Happy Birthday Tommy Lasorda and Sweet Lou Johnson

Today Tommy Lasorda turns 83!  

Tommy Lasorda.jpg

And Sweet Lou turns 76! 

Sweet Lou Johnson .jpg 

When I was at the All-Star Fan-Fest in Anaheim, I went thru two boxes of baseball cards and found these baseball cards from Sweet Lou!  

Sweet Lou Johnson Baseball cards.jpg

Here is the back of the cards

Sweet Lou Johnson baseball cards.jpg 

The second that has a pic of a farmer reads “I wus a Yanky farmer”  Lou was in the Yank’s farm system in 1953. 

from the back of th cards: Lou was a Kansas City Monarchs before the Cubs bough him in 1955…The Los Angeles Dodgers acquired the hustling outfielder from the Detroit Tigers on April 9, 1964.. Lou led the Midwest Leauge with a lofty .365 batting average.  He continued his fine hitting with LA and contributed to their great success in 1965.  

Happy birthday Tommy and Sweet Lou! 

come to Dodger Stadium to join in the birthday celebration and wish both gentlemen a happy birthday.   Sweet Lou will do the honor of saying  “IS TIME FOR DODGER BASEBALL!”  


Talking about birthdays, I sent Emilio Navarro a happy birthday card.  As I mentioned on a prior post, he turns 105 on Septermber 26th.   I bought a 5 year-old card and squeesed  the “10” infront.  I also mailed with a Negro League baseball stamp . 

Emilio Navarro birthday card.jpg   



So Lasorda is 83? He seems ageless to me! Have fun tonight.


He sure seems ageless. I don’t know if is because I see him at the stadium but he does not seem to age. Thanks Jane! I can’t wait to be at the stadium tonight to sing happy birthday!

Have fun at the stadium tonight Emma!

Oh, and Emma. I’ve got tickets to Fan Appreciation Day 10/3. I don’t think I’ll be going to any other games between now and then. I’ll come see you.

wow 83 would never have guessed it,

no Dodger Blue this post season wont be the same…


Phillies Outside

Love the card! And Tommy is 83!?!? Wow… I feel old now. Sure do miss him in the dugout still, but the memories he created will last a lifetime for sure.

See you on the 3rd! I hope you or your mom win something. Maybe Josh can go see your mom.
someone asked Tommy how old he was and he said “31”.
I was looking for a card and then came across the kids cards and I said “why not” You feel old? haha, imagine how I feel!

Those are three very note worthy Birthdays! 105 years old!? Bless his soul! The autographed Johnson card is too cool! “your friend”.

Yeah, isn’t nice he wrote that for me! Sweet Lou is a sweatheart. He is always so nice and with a smile on his face.
I hope Emilio got my birthday card on time. I did not know before that you only need a regular stamp for standard mail to Puerto Rico.

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I posted this two years ago today.

Happy 85th birthday Tommy!

Happy 78th birthday Sweet Lou!

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