January 2011

Happy Birthday Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson would have been 92 today.   I posted this a year ago today  It has some pictures that I took around including some from a library. 


 The end of the article from the Times magazine from1947 that I took a picture of is hard to read so here it is:

“After Slaughter did his spiking a month ago, a group of Brooklyn players came to Jackie and said “If they give you the works, give it back to them–and the team will be behind you 100%.” That was the day Jack Roosevelt Robinson won his long patient battle”


Happy Birthday Jackie!  

Dodgers Select A Seat, Open House and SABR Day

Later on this morning is my Select A Seat appointment at Dodger Stadium.    Is my first time to taste a Dodger dog for 2011 and see the Dodger friends that I have not seen since the season ended.    

I would have gone to Saturday’s Dodger Stadium Open House but I am already committed to the SABR Day on Saturday.   

From the SABR link below:

SABR Day 2011 takes place on Saturday, January 29. The Society for American Baseball Research (SABR) is a member-driven nonprofit organization made up of nearly 7,000 members who are fans of baseball and its rich and varied history. Although a sizable portion (about 10%) of the membership comes together for SABR’s national convention each year, with 55 chapters scattered through the US (as well as Canada, Puerto Rico, the United Kingdom, and Japan), it would impossible to gather the entire SABR community in one place at one time. Our alternative solution is to have as many members as possible come together on the same day–regardless of where they live. On our first SABR Day in 2010, more than 700 SABR members from 37 chapters got together at 34 separate meetings across North America.

Below is a list of chapter and chartered community events already scheduled for SABR Day 2011. Be sure to check back often as more chapters finalize their plans. Whether or not you’re a member of SABR, you’re invited to attend a SABR Day 2011 event and be a part of a community of dedicated fans of the greatest game around.


The one in Boston is at Fenway Park and a couple of them at the MLB team Fanfest.  Wish the one in the LA area was at Dodger Stadium but is at Ervine, CA.  

Keeping Score in the Top Deck at Dodger Stadium

This is Jeanine’s scorebook for 2011.   Every year she makes a scorebook for the entire season.  this year she is featuring us in her scorebook cover!   Jeanine is the one under the words “Stadium.”   Thanks Jeanine!

Jeanine's scorebook.jpg

During last Summer, Kris Erskine of the LA Times wrote an article saying that hardly anyone keeps score these days.   Jeanine took this picture and invited Kris to come by to the Top Deck anytime he wants.   I had also read the article and I sent Kris an email inviting him to come and see that there are still fans that do keep score.     

There are more fans that keep score in our section like Ray and Ray Junior.  They sit in the row infront of me.  I can always count on them if I happen to miss a play.  

Summer 2010 Ray and Ray Junior keeping score.jpg  

This young lady sits a few rows infront of Ray & Ray Jr.  She has season tickets with her mom

Lady keeping score.jpg   

I took the picture because I thought it was so cute that father and daughter were keeping score.  

Father and daughter keeping score at Dodger Stadium .jpg

This boy was sitting in the same row I sit.   He looks very serious keeping score.  

boy keeping score Top Deck Dodger Stadium.jpg


All pictures from the Top Deck section 3.  

By the time the season starts, I’ll be ready with scorebook on hand to continue with the tradition.   March 31st can’t get here soon enough.

Don Mattingly, Deuce and more Dodger fans at the LA Kings Game for Dodger Pride Night

It was Dodger Pride Night at the LA Kings game at the Staple Center last night.   No, I could not go, I had a doctor’s appointment at 6:p.m.    but plenty of my friends went.  

That is Dee at the end.  She is the one that has Vin Scully’s picture tattoo.    Way to represent guys

Deuce was honorary team captain!!


What an awesome day for you Deuce!   


Our rookie manager waves to the crowd prior to throwing dropping the ceremonial baseball  puck


Thumbnail image for walking with one shoe.jpgSorry I missed it.   After the doctor’s office I decided to go to Nordstrom Rack and you wont guess what happened to me.   I was looking at the endless racks of shoes (they had a sale).  Anyway, one of the ones I tried on, I walked with it, walked some more to see if I really liked it.   I took it off then noticed I did not have my own shoe and I had forgotten where I left my black Ann Klein loafer.  I looked and looked then I asked the sales lady that was arranging the shoes.  She helped me look for it but neither of us could find it and it was closing time.       

I left my name and description of the shoe and walked kind of limping with  one shoe thinking “why does this happen to me?”

 Let’s see if they call me tomorrow telling me they found my shoe.  

On other news, I renewed my Dodger season tickets today.  Today  is the last day you could renew without the Dodgers releasing your seats.


pictures from Jon Soo Hoo and Deuce from his dad.  

I miss my Dodger fan friends!   See you soon at Dodger Stadium!  

‎30 days pitchers and catchers report. 35 days voluntary players report. 43 days 1st spring training game. 46 days mandatory player report. 76 days opening day. -per Dodger fan Ernest Celaya.   

Honoring the Brooklyn Dodger Players Alive as of January 10th, 2011

Here is a fun video of Duke Snider in “What is my Line”



I started this list of Brooklyn Dodger players Alive.  We had ten Brooklyn Dodger players that passed away in 2010, so here is the updated list.    

no  Player                          Birthdate             Born in and other notes 

  1. Tony Malinosky          10/5/1909            Illinois.  Lives in Oxnard, CA
  2. Mike Sandlock           10/17/1915          Old Greenwich, CT.  Golfer
  3. Ray Hathaway            10/13/1916         Grinville, OH.  Minor league manager
  4. Cy Buker                     2/5/1919             Greenwood, WI.  Cyril was a pitcher
  5. Lee Pfund                   10/10/1919         ILL.  His son was MGR of Miami Heats
  6. Luis Olmo                   10/11/1919         PR.  Played for Mexico and Cuba.
  7. Cliff Dapper                1/2/1920             Los Angeles  Traded for Ernie Harwell.
  8. Boyd Bartley               2/11/1920           Chicago.  Played in nine games in 1949  
  9. Jean-Pierre Roy         6/26/1920           Canada.  Commentator for the Expos
  10. Pat McGlothin             10/20/1920         Coalfield, TN.  Ezra Mac was a pitcher
  11. Johnny Schmitz           11/27/1920        Wasau, WI.  Lefty pitcher. 
  12. Andy Pafko                  2/25/1921          Boiceville, IL.  Lives in Mount Prospect, IL
  13. Marv Rackley               7/25/1921          Seneca, SC.  Left fielder
  14. Chuck Kress                12/9/1921          Philadelphia.  Lefty first baseman.
  15. Eddie Masinksi           11/4/1922          Buffalo, NY.  Nickname:  The Fiddler, Bazzoka
  16. Don Lund                    1 5/8/1923          Detroit.  Also drafted by the Chicago Bears
  17. Tim Thompson            3/1/1924            Coalport, PA.  Lives in Lewinston, PA
  18. George Shuba            12/13/1924        Youngston, OH  http://www.georgeshuba.com/
  19. Ed Stevens                  1/12/1925          Gavelston, TX.  Coach for the Padres in 1981
  20. Johnny Rutherford       5/5/1925            Ontario, CN.  Pitcher. Nickname: Doc 
  21. Wayne Terwilliger       6/27/1925          Clare, Mi.  Coach under Ted Williams
  22. Chris Haughey            10/3/1925          Astoria, NY.  Pitcher.  Appeared in one game at 18  
  23. Ralph Branca              1/6/1926            Mount Vernon, NY. 
  24. Bob Borkowski           1/27/1926          Dayton, OH.  Traded for Joe Black
  25. Randy Jackson            2/10/1926         Little Rock, AR.  Nickname:  “Handsome Ransom”
  26. Dick Teed                    3/8/1926            Springfield, MA.  One at in 1953
  27. Elmer Sexauer            5/21/1926          St Louis County, MO.  Pitcher
  28. Don Newcombe          6/14/1926          Madison, NJ.  Still working for the Dodgers
  29. Bobby Morgan             6/29/1926         Oaklahoma City, OK.  Infielder
  30. Duke Snider                9/19/1926          Los Angeles, CA  HOF.  The Duke of Flatbush!
  31. Charlie Osgood           11/23/1926       Sommerville, MA  appeared in one game at 17
  32. Carl Erskine                 12/13/ 1926     Anderson, IN.  http://www.carlerskine.com/
  33. Preston Ward               7/24/1927        Columbia, MO.  APF Cubs, Indians, Pirates & A.
  34. Rocky Bridges              8/7/1927          Refugio, TX.  Infielder, coach & minor league mgr
  35. Tommy Lasorda          9/22/1927        Norristown, PA.  HOF.  61 years working for the Dodgers
  36. Tommy Brown              12/6/1927         Brooklyn, NY.  Also played for Phillies & Cubs
  37. Dick Williams                5/7/1928          St Louis, Mo.  Lf, 3B, coach & Manager
  38. Joe Landrum                 12/13/1928      Columbia, SC.  Pitcher  
  39. Joe Pignatano              8/4/1929           Brooklyn, NY.  Catcher and coach
  40. Gino Cimoli                   12/18/1929      San Francisco, CA.  Worked 21 years for UPS
  41. Roger Craig                  2/17/1930        Durham, NC.  Pitcher, coach and manager
  42. Ron Negray                   2/26/1930        Akron, OH.  Also played for the Phillies 
  43. Glenn Mickens              7/26/1930        Wilman, CA  Afterwards became coach for UCLA 
  44. Don Zimmer                  1/17/1931        Cincinnati, OH.  Currently working for the Rays
  45. Ed Roebuck                  7/3/1931          East Millboro, PA.  relief pitcher and scout
  46. Fred Kipp                     10/1/1931         Piqua, KS.  Also pitched for the Yankees       
  47. Bill Harris                      12/3/1931         Canada.  Pitched one game for Brooklyn & LA
  48. Chico Fernandez         3/2/1932           Cuba. SS.  APF Phillies, Tigers and Mets 
  49. Jim Gentile                   6/3/1934           San Francisco, CA.  Hitting coach for Flyers   
  50. Don Demeter               6/25/1935         Oaklahoma City.  CF.  Now a Baptist minister   
  51. Sandy Koufax             12/30/1935       Brooklyn, NY.  Greatest Lefhander Pitcher! 
  52. Bob Aspromonte          6/19/1938        Brooklyn, NY.  Resides in Houston, TX 
  53. Rod Miller                      1/16/1940        Portland, OR.  He played in one game in 1957.

ref: Baseball references, wikipedia, updated from my 2010 post in January. 

My thoughts and prayers go to the people killed in Tucson, Arizona and to their family.  Among the six killed was  third-grader Christina-Taylor Green, daughter of Dodgers scout John Greene, and granddaughter of former Phillies pitcher and manager Dallas Greene.

Feliz Dia de los Reyes! The Three Kings brought me a present!

Today January 6th,  is the day of the Three Kings or the Three Wise Men. 

The three kings were late to bring presents to baby Jesus.  They finally arrived on January 6th.   It is a day well celebrated in Latin America.  Instead of believing that Santa Claus brings you presents, kids believe the three Kings bring them.    

I got a present in the mail today from the three Kings!  

Tommy Lasorda's wine.jpg 

Ok, so it was not the Three Kings  that brought me a bottle of Tommy Lasorda wine.  It was my friend Sandi who was here in the LA area visiting last week!    Thank you Sandi!   You shouldn’t have but I love it!!  

After I picked up Sandi last week and we had lunch at Portos Bakery, guess where we went?

Sandi at Dodger Stadium .jpg 

 Here we are at Santa Barbara with Julie who is another Cardinal fan.  

Sandi,Julie and I at Santa Barbara Mission .jpg 

Coming back from Santa Barbara, we stopped at Jeff Suppan’s restaurant “Soup’s Grill”.  jeff was the nicest person.  He even gave us one of his baseball cards that he made specifically for the Grand Opening of his restaurant.  Thanks Jeff!   You rock!  I hope you do sign with a team soon!   

Soup's Grill, Jeff Suppan.jpg 

Sandi took a ton of pictures from the Rose Parade, the two wine tasting places, Soup’s Grill, the Equestrian Festival, the Griffith Observatory.

Thank you Julie for driving us to Santa Barbara.  It was fun hanging with you two in Santa Barbara and Woodland Hills (Jeff’s restaurant & Trader’s Joes (Sandi had never been)   Wine was good, company great and I loved Polo’s suggestion of going to the Santa Barbara  Shell Fish Co.   Is a small world that Polo  suggested also to go to Surf Dog for a Dodger Dog.   I know about  Surf Dog because of Jane Heller.  

Thank you Sandi!  I loved having you here in LA and I got to go to places that I had not been to even if I am a local here.  

Is great to hang with Baseball friends!    The Rose Parade theme was just perfect:  “Building values, friendships and memories.  

visit Jeff’s Suppan restaurant at http://www.soupsgrill.com/  He has a ton of baseball memorabillia.

A Tribute to the Dodger Players that passed away in 2010

Two LA Dodgers passed away in 2010 and nine ten Brooklyn Dodgers.  

LA Dodgers:

Willie Davis (April 15, 1940 – March 9, 2010)


Jose Lima.  (September 30, 1972 – May 23, 2010)

The sweet sound of Jose Lima  

Brooklyn Dodgers

Bobby Bragan  (October 30, 1917 – January 21, 2010)

George Cisar (August 25, 1910 – February 19, 2010)

Gene Hermaski  (May 11, 1920 – August 9, 2010)

Gene Hermanski 

Clyde Edward King (May 23, 1924 – November 2, 2010)

 Ken Lehman ( June 10, 1928 – December 4, 2010)

Billy Loes (December 13, 1929 – July 15, 2010)

Morrie Martin (September 3, 1922 – May 24, 2010)

Danny McDevitt (November 18, 1932 – November 20, 2010).    the last Brooklyn Dodger pitcher to grace the mound at Ebbets Field 


Calvin Coolidge Julius Caesar Tuskahoma McLish (December 1, 1925 – August 26, 2010)



John Henry Van Cuyk (July 7, 1921 – July 15, 2010)

Rest in peace gentlemen

The number of Brooklyn Dodgers alive is down to 55 54. 

Updated January 6th, 2011 to add Danny McDevitt.

Thank you Russel of http://wrigleyregular.mlblogs.com for reminding me of Mr McDevitt