Pictures from Boston: Dodgers vs Red Sox

 Greetings from Boston!  

Ugly loss yesterday but other than this first game, I am having a wonderful times with friends Lorena and Elisa.  

at Fenway with friends Lorena and Elisa.jpg

Like I said a couple of days ago in the ITD blog, they should have given Jeff Weaver a start. 

Too funny that these guys in back of us sometimes sit in the same row where we have our season tickets.  They know our friend Chuck who has those season tickets.

Fenway Trip and Dodger fansjpg


Having a hard time uploading pics.  They keep coming out too big.  This one with Tommy at the luncheon offered with the Dodgerlife event did come out.  Tommy recognized me when he saw me and gave me a hug.   During the Q&A I asked him where does he gets all his energy.  He said when you love what you do, is not really work.   He loves what he does and we all love him! 

 Fenway Tommy Lasorda.jpg

well, I better close to go meet for Dodger fans friends! 

Thinking Blue!  Go Dodgers!



It wasn’t a Dodger win, and Manny didn’t have such a good game, but I’m glad you’re having a great time in BeanTown. Tommy recognized you? You truely are a Hollywood star huh?

No Mike, it was not a Dodger win. We lost two in a row but I am making the most of the trip. lol. No star, just that I am around the stadium alot and to a few road trips. I LOVE MY BOYS in Blue ’cause they may be bums, but they are MY BUMS!

You and Tommy hanging out together. Pretty cool, Emma. Pretty cool. Looks like there’s quite a contingent of Dodger fans at Fenway. Hope your bums can salvage a game there.

wow! I follow Mr lasorda on Twitter😀 haha. I think it’s great that you went to Fenway! Id love to go to Boston and catch a game some time:)

Hey Jane! I hope we do salvage one. We got our Hi-Ku, Kuroda-san on the mound.
really! I don’t follow him on twitter but I do look at his blog. I forgot to ask him to recomend me an Italian restaurant here.

Hi Emma
It was great meeting up with you at Fenway Park.

Hey, Emma! Glad you got to visit Boston! Color me jealous! (One of these days, I’ll get there!)
Not only do you meet up with Tommy, but he recognized you? One word! WOW!
Great to see Vin Scully there, also! I am glad he made the trip!
Did you and Julia get to meet up? I hope so!:)
Needless to say, I am more than happy that we are in position to sweep. (And no, not sorry about it!)😉 After his rough 1st inning, Clay has been dealing, so I am liking our chances!:)
Thanks for the photos of Fenway! Glad it has been fun for ya! Take care, Emma!

It was great meeting up wtih you and TrueBlue! Let’s see when I go to New York.
I am also glad that both Tommy and Vin made the trip. No, did not meet up with Julia. I wrote something on her facebook asking her something but she never responded. We took the tour of Fenway Park today but it was subpar as they did not show us the Pressbox, bullpen and dugout like the Dodger tours include. I asked the tour guy at the end and he said we were too big a group. I though “And we get penalized for that?!”
I’ll have more pics of Fenway when I get home. I forgot my power surge and was only able to do those three with my friend’s power surge. I’ll do the rest when I get home.

Well RFB, winning a game would have helped but the boys in Blue did not show up! They could have mailed this one and saved us a trip. Not happy with the performance here! They better perform better when they get back.

Too bad we get home AFTER the LAKER parade!

I hope you had fun at Fenway. And I hope you came back in one piece! Those Sox fans are not known for their hospitality. Ugh!

I bet you had a blast… probably would’ve liked some different results along the way, but it looks like you had a lot of fun!

Other than the losses and the racist Red Sox fans we encountered , we had a good time. Nothing like hanging with friends and other Dodger fans and running into more friends from back home and also my two Dodger fans friends from Brooklyn.

Looking forward to seeing more of your great pics.
Racist Sox fans? That’s upsetting. Ballparks can attract some real losers, to say the least.
I am awaiting my Mannywood t-shirt in the mail, which I bought in celebration of his return to Fenway.
Safe travels,

I’m glad we were able to meet up even if it was only for a few minutes. I was also very disappointed about the sweep. I feel our 4 and 5 starters have to improve and Kemp and Either have to start hitting again for the Dodgers to start winning. I was very impressed with the amount of Dodger fans that made the trip and how vocal they were. I loved hearing the “Lets go Dodgers” chant when the team is on the road. That’s what I want to hear next year at Citi Field against the Mets with you sitting next to me.

Hey Emma!!!
What a tough weekend, for sure. But I hope you and your friends had a blast in Boston! Hey, you’re not the only person that got a picture with Tommy Lasorda! My sister took my mom to Boston too and ran into Tommy at a restaurant this weekend. I haven’t talked to my mom yet (she’s still on the plane ride home), but I hear that the two spoke for a while and she did get her picture taken with him!

Hey Michael.
When I get caught up I’ll upload pictures. We were being text that our group was on ESPN and the picture was sent to a few fans. Don’t you just love technology?
TureBlueWill ,
We represented at Fenway! It was beautiful seeing Dodgers fans at the stadium and how we kept running into many of them while touring. I’d love to see a game with you at Citi Field. I am a little tired from the lack of sleep as I got in this morning and I am at work, but I’d love to plan another trip and will. Will check the schedule to see where I will go next.
that is wonderful that your mom and sister were there! I forgot to ask Tommy to recomend me an Italian restaurant.

Would’ve been nice to avoid the sweep, but there’s just something unnatural at Fenway for the NL teams this year, not that the BoSox would cheat, would they?, but they just seem to win way to easy there during inter-league

have a safe trip home….

Phillies Outside

I’m hoping we can take 2 of 3 from the Halos and Yanks. It really bothers me that we have such trouble beating the AL every year.

Peter! I would have settled for one win from the Bums! haha with that theory, you reminded me of the book “The Echoing Green” lol.

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