Dodgers Sweep the Padres! How Sweeeet it is!

The scores for the Dodgers Padres games were:

Friday:     4-3,   Win:  Jeff Weaver, Save: Broxton

Saturday:  4-1.  Win:  Kershaw, Save:  Broxton.

Sunday:    1-0    Win: Billingsley, Save: Broxton.

And that was a win and THREE saves for my fantasy baseball the Locos Azules.   I beat out Rays’ Renegades’s team this week!  Woohoo!  


Ok, here are some pics from SD.   This is from the hotel:

Petco Park from the hotel.jpg 

 Friend Linda altered her Beat LA t-shirt.  She moved the LA and SD so it became “LA Beat SD”.  I love it Linda!  

Beat LA t-shirt.jpg 

Here is Dee showing her “Beat LA” towel altered saying “Can’t Beat LA”

Thumbnail image for Beat LA towel altered.jpg 

Here is this lady with a sign for the Loney song:

May 2010 Loney song sign.jpg 

And here is Loney at bat:

May 2010 Loney at bat at Petco.jpg


Jack:  I don’t like you no more.  I am glad you got charged $20 for popcorn at the movie!

Jack at Petco Park .jpg


Saw this picture when watching the replay of the game.  Here is Elisa, Lorena and I on Sunday while Adrian Gonzales is walking back after striking out.  We are infront of the the two Dodger fans walking.

May 15 2010 at Petco.jpg  

Here is the little broom I took Sunday.  Is really smaller than it looks in the pic from my phone.  



Andre Update: Andre Ethier had a splint placed on his broken right little finger Sunday.  Ethier broke Saturday night in batting practice. Ethier explained that the finger “contorted” under the knob of the bat during a swing and the pressure of the bat cracked the first knuckle.   Get well Andre!



It’s nice to see some elements of the world returning to order, the Dodgers are just 1 good series away from the top of the division and should be there by the time the All Star break comes around…. So what’s with Ethier, he is on his way to MVP this year and maybe even achieving things that Pujols hasn’t managed with a bat, yet his pinky!!! finger… come on I am sure its the team that wants him to keep his finger out of the line-up and not him…. he needs to be back soon, or they have to start talking about Manny and I am not sure I can take that…LOL

Good to see the Dodgers on the way up….

Phillies Outside

Congrats on the sweep! Must have made your trip extra enjoyable. Sorry about Ethier’s finger, but hopefully he’ll heal fast!

I see your team also had a sweep. I know, I was bummed when I heard about Ethier. I have him on fantasy baseball team but I just moved to first place!
the trip was GRRREAT! We are hoping Ethier heals fast. Not good to go thru that when he was having such a great season. Maybe by the time Dodgers face the Red Sox and Yankees he will be in the lineup.

Congrats on the sweep of my Padres. You guys played well, no doubt. But we’re out for redemption later this week when we play versus u guys in L.A.!

Looks like you had a great time…and a sweep to boot! Always nice to make the trip down south…’s like our second home 🙂

Was wondering, what’s the name of the hotel you stayed in? What a great view!.

We usually just stay with friend in Pacific Beach.


Nice job once again, Emma! Love the pictures and excellent reportage. Looks like y’all had great seats too! Oh, how sweep it is!

Thanks for the belated welcome Emma. Much appreciated. I don’t know what the heck I am doing. I had that photo from my Boston trip last year and was thinking of names and wanted something catchy, figured that I could link Thomas to Trolley. Then Mike wrote to me! Funny. I have to tell you that I like catching Dodger games on MLBtv, after everything is over back east, for the voice of Vin Scully, and for Mannywood. What’s up with Sir Ethier? Is he healthy?

That is classy of you! Thanks. And yes, we meet again later on this week. I can’t wait!
That is the Omni, the team hotel. the only thing was the valet wait. It took them a long time to bring our car. Fernando was telling me that he waited a half hour before.
LOL Jeff. Yes, how sweeep it is!
Thomas to Trolley! Oh OK, perfect. Is good to have more than one trolley ride. Everything is OK with the world if I am listening to Vin. Ethier is day to day. Today is his BBH.

Great pictures! I’m pretty sad that you guys swept us, but uh, we’ll get you next time!! Haha, that was a pretty good series for you.

Spectacular! That park looks amazin.
Always nice to sweep the first place team. You’re right back in there only two out now. Keep trippin!

congrats on your ranking and getting your pic on the front page..wooohooo

Phillies Outside

that was the view from your hotel!?!?!great time it looks like. its so much fun being an away fan. i hope for a speedy recovery for Ethier! my fantasy team needs it!

Thanks Kaybee! I was not sure If you were at any of the games. I know last time I gave you the hat giveaway. We meet up for a two game series, starting tonight!
I prefer Dodger Stadium and after that, the two oldest parsk. From the new ones I’ve seen, PNC and the Giants Phone booth park before Petco.
Thanks! and congrats on your ranking! Woohoo!
Yes, that was the view from the 19th floor where we stayed.
I too have Andre in my fantasy team. I don’t like that the MLB Blog league, we can only have ONE player in the DL.

Wow, sweeping the Pads is certainly not something that is easy anymore. Those guys are good. And your guys must be good too if they can take 4 in a row from the opposition!

Hey girl, I’m gonna be on a radio show!

Well RFB, My Dodgers came back to earth but all I can say is why do we have Ortiz with the team.
Mike! Sweeeet! I can’t wait to hear you!

Looks like you had a great time in San Diego! I’ve always heard that it is a beautiful city! I’d love to visit sometime.
PS: So cool you were on TV!

i’m convinced Loney has a piece of my heart🙂 I love him!

Yes, you should go to SD but I know you are also a fan of Lincecum. The Phone Booth is a great stadium.
I LOVE IT! You know he is very shy but he is getting better. He no longer gets embarrased when we sing the Loney song!

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