March 2013

Brawl at the WBC game between Mexico & Canada

I was watching the Spanish broadcasting of the WBC game between Mexico & Canada when the nasty brawl broke out.  Here is the video I took:


Is unfortunate that this happened. Someone could have gotten injured real bad. Poor Aceves was used as a punching bag or as a pinata. You know when the pinata is low on candy and someone holds it from the string while a kid just knocks all the candy out.

I am watching USA against Italy right now. USA is leading 6-2 after a grand slam by David Wright. Seeing Joe Torre walk to the mound to take the pitcher out, I thought I was back to watching a Dodger game.

Latest Leaders-February 2013: #14 again!

I was surprised that again I came in at #14 for the month of February in the latest MLBBlog latest leaders.

Great!   Thank you those that visit my blog and those that found it while searching something I had here!

Last month when I came in at #14 for the month of January I dedicated the post to Gil Hodges.

This time I will dedicate it to #14 Mike Scioscia!

A skinny Mike Scioscia with a skinny Tommy Lasorda

I got this signed by Mike prior to a game.

Mike was the best blocking home plate!  I sat behind home plate in the Loge level for two years (1981 & 1982) watching him play.

Here ist to you Mike!  Wish you were still with the Blue!

I am missing my lemonade from Camelback Ranch

Again, thank you everyone that stops by here.  Thank you Mark for doing the Latest Leaders list.


My Favorite Video from Spring Training 2013. Vin Scully interviewing Sandy Koufax

I know this is old but I still would like to put it here.    The video where Vin Scully interviews Sandy Koufax is a classic!

Besides, Mark our fearless leaders here at the MLB Blogsphere reminded us that we can post videos here.   I keep forgetting that so  Mark, I am listening to you.  Let’s see if this works

Vin Scully interviewing Sandy Koufax.

Yes!  it works!

Unfortunately Sandy was only at Camelback Ranch for 10 days.  He will return to the team in June.

I have been very busy at work and I am dying to go back to Camelback Ranch.  Not sure if I will go back but if not, there are 25 days till Opening Day!  Counting the days.

My boss is going on vacation for a week and a day starting tomorrow.  When I asked him where he was going he said “Arizona”   :-(     Is OK, listening to the games and pictures from JonSooHoo I can wait till the boys come home.


Brooklyn Dodgers. Where are they now. Don Lund

I am getting back to honoring the Brooklyn Dodgers that are alive so here is #12 in my list from oldest to youngest.

Don Lund then

Donald Andrew Lund was a backup outfielder for the Brooklyn Dodgers, St Louis Browns and Detroit Tigers.  He was born in Detroit on May 18, 1923.  He shares a birthday with my dear aunt Nora and my friend Sandi who is a St. Louis Cardinal fan.

From Baseball

Outfielder Don Lund earned nine letters at the University of Michigan and was also drafted by the Chicago Bears. After his playing career ended, he was a Detroit Tigers coach in 1957 and 1958. He was then the Tigers’ farm director in 1963, Scouting director in 1964, and director of player development from 1965 to 1970.

The young Lund attracted attention in 1947, a pennant-winning year for the Brooklyn Dodgers, when he went 6 for 20, slugging .700 with 2 doubles and 2 homers. He did not appear in post-season play. Lund was one of 11 players used in left field by the Dodgers that season, who never did pick a regular left-fielder in the late 1940s.

His year with the most major league at-bats was 1953, when he hit .257 in 421 at-bats with the Tigers. Al Kaline was an 18-year-old rookie that year, and the following year Kaline became a regular, while Lund was a backup.

Lund briefly managed the 1956 Jamestown Falcons. He returned to his alma mater as head coach from 1959 to 1962, leading the school to the 1962 College World Series.

checking the Dodgers media guide, Mr. Don Lund wore uniforms #8 #17 #25 #40.  He was in 4 games in 1945, 11 games in 1947 and 27 games in 1948.   He went to the Tigers in 1948.

Don Lund now.

I did not know that there is a SABR chapter called Don Lund Chapter!  the Don Lund Chapter serves the Southeastern Michigan area.  Very nice!

Also in 1997 SABR conference #27 in Louisville, Kentucky  saw a player panel highlighted by Pee Wee Reese that also featured Ed Stevens and Don lund.  Jim Bunning was the keynote speaker.

Found this book also about Don Lund:

From everything I read about Mr. Lund, he is another terrific person.


Photo Challenge: Lost in the Detail

I started reviewing my pictures to see what I could use for this week’s Photo Challenge: Lost in the Detail 

I found these pictures when I took a road trip to Seattle with friends Lorena & Rosie to see the Dodgers last year. 

We were taking pictures of the Chihuly Garden and glass

2012  Seatle Trip ! 015

At the Chihuly Garden and Glass when I spotted a bee.   2012  Seatle Trip ! 016

 I am afraid of bees but I stayed there taking the picture.

2012  Seatle Trip ! 023

I also took this picture aiming low at the reflection of Lorena and I taking pictures.