June 2012

Dodgers get No-Hit by a Six Pack of Mariners

I can say it took six pitchers to no hit the Dodgers or I can say that no matter who the Mariners send out there, the Dodgers were not going to get a hit. It reminded me of Tommy Lasorda talking about Bert Bevacqua f***ing Bevacqua, who couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a f***ing boat.” Well it applies to the Dodgers, they could not hit water if they fell out of a sinking boat.

So on June 8, 2012 Kevin Millwood and five Seattle relief pitchers tossed a no hitter. The no-hitter witnessed by my friends and I at Safeco Field, tied the major league record for most pitchers used in a no-hitter.

Can you imagine that after the game I found another ticket a “fan” dropped and found several paper tickets on the floor. It could have looked for more. Here is my ticket:

The last time the Dodgers went hitless in nine innings was against the Atlanta Braves’ Kent Mercker at Dodger Stadium on April 8, 1994.

Dodgers also went hitless in 8 innings at Dodger Stadium on June 28, 2008 against the Angels but the Dodgers won the game 1-0 at Dodger Stadium. I remember watching that game at Dodger Stadium. It also happen to fall on my birthday. But this is the first time I watch a nine inning no-hitter.

We will be back today Saturday when Kershaw goes to the mound. It is a FOX game of the week. I hope the Boys in Blue hit.

Congratulations to the Dodgers on the Sweep of the Phillies! Welcome to Seattle!

A big congratulations to the Dodgers on sweeping the Phillies. This team does not give up. I am so proud of them!

Lorena, Rosie and I arrived at about 11 AM in Seattle. Other friends from Dodger Stadium are also here. We heard from Kristin and Mike. Dee & Kevin are on the way. I just read that Mike from Baseballbetweenus.com is also here. We went to the Space Needle. We also went to the Dale Chihuly Center and Garden Glass Museum. We did a lot of walking today and tomorrow is on to the game.

Good luck Eovaldi! Good luck Dodgers in Seattle!

Homenaje a Jaime Jarrin. Paying Tribute to Jaime Jarrin

Esta mañana cuando iba manejando a tomar el tren para el trabajo, la estacion de radio El Recuerdo tenia una entrevista con Jaime Jarrin. La mañana estaba nublada y el trafico pesado pero la entrevista alegró mi mañana.

This morning while driving to take the train to work, the radio station “El Recuerdo” was interviewing Jaime Jarrin. The morning was clowdy and the traffic heavy but hearing the interview brighten my morning.

Jaime estaba siendo entrevistado pro Silvia Botello por sus 54 años cubriendo los Dodgers y porque el proximo Lunes, Jaime va a ser homenajeado en Dodger Stadium. En su honor esta camiseta sera dada a las primeras 30,000 aficionados..

Jaime was being interviewed by Silvia Botello for his 54 years covering the Dodgers and because next Monday Jaime is going to honored at Dodger Stadium. In his honor the following t-shirt will be given to the first 30,000 fans

the ball is going going and kiss it goodbye!

Me encanta la camiseta y la usare con orgullo!:.

I love the t-shirt and I will be wearing it with pride!

Despues de escuchar la entrevista y ya en el tren, me fui a la pagina de El Recuerdo para leer la entrevista. Habia mas information alli de lo que escuche.:.

After hearing the interview and already on the train, I went to “El Recuerdo” website to read the interview. There was more there than what I heard.

Lo unico que no me gusto es leer que Jaime piensa retirarse en tres años mas😦 No quiero pensar en esas fechas cuando se retire Vin Scully y Jaime Jarrin. Para nosotros los oyentes son parte de nuestra familia cuando los dejamos entrar a nuestros hogares, nuestros carros, nuestros trabajos, y a todas partes incluyendo Dodger Stadium donde cargando nuestros radios o nuestros telefonos equipados para escucharlos donde quiera que nos encontremos.

The only thing I did not like reading is that Jaime is thinking of retiring in three more years😦 I don’t want to think of those days when Vin Scully and Jaime Jarrin retire. For us the listeners, they are part of our family when we allow them to come into our homes, our cars, our jobs and everywhere else including Dodger Stadium where we carry our radios or our phones equipped to listen to them wherever we may be.

Pero entre tanto disfrutemos escuchandolos. Aqui les dejo otros dichos de Jaime y mi pobre traduccion

But in the meantime, let’s enjoy them listening to them. I leave you with other Jaime’s sayings along with my poor translation:

Cantado el 3er strike!
Called 3rd strike.

Se quedó con la carabina al hombro ponchándose.
He was left with the rifle on his shoulders striking out.

Las bases llenas, el rancho ardiendo
The bases are full and the Ranch is in flames

Listo el pitcher, lanzamiento! Sooobre el plato!
The pitcher ready, the pitch! Over the plate!

y, le tiiiira y se pooonchaaa!!
The pitch and he strikes out!

se van los Dodgers comiendo de la mano como corderitos.
Dodgers go down one two three like lambs eating out of the hands.

Ya veo las casitas de mi pueblo.
I already see the little houses of my town. When the game is near the end.

Feliciades señor Jaime!!!!

Upcoming Dodger Road Trip & SABR Convention. I Can’t Wait!

Dodgers are on the road on a 10 day road trip. They split the first two games in Colorado. Today the game is at 12:10. Nathan Eovaldi goes against Alex White. Then is on to Philadelphia for a four game series. They finish the road trip with a three day weekend in Seattle and that is where I will be with Lorena & Rosie. We leave Thursday morning.

Here is Lorena & Rosie from our trip to San Diego. We are cheering on the nice Dodger start at Petco Park. See you at the airport ladies!

SABR 42Convention
I will also be going to the SABR convention in Minneapolis June 27 to June 30. I will be rooming with my friend Abby who I met last year at the SABR convention in Long Beach. After meeting Abby who is a Yankee fan and Kent who is a Red Sox fan, the three of us hang around together for the rest of the conference. Looking forward to seeing Abby, Kent and the rest of the SABR members attending.

I went last year to Minneapolis during the same days when the Dodgers played there. I spent my birthday there with Lorena, This year Abby and I will be celebrating our birthdays there.

I contacted SABR member Emily who I met last last year at the SABR convention in Long Beach. I also saw her at the SABR Fall League conference. She is a Mariner fan so I am hoping to see her at Safefo Field. Emily is the one with a soda drink. Her mom next to her. The lady in back has a teenage daughter that is so much into baseball & SABR.

I miss my boys in Blue. The last game at Dodger Stadium with the Brewers, I spent it in the Left Field Pavilion. I had a blast there with friends. Thanks Ernest for the ticket! Here is a picture that Jon SooHoo took a few days ago. Here is Deuce, brother Vic to the right of me and Ernest in the back. Deuce & Ernest sit in the LF pavilion.

Here is a group picture from the LF pavilion

Maybe in between Seattle & Minnesota I can sneak a quick trip to Oakland. Dodgers play there in the middle of the week middle of June.

In the meantime It’s Time for Dodger Baseball!

Jim Gilliam and the number 19

In the MLB fan blogs, my blog came in at

I dedicate it to Jim Gilliam.

Jim Gilliam made his major league debut in 1953.
Quoting Jim Murray: They broke him in easy. All he had to do the first year was replace Jackie Robinson.

He proved capable, batting .278 with a team-leading 125 runs for the NL champions. His 17 triples led the NL, and remain the most by a Dodger since 1920; he was second in the league (behind Stan Musial) with 100 walks, and third in the NL with 21 stolen bases.

For his excellent season he earned NL Rookie of the Year honors, as well as The Sporting News Rookie of the Year Award.

Gilliam played his entire 14 year career (1953 -1966) in a Dodger uniform

Junior was part of the first all switch hitting infield in Major League history, with Maury Wills, Wes Parker, and Jim Lefebvre.

Gilliam hit behind Maury Wills when he launched the modern stolen base era with 104 in 1962. He was the ultimate team player sacrificing himself for the good of the team.

Gilliam taught Jim Lefebvre how to bat behind a base stealer, as Lefebvre did behind Lou Brock in 1974, when he stole 118

Gilliam contributed to four World Series clubs and seven pennant winners.

His glove is on display in Cooperstown.

The Dodgers used him at every position in the field except for pitcher and catcher.

In 1965 he was replaced at third base and became a first base coach but after injuries and dismal hitting average at third, the Dodgers activated Gilliam who went on to contribute with his hitting.

Jim Gilliam passed away prior to the start of the 1978 World Series at which time his number was retired and the Dodgers wore a commemorative patch on their sleeve in his honor.

Los Angeles Times sports columnist Jim Murray penned a tribute for Gilliam, the versatile non-star. His effort to describe Jim’s end began with these words:

“I guess my all-time favorite athlete was Jim Gilliam. He always thought he was lucky to be a Dodger. I thought it was the other way around.”

I love reading old columns from Jim Murray.

In Colorado: Dodgers stop the losing streak by winning 6-2!

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