Spring Training 2011: Goodyear Ballpark and Getaway Day

This is from our getaway day on Tuesday March 1st.   The Dodgers were playing the Cleveland Indians at Goodyear Ballpark.  

We checked out from our Presidential suite which we loved! and headed to Camelback Ranch to watch our boys in Blue practice.  

Andre having a snack.  Manny Mota’s bicycle in the background.


Spring Training 2011 Andre Ethier jpg 

 We could hear Davey Lopes chewing the guys for some of their running blunders. 

Spring Training 2011 Davey Lopes.jpg

Trayvon Robinson.  I remember when I went to to an Inland Empire game at San Bernardino, he made a great catch.  

Spring Training 2011 075  Trayvon Robinson .jpg 

Andre Ethier posing with us.  He was so nice that he waited for Lorena to join us in the picture. 

Spring Training 2011 076  Andre Ethier .jpg 

On to Goodyear Ballpark.  

Spring Training 2011 093.jpg

 Caption:  “Something stinks here” 

Spring Training 2011 088. Andre Ethier pg

I love this banner at Goodyear Ballpark remembering Bob Feller. 

Spring Training 2011 095  Bob Feller.jpg

They were selling Bob Feller baseball cards with proceeds going to the Bob Feller Museum so I bought this one:

Bob Feller baseball card.jpg.

And Randy of http://heirloom.mlblogs.com/ send this signed photo of Bob Feller!  Thank you Randy!  

Bob Feller photo.jpg 


Great pictures. Looks like you had a fun time!

Thanks Lourdes. If I could I’d go back this weekend but i got to curve my addiction :=)

Looks like you had a great time, Emma. And the weather looked great too – not a cloud in the sky.


Yeah, we had beautiful weather this second time. but the first time was not bad either as it only rain while we were driving to AZ and that night after we got back from dinner and drinks. We are expecting more rain this weekend here in the LA area. But just as long as is a beautiful day by Opening Day, is OK with me.

Hey Emma!
I know, it’s been a while! (Let’s forget about my brief post the other day). Great pics as always! I was telling my husband a few weeks ago that having our Boys in Blue’s ST home so close to LA that I am getting those little “itches” to take a couple of days and just go over there. But $ still isn’t that great right now and can’t really afford it. Gotta save up $ to be able to go to the REAL games starting Opening Day! My mom and I will be at the game on the 31st and this year I am more like my mom. When I go to games (and granted, it’s not near as often as my mom goes) I will be going armed with my new Dodger bag (it’s the 2011 Season Ticket bag that my mom gave me), my blank score book, and erasable pens!

I was wondering though. Have the Dodgers said anything about having a #4 patch on their uniforms this year in honor Duke? I’m hoping they will and I’m sure they will, but I haven’t heard anything lately…

Emma, love your pictures! It’s neat that you can get right next to the players at Camelback. When we went to Phillies ST last year, it didn’t seem like there was much opportunity for that – always a fence or something keeping you separate.

Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

Awesome pics! I really like the Feller one… and Andre of course. What a nice fella!

That’s a great tribute to Feller! The Dodgers always embrace their history, that’s for sure. It looks like you had another great weekend and what great photos! I had no idea Ethier was such a sweetie.

I love the new 2011 bag. As much as I use mine, we do need a new every year. Yes, I heard that there will be a patch for Duke Snider.
Camelback Ranch was designed fan friendly to continue with how Dodgertown in Vero Beach was like. Still, Vero Beach was evern more .
fan friendly.
I love the Bob Feller banner that they have at Goodyear Ballpark.
Yes, that is a nice tribute to Bob Feller. If he was still alive and well, he would have been at Spring Training facility signing autographs. The pictures are from the same weekend. I just have not had a chance to post from the second trip but really, there are not that many and we lost the first game we saw 19-6.

Good blogging as always!


Oh, and Emma. Love that countdown!!! :)

Thanks Mark! What an honor for you to visit here!
Thanks! Make sure you come back to see the little video where we sing to Loney at Camelback Ranch. It is very short and not well done but oh well:-) Is done from the heart!

Will do Emma! Can’t wait to see Loney’s video!

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