Will it rain today at Dodger Stadium?

The last time they predicted rain this year it did not rain but today’s prediction is 50% chance of rain at game time, 60% by 8PM, 70% by 9PM. I am still heading to the stadium. Here is a link to check weather at all stadiums:


Oh Oh, it says “Severe Weather alert” from above website. I am still going…I got a rain jacket that has no hood but I have a big plastic bag. I don’t remember the last time there was a rainout at Dodger Stadium.

Dodgers lost a close one yesterday when Javy let the game get away in the 9th with the score tied at 3-3. Remember Javy: Short memories for those kind of games. Also …oh never mind, I won’t second guess Mattingly. On second thought yes I will. He should have taken Harang out when he first went to the mound.

Beachy (2-1 .47) goes for Atlanta against Ted Lily (2.0 .69) Nice ERA’s guys. I understand that there is already a plan should there be a rainout. Something about Atlanta coming back here after playing the Pirates on an earlier game.

It was sleeved blanket Yesterday. I was getting mine and also collecting three for my friend Teresa who could not make it to the stadium. Carrying four blankets without a big bag to put them in, I kept dropping them. Before I got in, a man wearing a Miami marlins hat asked me if I had an extra ticket. I told him yes but the extra tickets were from a friend that wanted her blankets. He said he did not care about the blankets, he just wanted to see the stadium. He is in Los Angeles for a conference and when he noticed the Dodgers were in town, he took a taxi to the stadium. I showed him around the club level and took him to the field level for batting practice. I told him where I was sitting but I lost track of him afterwards. He was just walking eveywhere checking everything else. Last time I saw him he was watching BP eating a Dodger Dog. Before Richard left to get a Dodger dog, he thanked me and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

I also met Paul, who approached me to tell me he reads my blog! Yes, Paul is a Dodger fan. I was hanging with my friend Kristin Dell in the field level during BP. She said she had never been in the Top Deck so I took her there. Will post pictures when I get a chance. It was very cold last night but the Top Deck was full. Glad to see my Top Deck family there! It made it cozy.

When we walked out I could see Kristin was surprised to see the beautiful view you can see of Downtown from there. BTW, Kristin’s great grandfather (or is it Great-great grandfather) played for the Dodgers. his name: Wheezer Dell.


And that was Matt Kemp saying, “Blue, you can call the game for rain now!” Nice! Wish we had someone hitting like that right now.🙂 – I’m watching the game from Sena’s patio in Monrovia with Seth. We’re rooting for at least one of our So Cal teams to win tonight.
— Kristen

Nice Kristen! I am on the field level today. Perfect timing by Kemp! If u can, check the Bill Veeck exhibition at the Arcadia library until 5/24 presented by the baseball Reluquary

It should *jave* rained *jard* prior to the 9th. Javy did not *jave it. On top of it, *je got *jit in the jaw on a line drive that *je deflected. *je is OK though and that is what is most important. Mattingly should *jave taken *jim out after *je got *jit. Yeah, we change all the H’s to J’s when talking about Javy.

I love it! The J’s that is, not the getting jit in the jaw part or the loss. Oh well, the Dodgers have still made everyone take notice this season, that’s for sure.
— Kristen

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