Happy Mothers Day, Feliz dia de las madres.

I will be heading to Dodger Stadium soon.  I am taking my aunt Nora with me and afterwards we’ll go to dinner.  

I like to share this with you all about Hilda Chester and Walter O’Malley. 

In 1953, Hilda Chester had dyed her hair a flaming red color. On May 10 of that year, the Dodgers beat the Philadelphia Phillies, 5-0, on Mothers’ Day moving into first place with a 14-7 record. Billy Loes pitched his only shutout of the season and catcher Roy Campanella drove in all five runs, belting his 10th home run of the season and a double, prompting a happy Walter O’Malley to call a florist during the game to immediately deliver a huge bouquet of flowers to Chester in a box near the Phillies’ dugout.
The card to her signed by O’Malley read: “To Brooklyn’s newest redheaded mother.”
Chester was outside Ebbets Field showing her flowers to many fans long after the game had ended.
“Now wasn’t that the nicest thing for Mr. O’Malley to do,” said a teary-eyed Chester.

Source: Roscoe McGowen, New York Times, May 20, 1953

Happy Mothers day to all she-fans!

Erik and I as the Brooklyn Bum and Hilda Chester.jpg

I am wearing my red wig today to honor Hilda.  

Ubaldo Jimenez against Clayton Kershaw today.   I got both of them in baseball fantasy team so is a win-win situation.  


Happy Mother’s Day, Emma. And Happy Mother’s Day to Hilda in Dodger heaven.


Thanks Jane! I better get ready to head to the stadium. I am taking my aunt (Nora) with me.

Happy Mother’s Day!
Too bad things like that just don’t happen anymore. Now they are too busy digging into our pockets instead.

That is right Mike. Things like that don’t happen anymore.

Hi Emma! Hope you and your aunt had a nice day at the ballpark. You’ll have to post a picture of yourself in the red wig. Or just go all the way and dye your own hair red!😉
Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

Hey Sue! So you are back from your SPAM adventure! I hope you have pictures!
You asked for it! I will post that picture. i decided to go with a wig I had that I used for a Halloweeen event at work.

i hope you had a great mother’s day! I love that picture of you and your brother🙂


Just to clarify, that is my friend Erik. There is a pic of my brother Vic here in the blog, but I don’t remember right now where.

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