May 2010

Memorial Day: In Flanders Fields. We Shall Keep the Faith

Last year during Memorial Day, Vin Scully recited part of the poem  In Flanders Field and We Shall Keep the faith
War Dead

As we remember our fallen heroes this memorial day, here are these two poems:     


“In Flanders Fields”
– Lieutenant-Colonel John Mc Crae / WWI

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields. “

Upcoming Dodgers Homestand, Promotions and a Caption

Dodgers return on Monday Memorial Day for a 13 game homestand.    Lots of games and promotions for this homestand. 

Monday. 5/31.  Manny Ramirez kids BP jersey.  Arizona in town.

Thursday. 6/3.   Matt Kemp Action figure (kids only)  BTW, I think this picture is lame, but the Dodgers posted it asking for a caption.    

Give me a caption and whoever I think is the best, I’ll think of something to send you.  I think that chalk line looks so wrong.  

Kemp action figure.jpg

Friday 6/4 is 70’s Day and Loney and Blake giveaway poster.  I have not seen the poster but I’ve been told it has a 70’s Chevelle.  Is is Blue or Red?  

Sunday 6/6.  Viva Los Dodgers.  This year every Sunday is Viva Los Dodgers.  I prefer it back to only one special Sunday. 

Tuesday 6/8.  Jonathan Broxton BBH.   The Cardinals are in town starting Monday 6/7 for three.

Friday 6/11 and Saturday 6/12 is the THINKCURE radio telethon with the Angels in town.  Maybe I can bid on something from Mike Scioscia.

Sunday 6/13 is Viva Los Dodgers (again).   

busy busy homestand but before that, the Dodgers are in Colorado for a three game series and that means Vin Scully is back!   woohoo!   

A big congratulations to Jaime Jarrin(Jessica Rosales of Dodgers on Demand interviewing Jaime at the Bluetopia movie preview Blue Carpet)

Jaime Jarrin premiere 4.18.09.JPG 

who is in the D.R. He will be inducted into the Latino Hall of Fame.    He will also be there for Jose Lima’s funeral. 

Interview with John Ely from Dodgers on Demand

Check out this interview of John Ely.  It aired on Time Warner Cable Dodgers on Demand segment.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

John Ely moved to 3-1 on the season after holding the Tigers to two runs on eight hits in six innings Saturday.

He only needed 83 pitches to put himself in line for the win. He finally walked a batter after not issuing one over his previous three starts (19.2 innings).  I love Ely and have him in my MLBlog fantasy team!

I wonder who was responsible from the White Sox to let John Ely get away.

Jose Lima and Lima Time at Dodger Stadium

Jose Lima gave the Dodgers the first play-off victory in 16 years! 16 Years! Imagine that!

It was 2004 when Jose Lima went to Vero Beach as a Spring Training invitee and he gave us that incredible playoff performance against the Cardinals in 2004.

 Jose Lima was a joy to watch and we Dodger fans love that he always had time to sign autographs for us and pose for pictures. If you were at the stadium, you could easily get his autograph and take your picture with him.

I will never forget that game nor your singing and dancing performance at the VIVA LOS DODGERS festival and you singing the National Anthem.

This picture is from May 15, 2004. There I am with my hand-made scorebook. Jose Lima would sit there and pose for pictures and sign autographs on days that he was not pitching

Jose Lima.JPG

We will never forget you Jose Lima!

Vin Scully made a comment that “Young and Old, we all will get our time and it was Lima’s time”

I wore my 2004 playoff hat to Sunday’s game at Dodger Stadium. I was at that game for our first playoff win in 16 games. I remember I wrote “LIMA TIME” in my rally towel and when I exited I got interviewed by KCAL Channel 9 and also the Spanish station Channel 34.

The following day, Lima was again signing autographs and I regretted that I did not take a copy of the Sport Section with me from the LA Times. There was a beautiful picture of him there that I still have somewhere in my house.

Jose Lima was at Dodger Stadium Friday night. He was shown on the Dodger Vision and we gave him a big round of applause and a standing ovation.

He had recently joined the Dodger community crew and had just opened a baseball academy in Pasadena. I ran into Ben Platts of MLB.COm and he told me that he was supposed to go to the academy and interview Lima.

What a great addition he would have made the the Dodger Community group!

Rest peace Jose Lima. Our thoughts and prayers to you, your family and friends.


Dodgers tied for first with the Padres! Rest in Peace Jose Lima

I don’t like inter-league games but I am glad to see the Tigers for a chance to see Sparky Anderson at the game!   

Here is a great picture of Joe Torre, Sparky Anderson and Leyland.   pic from Jon Soohoo.

Torre Sparky and Leyland.jpg

Is too bad the game was part of the game of the week so no Vinny.  Maybe Sparky will be back today Sunday when the Dodgers go for the sweep!  

You all remember my little broom (size of a pencil_no brooms allowed at Dodger Stadium) that I took to San Diego?  Well I am taking to Dodger Stadium today.  


Fear the Beard Case Blake had a homerun and so did Matt Kemp.  Matt had not hit one out since Ned Colletti’s rant to the media.  

Here is Kemp sporting the “In Beard we Trust” tshirt of Casey 

Matt Kemp with TheBeardShirt.jpg

Saturday it was Taiwan Day in the “This is My Town” section so it was nice that Hong-Chih Kuo and Fu Te Ni  got in the game.  The promotion includes  Taiwanese food and a t-shirt.  The night before  it was “Star Wars Day” and it was fun seeing all the characters of Star Wars.    

Here is a picture of the section with Taiwanese fans going bonkers seeing Kuo on the mound.  Notice the Dodger Stadium Club below which now has outside seating. 

This is my town Taiwan .jpg 


John Ely.

In his last four games, he had not given up a walk until Saturday.  This kid is not afraid to go after the hitters.  He had a shaky first inning Saturday but he settled just fine after that.   I wonder why the White Sox included him in the trade with Juan Pierre.    Oh and he is also in MLBblog Baseball fantasy team.     So another win for the Dodgers and another win for the Locos Azules.

Let’s Go Dodgers!

Going for the sweeep today!      

Note:  I picked up Edwin Encarnacion after he came back from the DL and he has hit 5 homeruns for me since May 18!    WOW!   I forgot who dropped him.  


Ice Cream Time!


Walter O’Malley had a tradition of treating his staff to ice cream at 2:00 P.M. every day that the Dodgers were in first place.   This tradition is still carried over to this day at Dodger Stadium.  

Rest in Peace Jose Lima.   Sad news of Jose Lima, 37 passing away of a heart attack.  I just saw him Friday night at Dodger Stadium.   He had started a baseball school here in the LA area.   We will never forget “LIMA TIME”  Rest in peace Lima.  

Casey Blake, Derek Lowe, Eric Karros and Kirk  Gibson.

What does Casey Blake, Derek Lowe, Eric Karros and Kirk Gibson have in common?   The number 23!  

Thank you to those that visit my blog!  My mlb blog  came in at #23 in the latest leaders for April!  

Let’s start with Casey Blake who started the season without a beard but ever since he started growing it back, the hits kept coming!    Casey Blake had three hits yesterday including a homerun.  I am glad you finally got to break in theCase Blake “In Beard We Trust” t-shirt Greg!

May 2010 Case Blake In Beard We Trust t-shirt.jpg 

Casey being congratulated by Torre, Aumus in the background. 

Torre Ausmus and Casey Blake.jpg 

Another one that were #23 was Derek Lowe.  Derek wore #32 in Boston but since that number belongs to our beloved Sandy Koufax, Derek chose #23. 

Derek Lowe.jpeg

Erik Karros also wore #23 with the Blue

Erik Karros.jpg


And everyone’s favorite!    Kirk Gibson!!   I have this Wheaties box.  I wish you were our coach Gibby!


Ok, so now I am hungry for some wheaties.   

Dodgers Sweep the Padres! How Sweeeet it is!

The scores for the Dodgers Padres games were:

Friday:     4-3,   Win:  Jeff Weaver, Save: Broxton

Saturday:  4-1.  Win:  Kershaw, Save:  Broxton.

Sunday:    1-0    Win: Billingsley, Save: Broxton.

And that was a win and THREE saves for my fantasy baseball the Locos Azules.   I beat out Rays’ Renegades’s team this week!  Woohoo!  


Ok, here are some pics from SD.   This is from the hotel:

Petco Park from the hotel.jpg 

 Friend Linda altered her Beat LA t-shirt.  She moved the LA and SD so it became “LA Beat SD”.  I love it Linda!  

Beat LA t-shirt.jpg 

Here is Dee showing her “Beat LA” towel altered saying “Can’t Beat LA”

Thumbnail image for Beat LA towel altered.jpg 

Here is this lady with a sign for the Loney song:

May 2010 Loney song sign.jpg 

And here is Loney at bat:

May 2010 Loney at bat at Petco.jpg


Jack:  I don’t like you no more.  I am glad you got charged $20 for popcorn at the movie!

Jack at Petco Park .jpg


Saw this picture when watching the replay of the game.  Here is Elisa, Lorena and I on Sunday while Adrian Gonzales is walking back after striking out.  We are infront of the the two Dodger fans walking.

May 15 2010 at Petco.jpg  

Here is the little broom I took Sunday.  Is really smaller than it looks in the pic from my phone.  



Andre Update: Andre Ethier had a splint placed on his broken right little finger Sunday.  Ethier broke Saturday night in batting practice. Ethier explained that the finger “contorted” under the knob of the bat during a swing and the pressure of the bat cracked the first knuckle.   Get well Andre!


Dodgers Booster Club, Annual Blood Drive and Dodgers Road Trip

Dodgers Booster Club and the Annual Blood Drive

I went to the Dodgers Booster club last night. I try to attend their monthly meetings but sometimes it interferes with a game at the stadium.

A rep from The Red Cross was there to talk about the annual Blood drive in June where the Dodgers and Angels Booster Club team up to collect blood.

The Blood drive will be Saturday June 19. For those participating, you will get a t-shirt and a voucher for two tickets to your choice of team. Donate blood and Think Blue!

Unfortunately I will not participate as I will be in Boston for the Dodgers/Red Sox games but today we had our blood drive at work.

Another thing that went on at the Booster club meeting, in addition to the raffle of wonderful gifts like a Dodger gnome (I wanted that!), Dodger t-shirts and other Dodger merchandise was a chance to be on the field June 4th for the 1st Pitch. First name picked from the raffle got a choice of being the Pitcher, Catcher, Manager or Umpire. My raffle number was not called but it did get called to be one of the alternates, should someone not be able to make it.


Dodgers on The Road

In the meantime, my Bums are in Arizona for a three-game series. They won the first game. After a day off on Thursday, they will go to San Diego. I will be there for Saturday and Sunday’s game. I will be part of a group of 60. The Dodger Booster club also is having another group there of about 150. Lots and lots of Dodger fans make the short trip to San Diego, especially if the Dodgers play there on a weekend.

Saturday the Padres are giving out “Beat LA” t-shirts. Last year it was “Beat LA” towels. Look for Dodger fans to “alter” the wording.

Go Dodgers!

And since Sue of asked to see a picture of me with my red wig, here it is.   Cari is also in the pic.   .    

May 2010 Cari and I with red wig.jpg

Here is also the picture I took of the KABC Dodger Talk announcement.

KABC DodgerTalk Announcement.jpg

Update on our trip to San Diego

I just heard from Linda in San Diego that the Padres are not letting her use the word “Dodgers” on our group when is announced on the big screen.   This is BS!   She made the suggestion to call it  “Vin Scully Fan club”   I think is a great but I still do not like that we cannot use the word “Dodgers” as part of our group when they flash it on the big screen.  

Happy Mothers Day, Feliz dia de las madres.

I will be heading to Dodger Stadium soon.  I am taking my aunt Nora with me and afterwards we’ll go to dinner.  

I like to share this with you all about Hilda Chester and Walter O’Malley. 

In 1953, Hilda Chester had dyed her hair a flaming red color. On May 10 of that year, the Dodgers beat the Philadelphia Phillies, 5-0, on Mothers’ Day moving into first place with a 14-7 record. Billy Loes pitched his only shutout of the season and catcher Roy Campanella drove in all five runs, belting his 10th home run of the season and a double, prompting a happy Walter O’Malley to call a florist during the game to immediately deliver a huge bouquet of flowers to Chester in a box near the Phillies’ dugout.
The card to her signed by O’Malley read: “To Brooklyn’s newest redheaded mother.”
Chester was outside Ebbets Field showing her flowers to many fans long after the game had ended.
“Now wasn’t that the nicest thing for Mr. O’Malley to do,” said a teary-eyed Chester.

Source: Roscoe McGowen, New York Times, May 20, 1953

Happy Mothers day to all she-fans!

Erik and I as the Brooklyn Bum and Hilda Chester.jpg

I am wearing my red wig today to honor Hilda.  

Ubaldo Jimenez against Clayton Kershaw today.   I got both of them in baseball fantasy team so is a win-win situation.  

Dodgertalk on the Baseline field level only for field level fans

While watching the game Friday night at Dodger Stadium, I noticed an announcement on Diamondvision.   I did not get a chance to take a picture or write down everything it said but “we got the picture.”   It said along the lines “the fans on the field level are invited to attend DodgerTalk on the baseline field level restaurant.”   The restaurant is closed by then so only Dodgertalk is going on there on Fridays and Saturdays.  

In the past, my friends and I have been able to go downstairs to Dodgertalk but once we saw that sign on the Diamondvision, we decided to skip it Friday night.   Is ashamed that they no longer permitted us to go there.  My friend Linda and I enjoy stepping up to the mike.  

Here is a picture of one of the times we attended Dodgertalk last year.   The hosts on KABC are Josh Suchan and Ken Levine.   A fan had brought their Brad Penny bbh and smashed it there. 


OK, enough with the rants. 

Congratulations to Jeff Weaver on his 100 career win last night.   Is too bad that Ely had to be sent down to make room for Weaver but I am sure the kid will be back.  

Vin Scully pointed out that Ely looks like Mathew McgMcConaughy.  Let’s see

john Ely.jpg

Thumbnail image for matthew-231x300.jpg















Yep!  they look alike. 

Manny is back today and the X-man Xavier Paul had to be sent back to the minors.   It is just too bad that both Xavier and Ely had to go back to the minors.