August 2010

MLB Bloggers Fantasy League Standings. Good Luck Manny!

 Check out who has the best record in the MLB Bloggers fantasy league!   My LA Locos Azules.  


1 Larrapin Lou’s 116-68-6

2 Indianapolis… 101-79-10

3 Cincinnati Reds 88-94-8

4 Pittsburgh Peas 62-115-13

5 How ‘Bout Th… 61-117-12


1 Astros The B… 118-67-5

2 Rambling Ram… 98-82-10

3 Team chris-p… 96-85-9

4 Austin James… 95-85-10

5 Team FriarFa… 54-130-6


1 LA Locos Azules 134-47-9

2 Rays Renegade 123-59-8

3 Bay Area chr… 96-87-7

4 Team Diatribe 89-96-5

5 Braves World 79-98-13


1 Bob’s Boston… 102-78-10

2 Mets Main Ma… 96-88-6

3 TheMetsBlog … 81-96-13

4 Holly’s Iris… 74-104-12

5 Julia’s Ranters 47-135-8

Updated Sunday, August 29

 Cliff:  I wish you were in a separate division!.    


Good Luck Manny!

I’ll miss you Manny!   You gave us some thrilling moments at Dodger Stadium and on the road.  You seem like you maintained a good relation with your teamates and you were always nice with the fans.   Yes, you did not want to speak to the Media at the end but I don’t blame you after reading some from the LA Times.   

 Thanks for taking the time to take a picture with me and asking my brother if the picture came out OK.     Good luck with the White Sox!  I’ll be rooting for you to do well.  

BTW, what a way for Manny to have his last at-bat with the Dodgers!  He gets tossed after one swing in the sixth inning coming in as a pinch hitter. 

This Dylan reporting on Manny’s last at-bat  from Dylan Hernandez of the LA times  

In the aftermath of the loss, Torre said he was shocked by Ramirez’s ejection, which took place with the Dodgers trailing, 8-2.

The way Torre later recounted the story, a part of him was startled by how quickly Ramirez was ejected. A part was thinking about whom he would send to hit for Ramirez. And a part was upset at Ramirez, figuring he must have said something vile to home plate umpire Gary Cederstrom to be tossed.

After Ramirez’s replacement, Reed Johnson, grounded into an inning-ending double play, Torre said he went into the clubhouse to scold Ramirez. But Ramirez told him he never cursed at Cederstorm, an account Torre said the umpire later confirmed.

“I was very disappointed in the fact that [Cederstrom] threw him out because he said the pitch was outside and he was ‘demonstrative’ about it, quote, unquote,” Torre said. “What does that mean?”

Torre said he apologized to Ramirez.

Ramirez had nothing to say on the matter

Cederstom:  “demonstrative”  like in how we Latinos talk with our hands?   Please NMB,MLB  keep a closer look on umpiring!

 note;  LOL.  meant to say MLB instead of the NMB.  I was working on something for the company NMB.   . 

Deuce signing an autograph at Dodger Stadium

The only day I could go to batting practice in the last homestand at Dodger Stadium was Friday August 20th. 

I was watching BP with Deuce, his dad and friends but before I left to go upstars I wanted to see friends Linda and Greg who had seats in the field level that day.   I was about to take a walk looking for them when Greg found me instead!.  

After Greg met Deuce, he said that Linda would love to meet Deuce so I went to get Linda and Greg stayed with their stuff.   

Linda wanted a picture with Deuce.  She started talking to him and said something like I wish I had something for you to augraph.    Well, Deuce said “I could sign your hat.”  Linda, who is a Phllie phan and a Dodger fan, took off her Phillie hat and handed it to Deuce.   

 Deuce starts with a pen…

Deuce and Linda 1.jpg 

The pen is not working 

Deuce signing an autograph .jpg

so someone hands Deuce  a sharpie.  In the meantime let’s take a picture.

Deuce signing an autograph .jpg

OK, let’s take a look at the picture while Deuce finish signing….

Deuce signing an autograph .jpg

OK Deuce, can I have my hat back?  .  

Deuce signing an autograph .jpg

The hat with Deuce’s signature :-)     




You can watch videos of Deuce and Jameson at Dodger Stadium here:

Woohoo! Vin Scully will be back in 2011!


I got chocked up with the news!  The best news for the season!!!!!

“I’m just honored and humbled to continue my association with the Dodgers, which has been a major part of my life,” Scully said in a team release.

Me acongoje de alegria con la noticia que Vin Scully regresara en 2011!  

“Es un honor y me siento muy honrado de continuar my asociacion con los Dodgers, que han sido una gran parte de mi vida,”   Scully dijo en la publicacion de el equipo.   

Here is the link 

Vin Scully to return to Dodgers Booth in 2011!


Two out of Three from the Rockies. Here come the Reds!

Dodgers took two out of three from the Rockies losing the one where Octavio Dotel was so wild in the 10th inning that he had three wild pitches.  Pirate fans:  Has Dotel always been this wild?  

Ted Lilly on the hand pitched a complete two hit shutout game on Thursday giving the bullpen much needed rest and us fans a relief. 

 I took this picture at the end of the game.    

Ted Lilly and Brad Ausmus.jpg

Tonight is 90’s night with an Andre Ethier poster night giveaway.   Tonight is also “Take the jersey off their back” night and player baskets will also be auctioned!    

Homer Bailey is on the mound against Monasterios.   Don’t you just love the name Homer Bailey?    Originally Padilla was supposed to be on the mound but he is going on the injured list.   I was looking forward to seeing the “Soap Bubble” pitch or like Padilla calls it “Curvita Suave.”   Que te mejores Vicente! 

Here are some pictures from Dodger Stadium taken by me or brother Vic.

It was Matt Kemp’s bobblehead on Tuesday.   OK, so I went a little beyond centerfield when I tried to position Kemp’s bbh.  .  Just think like he is jumping the fence to catch the ball.  

Matt Kemp BH.jpg 

 I took a picture of Loney’s bbh too.  Now, I did positioned him right on first base! 

James Loney Bbh.jpg


The Deuce is Loose dancing before the 9th inning!

Deuce is loose.jpg 

the view of the sunset from the Top Deck:

Sunset from Top Deck. taken by brother Vicjpg

The birthday girl on Wednesday.  Too bad the Dodgers did not give her a win but she’ll take two out of three.  


A view of downtown from one corner of the Top Deck

View of downtown LA from the Top Deck.jpg

Here is season ticket holder Gilbert surounded by four FIVE of his little neighbors that he brought to the game on Wednesday.   Every once in a while he brings them.    They are very nice kids! 

Top Deck fans.jpg

Thinking Blue for Upcoming Dodger Homestand August 17-22.

Billingsley will close off the four game series with Atlanta.   How odd that the fourth game is on a Monday and that the game will be played at the regular time of 7:10 ET time.    By the time the Dodgers get back it will early Tuesday morning.  


Tuesday it will be Matt Kemp’s bobblehead night. with the Colorado Rockies in town.   


Is Lorena’s birthday!

Andre-Food-Serving-2.jpgAndre Ethier will visit the Union rescue Mission from 11:30 am – 1 pm to serve food and Dodger Dogs to the homeless.  Dodger partner Farmer John’s tailgate truck will provide 500 Dodger Dogs for the people that th mission serves on a daily basis.  This will be Ethier’s third visit to the mission.  

Taking public transportation thru downtown LA, I have noticed the increase in homeless people.   I am glad that Andre, the Dodgers and Farmer John are part of this.



Pro Football Hall of Famer and Los Angeles native Warren Moon will throw out a ceremonial first pitch.



Ryan Theriot will take kids on a back-to-school shopping spree at the Staples store in El Monte from 11:20 am – 100 pm courtesy of the Dodgers Dream Foundation and Staples.    


With the Reds in town, Friday is 90’s night.   The first 20,000 fans will receive Andre Ethier posters in honor of the 90’s

Friday is the annual Shirts off Their Backs auction.  All of the Dodgerss’ game-worn, autographed jerseys from the team’s victory over the Yankees on Saturday, June 26 will be auctioned off on the club level outside of the Vin Scully press box from 5:10 – 8:45 p.m. Goodie baskets made by Dodger wives that include their husband’s favorite things will also be up for bid.  I’ve bid on a couple of baskets in the past.   Is always very interesting what is included in the baskets.   One of the most elaborate baskets was Grady Little that included a ride on his motorcycle.   Broxton has included a nice handmade wooden box.   Inside the baskets you can find candy, a glove, batting gloves, shirts, movies, certificates, popcorn, spikes, a bat, etc.    


The first “Bark in the Park at Dodger Stadium” will take place on Saturday presented by Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance Pet Foods, Inc.    Fans that purchase an AYCE (All You Can Eat) ticket in the right field pavillion for $25 per human can bring their dog.  I’ve never been to one of these events at other parks but why are the Dogers charging $25 per dog?    


Sunday is the usual Viva Los Dodgers Sunday.     

God willing, I’ll try to make it to all the games.   Go Blue! 




photo from the Union Rescue mission.    

It’s The Worst Frickin Loss Of The Year

August 12, 2010 has to be the worst Dodger loss of the year.  


Here is my feable attempt at butchering the song “It’s the Most Wonderful Time Of The Year”   much like Kershaw’s game got butchered last night.  


It’s the worst frickin loss of the year

With the bullpen eight run giving

And everyone telling you to leave Kuo in

It’s the worst frickin loss of the year

It’s the sick-sickest season of all

With those trip to the mound and crappiest meetings

When Torre signals a call

Is the sick-sickest season of all


There will be wakes for hosting

Coaches for roasting

And b-itching out in the blogs

There will be scary Dodger stories

And tales of the meltdown

To tell for a long, long time ago.


Is the worst frickin loss of the year

There is so much cursing

And heartburns from the blowing

Of the win that was so, so near

Is the worst frickin loss of the year


There was Bellisario sucking

Blake with an error

And Broxton blowing another good save

There will be scary Dodger stories

And tales of the meltdown

To tell for a long, long time ago


Is the worst frickin loss of the year

There is so much cursing

And hearburns from the blowing

Of the win that was so so near

Is the worst frickin loss

Is the worst frickin loss

Is the worst frickin loss

Is the worst frickin loss of the year     



Ken Burns and more pictures from the day I got Sandy Koufax’s baseball

When I went to the stadium on Tuesday August 3rd, I found out that Kern Burns was throwing out the first pitch!    I was telling ushers and fans about it.   One usher I always talk to from the dugout section (me on the other side of the short wall) was saying “Tell J.D. (another usher), he was just telling me that he was watching his baseball films.”    J.D. and I were both excited to see Ken Burns there. 

Here is Ken Burns waiting to throw out the first pitch

Ken Burns waiting to throw out the first pitch .jpg 

Not a good picture of him throwing out the first pitch


Ken Burns throwing out the first pitch.jpg

Here he is posing with Brad Ausmus

Ken Burns at Dodger Stadium .jpg

OK, so I could not get a picture with him so I said goodbye to friends in the field level and headed to my seat but to my surprise, as I was waiting for the elevator in the club level I ran into him!   I told him how much I love his baseball films and how I felt in love with Buck O’Neill because of him.   He was very nice and thanked me.   

Ken Burns at Dodger Stadium .jpg 



Here are some more pictures from August 4, 2010 with Joe Torre that Lorena sent me.    

August 4 2010 Dodgers Homestand 055.JPG

Afterwards Torre noticed I did not have my on the field pass correctly displayed.   He said “Here let me fix this for you before the picture…”  or something like that.     

August 4 2010 On the field during BP.JPG

Ok, is my pass OK now?   OH, you can’t see it here.    

August 4 2010 Dodgers Homestand 053.JPG

I got my Sandy Koufax Baseball!

First of all, I’ve been on the DL for about three days with food poisoning.  I am feeling better now but my stomach muscles are still sore.   I think I lost five pounds but I rather take the pounds back than to go thru that.   Is a good thing this did not happen the night before I got my Sandy Koufax baseball.  

 So my friend Lore and I met Jeff Kliewer, the Director of Development of  Joe Torre Safe At Home Foundation by the main office.   We were scheduled to meet him at 4:30 so we could go down the field and watch batting practice standing on the field!   We both were very excited for that opportunity!   

When we got there Joe Torre was having his daily meeting wiht the media where they gather around with their mikes and notebooks around the dugout.  

We set to checkout BP and all the view from there.  

August 4 2010 on the field 1.jpg

Afterwards Joe Torre came over and hand me my baseball! 

Joe Torre Handing me the Sandy Koufax baseball. pg  

Joe said that is one of the best signatures he’d seen on a baseball. 

Joe Torre handing me the Sandy Koufax baseball (2).jpg

Chatting with the skipper.

Talking with Joe Torre.jpg 

Afterwards Joe said he needed go get back to work so he headed to the cage. 

I got a picture with Andre:

Andre Ethier August 4, 2010.jpg


Next I got a picture with Matt Kemp and he signed the picture I have with him from the Bluetopia movie premier. 

Emma on the field with Matt Kemp .jpg

Jorge Bahaia who was there to throw out the first pitch, came from El Salvador wtih 50 of his family and friends.   Jorge and his wife Elsy have been attending a homestand since 1945 and have never missed a World Series at home or on the road.  WOW!  and impressive record.   I had thought I had taped an interview with him but I was very sorry that it did work.    I did not know that they were attending a whole homestand until I read it  afterwards in Jon Weisman’s blog.

SenorBahaia, if when you come back to Dodger Stadium, I would love to talk to you more about the old Dodgers that you got see play!  

Jorge Bahaia.jpg

Jorge Bahaia showing the ceremonial baseball he was going to throw.  It reads “Los Angeles Dodgers Ceremonial First Pitch Dodger Stadium 2010.” 

Jorge Bahaia with the ceremonial first pitch baseball.jpg  

The shirt that the family and friends of the Jorge and Elsy Bahaia were sporting:

El Salvador t-shirt Bahaia familia.jpg

Here is part of the Bahaia family:

Part of the Bahaia family.jpg 

James Loney was signing for the Bahaia family when I told him I had something to show him. 

James said “OH wow!”  “You should get him to sign it.”   “Here let me sign it first.”   It is a picture of his dad and I at Fenway Park this year when I happen to see Mr. Loney  before he crossed the street to get into Fenway.   Lore happen to capture this picture.    

James Loney August 4, 2010.jpg 


James Loney August 4, 2010.jpg 

Here is Jeff of the Safe At Home Foundation

Jeff Kleiwer.jpg

Here is Lore enjoying being on field.   She has more pictures that she took.     

Lorena at Dodger Stadium batting practice.jpg

Here is my pass to watch BP on the field.  

Dodger Stadium Guest pass to be on the field.jpg

Well, it was time now to leave and go to our seats.  

Emma on the field.jpg 

We ended up sitting in the family section in the Loge area.  

Here is Mr. Jorge Bahaia throwing out the first pitch:

Jorge Bahaia throwing out the first pitch.jpg

I was excited because Padilla had a no-hitter going into the seventh inning. 

A friend of mine that knows I keep score had texted me that if it happened, he wanted a copy of my scoresheet.  I told him “Absolutely”   We did not mention what it was so we did not jinxed it.   


Padilla pitched a great game giving out two hits, striking out nine and getting two hits!  I love watching the “soap bubble” like Vin Scully calls that slow pitch Padilla throws.          

Vicente Padilla Two Hitter.jpg

August 4, 2010 was a very special day for me, one that I would never forget!  Thank you Joe Torre, Thank you Jeff Kleiwer, thank you Safe At Home Foundation and thank you Sandy Koufax!

Sandy Koufax baseball.jpg

Leave it to the Dodgers.

The first inning looked promising with seven pitches given by Kuroda-san with the three outs being handled by the second baseman.  

Three consecutive hits by the Dodgers and you would think the Dodgers would have scored but no, like Vin Scully  said “Leave it to the Dodgers”.  


Vin was very encouraging in the first inning saying that no lead is safe in August.  He pointed out that in August of 1951, the Dodgers lead the pennant by 13 1/2 and lost it.    He sited 1964 when the Phillies lead the pennant by 6 1/2 games in September and it got away!  On August 23, 1942 the Dodgers led by 7.5 and lost it.   Vin made me feel much better but as the game progressed and Vin left me (he only does the first three inning), I felt despair watching the Dodgers out-hit  the Padres and lose the game. 


Yes, Kemp had a running blunder when he should have scored on the third hit.  He ended up going 5/5 short of a triple for the cycle.    He apologized after the game that he should have run faster.  I accept his apology and I believe he will not do it again.   I forgive Kemp because he admitted his mistake and as the saying goes “To err is human, to forgive is divine.”         


The pitching plus two errors gave up 10 runs with Weaver giving up five runs.  With the two errors last night, the Dodgers now have 77 to the Padres 44.  


Remember my post He Pitched a perfect game, I get a perfect ball?    Well, for one reason or another it had to be postponed but I finally get my baseball signed by Joe Torre and Sandy Koufax tomorrow night!   I am super excited!   Also in addition I and a guest get to watch BP ON THE FIELD!     My friend Lorena and I will be there early!   I can’t wait!