Thank you Ely! Thank you Andre! Happy Birthday Loney!

I am glad I went to the game last night!  After seeing the Dodgers give up 22 runs in two innings, but like my friend Bluetide said “who am I kidding?, I am a junkie!”  

Congratulations to Ely for a great performance.  You deserved the win kid but you know it became a team win. 

Congratulations to Andre for his second grand-slam of the year!   And his second walk-off this year!   

Happy Birthday James Loney!  

Loney turns 26 today!


Go Kuroda-san!!

Go Dodgers!!


Off to the stadium soon.  Wish my alergies were better.  



Allergies!!! Grrrr!
Aren’t we all junkies? A 22 run shalacking won’t stop me from going to a game the very next day!
Enjoy Emma

Hey Mike! It was not going to stop me from going ethier🙂 got another complain coming

Thanks Mike! You know there was no doubt I was coming to the game ’cause they may be bums but they are my bums

Ely seems like a great addition to the rotation. And somebody told me he looks like Matthew McConaughy (sp?).


Thanks for reminding me of that! Vin Scully commented that during the game and I wrote it down in my scorecard but I forgot about it! I really need some Ginko Bilova!

LOL Rob! My problem too! When Jane mentioned it, I remembered that I have two bottles so Iwent downstairs and took one tablet. I had a bottle at work but I asked a co-worker if it was OK to take them after their expirations date which was two years ago and he said no.

Ginko Bilova…..I used to take that stuff. But I kept forgetting if I took it or not 😉


yay for Loney! I hope he had a good birthday🙂

hope you enjoyed the game!

Congratulations for Andre’s walk-off gland slam and back-to-back wins! (both lacking from my Mariners) I’m wishing good luck to Kuroda-san on his next game.

Loney went 0-4 on his birthday but the team won!
Long time no read you. Andre has been the big spark on this team. He collected three hits …::looks at time:: yesterday. Kuroda did not win the game but kept the team in it.
Good luck to your Marines. I hope they start playing better.

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