See you next Spring my Beloved Dodger Stadium

My Spring and Summer home is officially closed for the season but I’ll stop by a couple of times during the off-season to keep an eye on it.  

Thumbnail image for Mid September 2010 010.jpg


This year’s Fan Appreciation was sadder saying goodbye to more friends that I made at the stadium and saying goodbye to
Joe Torre. Oct 3rd, 2010jpg

Joe Torre and Brad Ausmus.  Good luck to two classy guys!

Jon Soo Hoo pic of Torre and Ausmus.jpg  

last pic by Jon Soo Hoo.

Friday and Saturday’s game Kirk Gibson was so nice signing alot of autographs.   I got my baseball signed by him.  I hope he is back as the D’Backs manager if not back in Dodger Blue!  I can dream…   

Kirk Gibson.jpg   

I’ll miss alot of people from the stadium including the batting practice group that includes Deuce, William (Deuce’s dad), Syliva, Dee, Cari, Kristin, Gordon, Pat, Norma,  Rosa, Ronnie and of course my Top Deck Friends!  that includes you Erik!

Deuce also signed my Dodger program where he was featured 

Deuce .jpg         

And here is Deuce and Devon Ethier who was drafted by the Dodgers

Devon Ethier and Deuce.jpg 

good luck to everyone in the postseason.  I am looking forward to watching some good baseball.   Let’s go D.Lowe!  Beat those Jints!


Let me know if anyone wants a Dodger Calendar.   I have a couple of extras.   


Hi Emma! I was also at Fan Appreciation Day. It was wonderful and bittersweet at the same time. And I think I have a picture of you from that day. I was going to email it to you but I cannot find an email addy for you. If you want to email it to me, you can click on the “Email Me!” link on my blog,

You and your boys deserved better this season. I had no idea that you would finish behind the Giants and Pads. The Dodgers are much better than that. I hope that you enjoyed going to your games this year and that you can enjoy the postseason! As usual, I loved stopping by your blog and will continue to do so!

Emma, it was an interesting season in L.A. I only hope that Mattingly can take the torch and build on the foundation for a better run in 2011.

Looking forward to June, 2011!

Yes, it was wonderful and bittersweet. It was a game that we could watch without any preasure. Really? Where were you sitting? I’ll email you.
Prior to the All-Star I thought the Dodgers had a chance to get the WC but it all felt apart. Good luck to your Rays! I am cheering for underdogs but not the Giants!

“Interesting” is a nice word to describe the Dodger season. Mattingly heads to Arizona for the Fall League to get some experience.
Good luck to your Twins!

It’s sad that we’ll not have the chance to meet the Dodgers in the post season again this year, but I am sure next year they’ll come back with a vengeance…


Phillies Outside

It must have been a happy/sad experience to say goodbye to the stadium and the Dodgers for the winter. But Donnie will bring a fresh perspective next year and the Dodgers will be back in it. You’ll see.

Oh Peter I hope you are right!
I am thinking of going to the Fall League for the first time. Donnie will be there!

Congratulations to Roy Halladay on his no-hitter! Amazing having two in the same year!

It really, really sucks when you know the last game is over and you have to stroll out for that last time during a season. I did that twice this year with the Rays and was teary eyed both times.
Sometimes hard to rationalize or put into words to other the emotional attachment we get to those buildings and this game.
Provides further evidence that we have a second life, or second family when we attend so many games, and meet such great people.
Players ometimes thank the fans for soming, I say Thank You for letting me enter and become part of your world. God, I love this game!

Rays Renegade

Yep Cliff. When you spend so much time at the stadium, they become your second family.
Good luck to your Rays!

Beat the Jints!! I like how you think. I’m afraid it’s going to be a long winter for both of us. Our teams are in flux. Peace out Deuce! See you next season. I’m sad the season is over because they won’t be wearing that patch anymore.

These are some great pics… hopefully seeing the Gigantes do well won’t leave you too bitter during the offseason😉

Emma, I’ll tell the Phillies to go out and beat the “Jints” for you.😉 Your shirt must have been the same color as the background that they used to superimpose the stadium pic – kind of funny how you look like a disembodied head and arms! And with an infield on your chest!
Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

Nahh Jeff. It won’t leave me bitter if the ….Gigantes ahhh err… win. Yuk! No!! I hope the big Dodger in the sky won’t permit that.
Yes Sue! Use your super natural powers! Yes, my shirt was the same color as the background. Kinda cool how it came out.

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