September 2010

1981 World Series Program.

I was checking the scoresheet from my 1981 World Series program.  Fernando Valenzuela pitched that game!  it was game three at Dodger Stadium.   

I had Jaime Jarrin sign it. 

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btw, the back of my shirt  says Scully” and it has a mike.




The program cost me $3 back  then.   

1981 World Series program.jpg  

the scoresheet.  Jaime always signs with his HOF year (1998).  Fernando signed above. 

1981 World Series scoresheet .jpg 

The final score was Dodgers 5, Yankees 4.   I always note the attendance in my scoresheets.  That day It was 56,236.   .  

The 1981 Yankees.  Note the ‘staches and hair. 

The 1981 Yankees.jpg 

The 1981 Dodgers.  Dave Stewart is here.  He is now Matt Kemp’s agent.   

1981 Dodgers .jpg 

The 1981 NL All-Stars.  I miss the Expos and the Pirates unis.   Very colorful picture.  i counted six Dodgers and only one Giant (Vida Blue).    

1981 NL All-Star team .jpg

1981 AL All-Stars.  

1981 AL All-Stars .jpg 

I can’t believe next year it will be 30th anniversary of that World Series.   It was a nice trip down memory lane.  

The Good: Billingsley, The Bad: The bullpen, The Ugly: The Divorce

The good:  Chad Billingsley pitched seven great innings.  He struck out 13 D’backs and went out winning the game 4-1.  

The Bad:  The Sherril and Broxton.     Again, they let it get away.  Sherrill gave up a two run homer.  That was Tony Abreau’s first homerun.   In came Broxton who gave away another two-run homerun.  

I have said this many times, they should have shutdown Broxton some time ago.    I dropped him from my baseball fantasy a long time ago.  This loss was tipical of other losses this year.     

The ugly:  The McCourt’s divorce.   I had forgotten I had taken this picture in the Summer.
Dodger fan with t-shirt.jpg 


This morning I was reading Jonathan Shapiro’s review  in the LA Times about Michael Connelly book “The Reversal.”   It starts with:  

 Los Angeles has much to lament, Our Dodgers, victims of a broken marriage, are the neglected boys of summer.  the Trojans are on probation, the Bruins are bad and the NFL has abandoned us entirely…

Thank God for Michael Connelly.  Without him, Los Angeles would just be Houston without humidity, Phoenix with the sea..

It concludes with:

We’ve still got Vin Scully, at least for another year, Huell Howser, the Lakers.  And we’ve got Connelly.  To quote another L.A. luminary, Randy Newman: I love L.A. 

Talking about books, I found three more books that a local library discarded.   I got lots to read this off-season.    

baseball books.jpg

Come Rain or Shine. Roy Campanella

I won a nano Ipod from KCAL during one of the Dodger telecast! I picked it up last week. Thank you KCAL!

So brother Vic loaded some music on my ipod.

I was listening to Nancy Bea’s rendition of Master of the House. She used to play it for Orel Hershiser and still does when he comes to Dodger Stadium.

The song right after from Nancy was “I get ideas when we are dancing” haha, I need ideas to post here.  

The next song was from Frank Sinatra “Come Rain or Shine” It reminded me of my love for the Dodgers.

Days may be cloudy or sunny

We’re in, or we’re out of the money

But I’ll love you always

I’m with you rain or shine

Roy Campanella

So I was wondering if I should skip tonight game but not after reading Plaschke’s column here 


From the article:

 The Dodgers are bringing Campy back, and good for them. In a Dodger Stadium ceremony before their game with the San Diego Padres, they will make two contributions to the Roy and Roxie Campanella Physical Therapy Scholarship Endowment at Cal State Northridge. They will donate money to the fund, and a seasonal internship in their medical department for a student from Northridge’s renowned physical therapy department.

Joni Campanella Roan, his daughter, is expected to be on the field to accept the gifts. She will be joined by a most stirring bit of Dodgers memorabilia, her father’s empty wheelchair. For one night, Campy will be back in front of a crowd he moved without moving, in a house that he helped build even though he never played an inning there.

campystamp 9521100_240X180.jpg


Heading to Dodger Stadium soon. 


Happy Birthday Tommy Lasorda and Sweet Lou Johnson

Today Tommy Lasorda turns 83!  

Tommy Lasorda.jpg

And Sweet Lou turns 76! 

Sweet Lou Johnson .jpg 

When I was at the All-Star Fan-Fest in Anaheim, I went thru two boxes of baseball cards and found these baseball cards from Sweet Lou!  

Sweet Lou Johnson Baseball cards.jpg

Here is the back of the cards

Sweet Lou Johnson baseball cards.jpg 

The second that has a pic of a farmer reads “I wus a Yanky farmer”  Lou was in the Yank’s farm system in 1953. 

from the back of th cards: Lou was a Kansas City Monarchs before the Cubs bough him in 1955…The Los Angeles Dodgers acquired the hustling outfielder from the Detroit Tigers on April 9, 1964.. Lou led the Midwest Leauge with a lofty .365 batting average.  He continued his fine hitting with LA and contributed to their great success in 1965.  

Happy birthday Tommy and Sweet Lou! 

come to Dodger Stadium to join in the birthday celebration and wish both gentlemen a happy birthday.   Sweet Lou will do the honor of saying  “IS TIME FOR DODGER BASEBALL!”  


Talking about birthdays, I sent Emilio Navarro a happy birthday card.  As I mentioned on a prior post, he turns 105 on Septermber 26th.   I bought a 5 year-old card and squeesed  the “10” infront.  I also mailed with a Negro League baseball stamp . 

Emilio Navarro birthday card.jpg   


Ball Four Turns Forty event

The “Ball Four Turns Forty” event sponsored by the Baseball Reliquary at Burbank library was so much fun.  The event went from 11: AM to 5:P.M.  By the time we broke for lunch at 12:30 I knew I made the right decision to go to this event and skip the Dodger game.  

Here is the panel of Jean Hastings Ardell, David Kipen, Ron Shelton, David Davis and Jim Bouton. 

Ball Four turns forty event 016.jpg

Wish I had taken my copy of Bull Durham so Ron Shelton could have signed it. 

Ball Four turns forty event 018.jpg

Here are panel taking questions from attendees.  Unfortunately the time was alredy 12:30 so the guy in the yellow shirt was the last one asking question.  The lady in the green shirt is my friend Jeanine

Ball Four turns forty event 017.jpg

I went to lunch with Roberto of and with friend Jeanine.   Time flew by that we were late coming back but we found single seats in the end.

All copies of “Bal Four The final Pitch” were sold out by the time we came back from lunch so Roberto and I were glad that we bought our copy before we left for lunch.  Jeanine had brought her old copy but she bought another book about the minor league by Jim Bouton.  While Jim was signing the book I was checking his Yankee ring.   He wrote in my book “For Emma- “Smoke them inside”  Jim Bouton.   

Ball Four turns forty event 020.jpg

The documentary “the Seattle Pilots: Short Flight into History was great that alot of us bought the dvd.  I knew very little about the Seattle Pilots.   I found documentary facinating.. 

After the documentary, the second panel discussion consisted of Jim Bouton, Tommy Davis, Greg Goossen, Charles Kapner who loaned his Seattle PIlot memorabilia for the exhibit, Steve Cox and Brad Powers who were presenting the documentary.  

Ball Four turns forty event 021.jpg

Jim said that he has only read 20 books in his life!   I think it was David Davis, the moderator that said  “I think the Burbank librarian just fainted!”


Here is Greg Goossen.   He is a local boy from Sherman Oaks, Ca.    

Ball Four turns forty event 022.jpg  

 Here is a  Greg Goosssen and Tommy Davis when they played for the Seattle Pilots.

Ball Four turns forty event 025.jpg 

 The Seattle Pilots schedule from 1969.  They only lasted one season as they became the Milwaukeee Brewers  the following year.    

Seattle Pilots 1969 schedule jpg 


Jim Bouton Ball Four or a Dodger game?

Can I split myself in two?   See I want to be at two different locations on Saturday September 18th.     

The first one is here.,0,3827535.story

Jim Bouton

From the article:

The groundbreaking book written by the then-major league pitcher remains so popular that the Pasadena-based Baseball Reliquary will mark its 40th anniversary Saturday at the Burbank Central Library with two panel discussions featuring the author.


From the Baseball Reliquary:

“Ball Four” Turns Forty, a special day-long celebration of Jim Bouton’s book, Ball Four, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of its publication. The festivities will include two panel discussions featuring Jim Bouton; the world premiere screening of the documentary, The Seattle Pilots: Short Flight Into History; and a book signing with Jim Bouton. Burbank Central Library Auditorium, 110 N. Glenoaks Blvd., Burbank, CA. Free admission. Further information, phone (626) 791-7647; for directions, phone (818) 238-5600.

I have a confession to make.  I have never read Jim Bouton book “Ball Four”  A friend keeps recomending it to me but with all the other books, baseball and non-baseball, I just keep putting it off.  i have read a few pages from the latest release at the bookstore but I put it back telling myself “next time.”   I do want a copy and read it and what better opportunity than to go to this event and have him sign the book too.    

The second one is the Dodgers are in town playing the Rockies.  Normally a Saturday game is at 7:10 but is a national Fox game so the game will start at 1:10.   

 I am leaning toward going to Burbank library.   the only reason why I have missed a Dodger game in the last five years has been because I had to be out of town or I have been very sick.  

Happy birthday to Orel Hershiser!  Orel turns 52 today September 16th.  

Independence and Hispanic Heritage Month.

the five Central American countries (Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador,Nicaragua and Costa Rica) celebrate their independence on September 15th.   I still remember as a kid marching in Honduras on Independence Day.   

Mexico is celebrating 200 years since their independence September 16th and Chile’s independence is  September 18th.  

Felicidades a todas estas naciones!  




Negro Leagues Baseball Stamps and September’s Birthdays

Some of you might know that I am a member of the SABR (Society for American Baseball Research).  I love their publications!  

Lots of great reads in the publications including reports from the Negro League conference, good book reading suggestions and much much more but I’ll just share a couple of things.  

Negro Leagues Baseball Stamps

In case you have not seen it, here is the Negro Leagues Baseball stamp that was released in July.   The stamp was designed by award winning artist Kadir Nelson (author of We are the Shift).  These are the stamps I bought after reading it in the publication. 

Negro Leagues Baseball Stamp.jpg


September Birthdays from players that played in the Negro League

3rd – Rev. Bill Greason – 86

4th – Jose Santiago – 82

5th – Billy Ray Haggins – 81

7th – Ricky Maroto – 78

9th – Jim Proctor – 75

11th – Clyde Parris – 88

16th – Ollie Brantley – 79

19th – Stanley “Doc” Glenn – 84

21st – Louis Clarizio – 79

22nd – Sweet Lou Johnson – 76     Our own Dodger Sweet Lou !

26th – Emilio Navarro – 105   WOW Mr. Mellito!   I blogged about Mr. Mellito  back in February of 2009. 

27th- Mamie “Peanut” Johnson – 75    I blogged about the remarkable “Peanut” Johnson in February of 2010.

28th – William Deck – 95

29th – Harold Gould – 86

30th – Archie Young – 80.     


Here is my old post on Mamie “Peanut” Johnson×318-2413451.jpgarchives/2010/02/black_history_month_mamie_pean.html

And here is a picture I found with her posing with her Wheaties Box.   Wish I had that box!


Here is my old on  post on Emilio Navarro×318-2413451.jpgarchives/2009/02/oldest_living_explayer_in_mlb.html 

If you like to send Emilio Navarro a birthday card, here is the address:

Emilio Navarro

Torres Street #97

Ponce,  PR 00730 

Emilio Navarro - Playing Baseball  Emilio Navarro

Reference:  SABR 3rd quarter 2010 publication (

Peanut Johnson pic:  www. 

Emlio Navarro’s pic:

Jury Duty, The McCourts and the Dodgers

Thursday was my first day reporting for Jury Duty in Downtown LA.   After waiting all morning, a group of us were told to report after lunch (1:30) to the 9th flloor.    We were told the 9th floor has an extra security check.   Before I went to lunch I asked a sheriff why the extra security there.  He said because of the celebrities and cases that …well  required extra security.   

So guess who is our judge?    

I like judge Ito.   I go back to Jury Duty today for the final selection of the jurors.   I have not been picked.   I think I am one of the few that does not mind serving Jury Duty.  


While being in Downtown, I picked up the LA Downtown News  newspaper Check this cartoon I found in the paper by Doug Davis. 


I love Doug Davis cartoons.  Check this one out too.

Dodgers have dropped six in a row now after dropping the first game against the Astros.  

More Pictures from the InsidetheDodgers Tour

Here are more of the pictures I took from the InsidetheDodgers tour.  

Here is me being Joe.  I even tried to put my hat on like Joe.

ITD tour Dugout .jpg

The Dodger bullpen.  Josh Rawitch in the picture.  

ITD Tour bullpen area .jpg

Carol and a fan wearing Ethier’s NL All-Star jersey walking to the seats behind homeplate.  Did you know that those seats are closer to homeplate than the pitcher is?    

ITD tour behind homeplate.jpg

Vin Scully picture inside the Vin Scully Press Box.

ITD Tour 2010 Vin Scully.jpg


In the media area.  The one in the white jersey is ITD (InsidetheDodgers) poster Khali.   

InsidetheDodgers tour 2010.jpg

ITD poster Perumike and his beautiful wife

InsidetheDodgers Tour 2010.jpg 

Josh Rawitch is showing us Dodger organist Nancy Bea’s area.   She receives flowers from fans including those orchids to the right.  See the plaque to the left says in the next picture.   

InsidetheDodgers Tour 2010.jpg

Here is what the plaque reads.   This is one thing I did not read on prior tours.

InsidetheDodgers Tour 2010.jpg


The View from Vin Scully’s booth.  The shades is drawn down a bit so you can’t see the mountains that he so poetically talks about during the broadcast.   

InsidetheDodgers tour 2010.jpg

Did not notice this board in Vin Scully’s booth before.  There is a Babe Ruth cartoon from a newspaper at the top that reads “$#$$$ cheaters”, Brooklyn Dodger announcer Red Barber advertising Schaefer beer, Tommy Lasorda on a camel (poor camel you say?) , old pictures of the old Dodgertown in Vero Beach and other pictures.         

InsidetheDodgers Tour 2010.jpg

 Fans looking at the view of the stadium from one of the suites

InsidetheDodgers tour 2010.jpg

Inside the suite,  The pool table there was used for the 60’s Rat Pack black and white poster with all the Dodger coaches. 

InsidetheDodgers tour 2010.jpg 

Frank Sinatra’s seats (4) and a mural of him in this suite.  

Frank Sinatra's seats.jpg

I will end this here.  I do have more pictures but the next post will be of black and white pictures of Brooklyn Dodgers at Dodger Stadium.  Hope you all enjoyed the virtual tour.    


Second ITD (InsidetheDodgers) Tour

Last year I  included the story about Joe Pierre that Rhett Bollinger of MLB wrote in this post
the Power of a Blog   Joe was invited by the Dodgers to join the first ITD tour.  

This year the ITD attendance (like the regular attendance) was smaller but we had a great time!   Several people (Including Josh Suchon of Dodger Talk) asked me why attend the tour when I’am always at the stadium and have taken the tour before (quite a few times).      I think it was mainly to meet up with friends and I can’t pass an opportunity to be at my Blue Heaven on Earth.   
Do you find that when re-watching a favorite movie that you notice things that you missed before?  Well, the same thing with taking the tour.   They all have brought something different and heck I don’t get tired of doing it.    A friend of mine who is a Cardinal fan will be visiting in December.   If she wants to do it,  we’ll take the tour.  
Thank you so much Josh Rawitch for taking the time to be our tour guide!    One usher that works in the dugout said to me “Why was Josh guiding the tour?  He does not do that.”   I said “because we are special!”    
Here are some pictures. 
Carol and her husband along other fans sitting in the Dodger dugout
ITD Tour 2010 dugout 1 .jpg
MLB required camera.    
ITD Tour 2010 MLB Camera .jpg 
The closest toilet to the Dodgers dugout.  LOL. 

ITD Tour 2010 toilet.jpg

To the right is the cage where Kirk Gibson hit the most dramatic homerun in Dodger history.  This image of Kirk Gibson pumping his fist along with Mel Didie’s quote was added afterwards.    Kirk Gibson was pleased when he saw it. 

 I am glad we ran into Manny Mota so that I could tell him what a wonderful job he and Pepe Yniguez are doing on the Spanish TV station.  Thank you so much Manny for spending time with us.  Muchisimas gracias Manny!   

ITD Tour Manny Mota .jpg

I am taking a picture of the mirror image.    Look at the guy with Kershaw’s number 22!  I like how that came out.  Number 22 by the way is the number I came in at in the latest MLB fan blog ranking!    Thank you all that visit my humble blog! 

ITD tour 2010 Training room .jpg

Kuo going by as we were in the batting cage by the Dodger Bullpen

InsidetheDodgers tour Kuo going by.jpg 

Here is Mike (PeruMike)  

ITD tour 2010 PeruMike in the dugout .jpg

Chad Billingsley doing his running.

InsidetheDodgers tour Billingsley.jpg

Ok, I am going to have to put some of the other pictures including Mike’s beautiful wife on another post.    I am hungry!  and I need to get ready for the ballgame.   

Game on ESPN today.  No Vinny :-(  

Go Dodgers!   Sanchez against Kuroda-san!