Dodgers April 2013 Schedule

Here is the Dodgers April 2013 schedule courtesy of

Thanks to Rene for reminding me that the Dodger games at Baltimore are in April.  I had forgotten!

Ahhhh this is so cool!  Thanks Mike!

I want to go to Baltimore.  I have never been to Camden Yards. I have never been to Baltimore.  I think I have been at the airport but that does not count.

For Opening Day, well is a Holiday for me but I have already asked my boss for a vacation day!   He did give a hard time as is Fiscal Year-End closing at work but I reminded him I worked two days during the Holiday shutdown.   He says that is the reason why he approved it but like I said, he knows Opening Day is MY religious Holiday.

So anyone have any tips for Baltimore?

Update 1/26/13. I got the pocket schedule so here is the star breakdown:
1-Star = 3/29, 4/16, 4/29
2-STar = 4/2, 4/5, 4/6, 4/7, 4/15, 4/26, 4/28
3-Star = 4/3, 4/17, 4/27, 4/30
4-Star = 4/1


I don’t have any first hand tips; I was only in Baltimore on one cold night in January and ended up driving past the ballpark on my way to visit an acquaintance. As you know, there are lots of tips to be had by Googling. Here is just one hit:

thanks Brian! I did not realize before that the Baltimore trip so soon. I am used to Interleague coming later. Ooohh crab!

Hey Emma,
How did you make Wed., Apr. 24, into Apr. 26? Nice trick, Anyway, you should visit Babe Ruth’s (he was a Dodger coach for a little while!) boyhood home/museum in downtown Baltimore, a short walk from Camden Yards.

John, Nice catch! 🙂 Wonder if Mike noticed that. Great suggestion on the museum! Thanks!!

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