

Haikus for Kershaw and a great Kershaw link article

This is a great article on Clayton Kershaw:

So in honor of the article and Kershaw pitching tonight here are some more haikus for today:

Kershaw and Ryu
Then what do the Dodgers do?
I don’t know, do you?

Nino de Oro
he reminds us of Koufax
and of El Toro

The basement is cold
The losing streak is at six
but Kershaw is gold!

13 and 19
The Dodgers current record
Let’s get to 14!

attendance last night
was only 33K
with shirt giveaway

My bet for tonigh
attendance will be higher
With Kershaw all right!

Let’s go Dodgers!  Let’s start a winning streak tonight!

Happy birthday to El Titan Adrian Gonzalez!  He turns 31 tonight!  @Dodgers, Make sure you play “El Mariachi Loco” for all his at bats!  We like to dance to his at bat song.

Dodger news:  Justin Sellers has been sent down and Tim Federowicz has been called up!