August 2012

The Dodgers get the first cannon blow against the Pirates

The Dodgers get the first cannon blow against the Pirates!

Shane Victorino went boom 

Harang got the win and Jansen got save #24.   Jansen is also in my baseball fantasy team, Los Locos Azules!


Let’s do it again!   Let’s go Dodgers!

 Got  title idea from Efren Meza’s tweet.  Efren is the  Dodgers Spanish Radio Producer/Engineer.  He started using twitter a few days ago.  He is also responsible for teaching our Spanish announcers Jaime Jarrin & Pepe Yniguez how to to use Twitter.  Their account are @trublu_Efren, @JaimeJarrinHOF @PepeYniguez .   Efren says that Jaime & Pepe picked it up easily and are having fun.   Thank you Efren! 

Thank you Jaime & Pepe!   Es un honor seguir su poesia Don Jaime y Pepe, no te quedas atras.  Ya tuve que usar el Para Burros con dos palabras que no estaba segura el significado.   

Welcome aboard Getlemen! 

Efren who is in his first year with the Dodgers is visiting the stadiums for the first time.  He is taking suggestions for things to do in Pittsburgh and Atlanta.   

Here is a nice picture from Jon SooHoo of  “El Patron y dos de sus sequaces”  In order of pic, Pepe Yniguez, Jaime Jarrin and Efren Meza. 

Funny things happen to me. Dodgers at PNC. Puig to Rancho.

I went to the Little League game at San Bernardino.   I saw Oregon beat the Idaho team.   It was extremely hot but at one point there was a whirlwind that originated at first base. 

I enjoyed watching the kids and the crowd.  The kids put a lot of heart and enthusiasm into the game  and the crowd are very supportive of their team no matter what the score is.    

The plan was to watch the game and then head home to watch the Dodger game.  I did not know there was a second game.   Dodgers lost 7-3 .  We should have stayed to watch Petaluma & Hawaii but we watched part of the game on ESPN.     

Funny  thing happened  on the way home.  We were caught in a rain & lighting storm by some mountains there.  By the time I passed the storm I noticed a sign saying how many miles to Barstow.   I said “WAIT A MINUTE!  WE ARE APPROACHING VICTORVILLE”   I needed gas so I got off the freeway, got gas and took the I-15 the right way this time.    I travelled at least 50 miles extra.

Did I mention  before that I do Pilates at work three days a week?  We have an instructor come to work 3 days a week during lunch time.   Today after the session, I headed to the bathroom closest to the exercise room.  The two stalls were already taken so I changed close to one of the sinks.  I put the clothes I was going to wear close to the sink when OOPS! MY CLOTHES DROPPED INTO THE SINK AND THERE GOES THE AUTOMATIC FAUCET!    Too late, got my clothes wet!   I had to put my top like that as I was not going to wear my exercise top back to work.    

Dodgers at PNC for four games

Dodgers at PNC for four games.   Dodgers and Pirates are coming off wins.  Capuano had a great game yesterday against the Marlins where he took a no-hitter into the 7th.   Cappy got his 11th win on a 5-0 shutout.   Pirates scored 9 runs in the 4th off the Padres on four walks one error and six hits that included a grand slam. 

Yasiel Puig

The cuban Yasiel Puig is now close to Los Angeles!  He has been promoted to Rancho Cucamonga.   I see myself going to Rancho soon. 

Jerry Hairston Jr.  has been put on the DL and Herrera has been called back.  Good luck Jerry and welcome back Herrera.

Why am I honoring the number 21? And why Luis Olmo

Why am I honoring #21?   

Well because  my blog came in at 21 in the July ranking.  Thank you all that read my blog! 

Why am I also honoring Luis Olmo?  

Yes, because he worn unform #21 for the Brooklyn Dodgers.

Why else?

Because he is part of the suviving Brooklyn Dodgers. 

Why else?

Because  today August 11, 2012, Luis Olmo is having a birthday!   He is turning 93. 

Happy birthday Mr Olmo!

Luis Olmo played for the Dodgers froom 1943 to 1945 then again in 1949.  He played in the ’49 World Series. 

Olmo lead the National League in triples in 1945.  On May 18 of that year he hit a grand slam homerun and a bases loaded triple in the same game.  No other player accomplished that feat in the 20th century. 

Olmo jumped to the Mexican League in 1946 because one Mexican team owner offered a higher salary than Major League teams were paying.  Olmo and several others were banned by MLB Commissioner Happy Chandler.   For Olmo the suspension lasted three years.  Olmo returned to the Dodgers in 1949 and played for the Boston Braves in 1950 & 1951 before calling it a career. 

Happy Birthday Mr. Olmo! 

Jackie Robinson, Senate president of Puerto Rico, Luis Munoz Marin and Luis Olmo. 

ref: pic, Colleccion Luiz Munoz Marin,  baseball-fever.

Excited to be going to see a Little League game in San Bernardino.

Dodgers in Miami but here are some baseball related events in the Southland

The Dodgers start their 10 game road trip tonight with the Miami Marlins but no worries, there are some baseball related events in the Southland.  

Baseball Exhibition at LAFAM

The museum of Art & Folk located on 5814 Wilshire Blvd in Los Angeles  has a  baseball exhbition  from the private collection of Gary Cypres.  the exhibition runs until September 9, 2012.   I went last night to see the panel discussion on the history of community baseball in Los Angeles as put together by Terry Cannon, founder of the Baseball Reliquary. 

“Bad Moon Rising  Baseball and the Summer of ’68” A Baseball Reliquary exhibition at the Burbank Central Library. 

 The exhibition runs until September 27, 2012.   The Burbank Central Library is located at 110 N. Glenoaks Blvd.  Burbank, CA.

Little League Baseball in San Bernardino Saturday 8/11/2012 at 1: pm  


 The Grensham,  Oregon Little League team will play against the kids from Post Falls, Idaho Little League.  Fernando Valenzuela is throwing out the first pitch.  The location:

Little League Western Region Headquarters

6707 Little League Dr.

San Bernardino, Ca  92407

I will be at the Little League Western Region Headquarters tomorrow then is home to watch the Dodgers.

Koufax found wondering in the parking lot

Getting to the stadium early for batting practice you meet a lot of fans.   Last night on Sandy Koufax bobblehead night,  after the 7th inning stretch we noticed Michael who we usually see during BP, was standing behind us.  He was asking “Who did I miss during BP?   We told him “Maury Wills was signing”   He has gotten Maury Wills autograph before.  We also told him Sandy Koufax did not appear to be at the stadium that night.  He then started telling us why he was late.   Here is his story:  

“I got to the stadium early today (8/7) because it was not just a bobble head game, but the Sandy Koufax bobble head game. The most popular bobble head, right up there with the upcoming Vin Scully bobble head.

I was able to park on Stadium Way in front of the Barlow Hospital, and around 4:40pm, walked over to wait with the other fans at the Elysian Park entrance, where we would be let in at 5:10pm.

I saw three boys petting and playing with a young kitten who was just laying on the sidewalk just inside the Dodger Stadium parking gate. I asked if it was their kitten and they said no, they had just found it there. One of the boys was able to pick the kitten up and it seemed pretty tame. I picked the kitten up, and it appeared to be a boy and about eight weeks old. I went to the front of the line with the kitten and told the security guard about it. I said I wanted to take the kitten home, but wondered if someone at Dodger Stadium could keep it somewhere until the end of the game. The security officer said probably not, and pointed me to the main parking hut, where the security guards let people into the stadium. I told them my story, and they said they couldn’t help, but did offer me some water for the kitten.

My options seemed to be to have security call animal services and pick up the kitten, or leave the kitten in my car until the game was over some five or six hours later.

Neither opinion seemed reasonable, as I didn’t want the kitten taken to the pound, nor did I want to leave it in a car for hours when it was about 90 degrees out. I also didn’t think leaving the kitten where it was found was very safe, as it was next to the 10 lanes of traffic where people drive in and out of Dodger Stadium.

While my daughter Dianna kept the kitten company in the car, I went to the Barlow Hospital but they couldn’t help either. I called the Dodger Fan Assistance line and they also could not help me.

I ended up calling my wife Donna, and she drove from Sherman Oaks, while I drove to back to Griffith Park, so we could meet half way at the zoo parking lot, and I passed the kitten over to her so she could take him home.

We ended up making it back to the game and getting our bobble heads, but missed batting practice and the chance to get autographs. A small price to pay for saving a life. The kitten is doing fine. We’re going to call him “Koufax.”

Meet Koufax

Thanks Michael for sharing the story and the pictures of your kitty Koufax.   Thank you for giving  little Koufax a home.

Koufax Bobblehead Night

The day for Sandy Koufax bobblehead night is finallly here!   Here is a picture of the BBH:

That will go nice next to my Koufax signed baseball



Dodgers record of sweeping and getting Swept

It was a beautiful night at Dodger Stadium with an almost full moon also taking in the game on Saturday. 

Kershaw pitched  seven strong innings giving up one run on three hits.   Belisario pitched a perfect eighth and Kenley Jansen did the same in the nine to record his 21st save.   Matt Kemp hit his 16th homerun.  

Final score Dodgers 3 Cubs 1.  Hard luck Volstad, who gave up two runs, took the loss. 

Dodgers go for the sweep today when Joe Blanton makes his first start with the Dodgers.   Germano will start for the Cubs. 

Welcome to the Dodgers Blanton!

With the Dodgers going for the sweep today at Dodger Stadium, I was thinking “how many sweeps have they been involved in?”  

Dodgers have swept at Dodger Stadium four times (Pirates, Padres, Rockies & Cardinals). 

Dodgers have been swept two times at Dodger Stadium (Brewers & D’Backs). 

Dodgers have swept on the road three times (Phillies, Mets & Giants)

Dodgers have been swept on the road times two times (Giants & A’s)

So the totals are:  Sweeps = 7 , Swept = 4

Let’s make it five sweeps at Dodger Stadium for a total of eight sweeps overall. 

Post #400 Dedicated to the .400 hitters club

I started this blog a little over three years ago.   Is hard to believe that this is my 400 post.   For someone who never liked writing  in High School or College, well that is something.  It still does not come easy to me, but baseball & the Dodgers are my love so I keep pecking away at the keyboard. 

I looked up the names of players that have hit .400.  There have been only 28!

 In the 19th century there were 19 hitters with a batting average of .400 or better. 

Tip O’Neill  .485    1887 

Pete Browning .457    1887

Bob Caruthers  .456    1887

Hugh Duffy  .440    1894

Yank Robinson  .427    1887

Willie Keeler  .424    1897

Cap Anson  .421    1887

Dan Brouthers  .420    1887

Denny Lyons  .415    1887

Sam Thompson  .414    1894

Fred Dunlap  .412    1884

Reddy Mack  .410    1887

Ed Delahanty(3)  .410    1899.    .404    1895,    .404    1894

Jesse Burkett (2)  .410    1896,    .405    1895

Oyster Burns    .409    1887

Sam Thompson  .407    1887

Ross Barnes  .404    1876

Billy Hamilton   .403    1894

Hughie Jennings.    .401    1896

Note that in 1887, when a player was awarded a walk, he was also awarded a hit in his official statistics.

In the 20th century only eight hitters have hit .400 or better.

Nap Lajoie .426 1901 Phil. 
Rogers Hornsby .424 .403 401 1924 1925 1922 St. Louis
George Sisler .420 .407 1922 1920 St. Louis
Ty Cobb .420 .409 401 1911 1912 1922 Detroit
Joe Jackson .408 1911 Cleveland
Ted Williams .406 1941 Boston
Harry Heilman .403 1923 Detroit
Bill Terry .401 1930 New York

Only three players have batted over .400 three times in their career.  Ed Delahanty(19th century), Ty Cobb & Rogers Hornsby> 

Ted William being the last one in 1941 prompted this quote from him:

“I hope somebody hits .400 soon. Then people can start pestering that guy with questions about the last guy to hit .400.” – Ted Williams. in Baseball’s Greatest Quotations (Paul Dickson, Collins Publishers, 10/2008, Page 348)

 Is the  .400 club extinct now?   It has been 71 years since Ted Williams did it in 1941. 

The closest anyone has come to hitting .400 in a season was Tony Gwynn who hit .394 in the strike-shortened 1994. 

So here’s to all the hitters in the .400 club! cheers!

Since there was no Dodger on the list, I just had to look who holds the Dodger record for highest batting average.   Well it is Babe Herman in 1930 with a batting average of .393.  He also has the second highest at .391 in 1929.   Mike Piazza’s .362 in 1997 ranks 8th. 

 Dodgers better start hitting and scoring runs.  They were swept by the D’Backs at home and now face the Cubs.  Time to get even with the Cubbies. 
Update:  The Dodgers just acquired Joe Blanton from the Phillies and put a waiver claim on Cliff Lee.  Will they get him?   Wow!  He is making 27M. 
 ref:,, pic from Sportlistoftheday.