November 2010

Happy 83rd Birthday Vin Scully!

Vin Scully!  We love you!   Have a wonderful 83rd birthday!   I can’t wait till I hear you again saying “Is time for Dodger Baseball!”  


God bless you Vin and thank you so much for all that you have given us Dodger and Baseball fans.


Here is Erik and I wishing Vin Scully a good night on a cold night at Dodger Stadium.  

Happy Birthday also to Ross Porter who shares a birthday with Vin.  Ross broadcasted with Vin Scully for 28 years.  

A Thanksgiving Recipe and Welcome Home Davey Lopes!

I got this recipe from a friend.  She said her grandmother had it hand written on a recipe card.   Try it at your own risk!  

Stuffing for a Fifteen Pound Turkey

1 loaf bread, torn up in pieces

2 teaspoons sage

3 eggs

1 cup water

1 1/2 teaspoons salt

1 cup popcorn

Mix all ingredients together. Stuff turkey. Bake at 450 degrees.

Stuffing is done when corn starts to pop and blows the turkey’s *ss

(behind) clear out of the oven.

I think I’ll stick to my tradition of baking the stuffing separate. 


Welcome home Davey Lopes!  

Woohoo!  And this quote from the LA Times made my day!

Dave Stewart calls Davey Lopes his best friend. He refers to him as a brother. And he thinks he might be the person who can guide Matt Kemp to greatness.

“Matt will have someone he can trust,” said Stewart, the former All-Star pitcher who is now Kemp’s agent.


Davey Lopes brings back memories when I started watching baseball. He was actually the first and only baseball I got signed back in the late 70’s or early 80.  


In 1981 Davey was at a local bank inauguration in Monterey Park where I lived at that time.  A friend caught one of the signed baseballs Davey was tossing and gave it to me.        

One day my little cousins asked me if I had a baseball they could use so they could play on the street.  I gave them the only ball I had.  When they returned it, it was pretty battered. 

Photo day was coming up (the only day I used to take pictures back then) and I felt bad for Davey that the crowd was booing Davey on account of his batting slump.  I wanted him to know that there were fans on the stands that were not booing him.  I was very shy back then but I thought I would buy him a card to lift his spirit.  

The day before Photo Day I went to a Hallmark store and read all the cards related to lifting someone’s spirit until I found the one I liked the most.    

There I was the following day with my little Kodak camera and my card taking pictures and waiting for Davey to come out. 

By the time I had seen practically every player, I realized Davey was not going to come out on account of the recent booing. 

I spotted Jerry Reuss and asked him if he could give my card to Davey Lopes.  He said “No, can’t do it” It was against the rules  or something like that.   I felt bad then I spotted Bobby Welch coming out and I asked him.  He looked at me  and said “I sure will!”   I became a Bobby Welch fan from that day on!      

Dodgers won the World Series in 1981.   In November of that year, I received a postcard from Davey Lopes with his picture on the cover and in the back it said “Thank you for your support” I still have the postcard. (I might update my post with a pic of the baseball and postcard).     

Again, Welcome home Davey Lopes!


Third base has been very very cold to the Dodgers

Jon Weisman of ESPN posted in his blog Dodger Thought This:

Last time the Dodgers won a Gold Glove at the following positions:

C – Russell Martin, 2007

1B – Steve Garvey, 1977

2B – Orlando Hudson, 2009

SS – Cesar Izturis, 2004

3B – None

OF – Matt Kemp, 2009

OF – Steve Finley, 2004

OF – Raul Mondesi, 1997

P – Greg Maddux, 2008

Third Base, none!!?? I went back to look at all the NL Gold glove winners

1957 Frank Malzone Red Sox (AL)

1958 – 1961 Ken Boyer Cardinals.

1962 Jim Davenport Giants

1963 Ken Boyer Cardinals

1964 – 1968 Ron Santo Cubs

1969 Clete Boyer Atlanta Braves

1970 – 1974 Doug Rader Houston Astros

1975 Ken Reitz Cardinals

1976 – 1984 Mike Schmidt. Phillies. Too bad for Ron Cey.

1985 Tim Wallach Expos

1986 Mike Schmidt Phillies

1987 Terry Pendleton Cardinals

1988 Tim Wallach Expos

1989 Terry Pendleton Cardinals

1990 Tim Wallach Expos

1991 Matt Williams Giants

1992 Terry Pendleton Cardinals

1993 Matt Williams Giants

1994 Terry Pendleton Cardinals

1995 -1997 Ken Caminiti Padres 

1998 Scott Rollen Phillies

1999 Robyn Ventura Mets

2000 – 2001 Scott Rollen Phillies

2002 Scott Rollen Phillies/Cardinals

2003-2004 Scott Rollen Cardinals

2005 Mike Lowell Marlins

2006 Scott Rollen Cardinals

2007 – 2008 David Wright Mets

2009  Brian Zimmerman  Nationals 

2010 Scott Rollen Reds

If Mike Schmidt had not cornered the 3rd base corner for 10 years, Ron Cey might have had a chance. Also had Adrian Beltre not abandoned the Dodgers, he would have had a good chance of getting that first gold glove with the Dodgers.  I know…IF. That hot corner has been very cold to the Dodgers.

Also, It has been 36 years since the last time a Dodger won a GG at first when Steve Garvey won it last. Although James Loney is a good defensive 1st baseman, he got heavy competition with With Jeff’s boy (Pujols) and Adrian Gonzales.

BTW, Gil Hodges was the first 1st base Gold Gloves (Both Leagues) in 1957. He went on to have another in 58 and 59. Wes Parker had six gold gloves at first (1967 – 1972) and Garvey with four (1974-1977)

So that is 13 gold gloves for the Dodgers at First and none at Third.   


My Season Tickets went up 50%

My season tickets went up 50%.  I got my invoice some time ago but I have not responded.    I have also gotten a couple of calls from Dodger reps that have gone to voice mail.  I can’t deal with the calls right now.   I am not a happy camper with how the Dodger season went and what a bleak future we Dodger fans are facing with the pending divorce.   

It would be a different story had the Dodgers done better.  The Giants winning the World Series did not help.   Right now, well, I rather not talk to anyone from the Dodgers about renewing my season tickets.  

I should change my voice mail to something like “Sorry I am not available right now, I have

crawled under a rock.  I will be hibernating until I forget the Giants won the World Series or until the Dodgers get a new owner that will sign a legitimate number one pitcher and a left fielder and a third baseman.”   What do you think?      

I have gotten calls, emails from fellow season ticket holders asking me what I plan on doing.   I know they are not happy.   Some of the tickets are going up more than that now that the Dodgers will charge more for the first rows in a level so for some the increase will be more than 50%.     

I know my mood will pass and in the end I’ll give them my money.   I mentioned in my prior post that I am reading  “Eat Pray Love”.  I am at the eating part of the book where Elizabeth is in Italy.   Hanging out at a soccer game with friends, Elizabeth’s friend Lucas Spaghetti (She says that is his real name)  says to her

We can change our wives, We can change our jobs, our nationalities and even our religions, but we can never change our team.”   

Elizabeth also mentions that the word for “fan” in Italian is tifoso.  Derived from the word Typhus.  In other words_one who is mightly fevered.”    


Thanks to everyone that voted for me in Jane Heller 2010 She-Fan Video Award MLB Bloggie Award!   You are so sweeeet!   love you all!   I won!  thanks to you all!    

Sparky Anderson, Bob Feller and Mickey Mantle

I started this post on November 3rd and left it on draft but was so busy when I was in NH and when I got back to LA I was so tired with lots to do so here I am Sunday November 7th.   Hey!  at least we got an hour back (I still need to change all my clocks at home).  

My post started with “get better Sparky” then I was so sadden when I heard the news on twitter while I was still in NH.    

I remember this picture that Jon SooHoo of the Dodgers took back in May when Sparky made an appearance at Dodger Stadium when the Tigers were in town.  

Rest in peace Sparky.  


  Torre Sparky and Leyland.jpg

For more pictures of Sparky taken by Jon SooHoo, visit  his blog at

 My original post had a happy Birthday to Bob Feller.  Happy belated Mr. Feller. 

Bob Feller turned 92 years young today last Wednesday.  I still regret that I did not get his autograph when he was at the FanFest this year.   Wasn’t he a cutie?


The Last Boy: Mickey Mantle and the End of America’s Childhood,” by Jane Leavy

Several years back (Has it been that long?) I enjoyed reading  Sandy Koufax: “A Lefty Legacy” by Jane Leavy.   When I saw the book about Mickey Mantle is by Jane Leavy, I immediately thought that it should be a good read.   I also thought of Jane Heller 

I have never read any book about Mickey Mantle but after reading this review in the LA times by Zev Chafets, I could see me reading this book.   Here is the book review  

Currently I am reading Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.   A friend at work in NH brought a bag a books to donate to the bookcase of books that is kept in the cafeteria so I picked that book.   I am only 40 pages into the book, but I don’t think I want to see the movie.   It just doesn’t seem to be a book that would translate well into a movie but maybe it will be worth it just to see Javier Bardem.          

Happy 50th Birthday Fernando!! Happy November!

Can you imagine Fernando Valenzuela turns 50 today November 1st?  50 years!   It does not seem like it was that long ago when I was watching him play.  I watched him pitched from his debut with the Dodgers in 1980.   

Oh how I wished Tommy Lasorda would have used Fernando instead of Dave Goltz that October 6th 1980 extra game to break a dead tied for the National League West against the Astros..  Yes, the Astros!  JoeNiekro and the Astros defeated my Dodgers 7-1

OK, back to 2010!   Happy 50th birthday Fernando!!   Ya te unistes al club de los cinquentones!! (you joined the 50’s club!) 

Caravan 020310 Fenarndo.jpg

Today is also All Saints Day and tomorow is

DIA DE LOS MUERTOS- DAY OF THE DEAD or ALL SOULS DAY when we celebrate the life of our dearly departed.      

For some wonderful colorful pictures from the weekend celebration in Los Angeles click on the LA Times link below

I am working in New Hampshire this week so I went from temperatures of 80’s LA to  30 to 40’s here.  But it is so beautiful here with all the wonderful colors of fall.   

Hard to get used to watching games so late but still I watched game 4 of the World Series hoping against hope that the Rangers would come back.