He Pitched a Perfect Game, I Get a Perfect Ball!


My heart skipped a beat when I got home late last night after a wonderful dinner with friends at El Torito and I openned Facebook to the news from Roberto of Vinscullyismyhomeboy that Vin was taken to the hospital. My heart settled after I heard that he was OK.

Josh Rawitch from the ITD (InsidetheDodgers) blog spoke to him. Vin wanted to assure everyone that he’s fine and that he expects to be at Camelback Ranch this weekend for the telecast on Sunday.

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Spring Training 2010 Kershaw.jpg


Clayton Kershaw turns 22 today!   Happy 22nd birthday to Clayton!  We love you kid!  

 Torre is supposed to announce the Opening Day starter.  I hope is Kershaw!

Thumbnail image for Safe At Home event with Torre and Koufax ticket .jpgLast but not least!!!!

So I am in the back of the car, my friend Marika and her son in the front. We are crusing thru the diamond lane on the 10 Freeway when my phone rings. This guy says “Emma, this is Jeff…… Were you at the Safe At Home Foundation event at the Nokia?  

I said “Yes! I had a wonderful time there!” He then says “Well, I am calling you to tell you that you were selected as the winner of the baseball signed by Joe Torre and Sandy Koufax!”

I screamed “WHAT!? WOW! OMG! I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS!” WOW “You made my day! my week!  my season!  ..” “THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!! ” He  said ‘We knew we had the right person when we saw your email name crzblue”

Jeff said he did not have the ball but that he talked to Torre and it was decided that I will be presented with the ball at Dodger Stadium sometime in April. I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS!!!! WOOHOO!!

Thank you Safe At Home Foundation!   Thank you Mr. Torre! Thank you Sandy Koufax!   Thank you Jeff!  

Check  Joe Torre Safe Af Home Foundation  

thank you Erik for the title suggestion! 


OMG, Emma! How exciting that you won that ball!!!!! And the fact that they’re presenting it to you at the stadium is icing on the cake. I hope you’ll be on TV so I can see the ceremony.


Hi Emma,
Saw your comment on the She Fan blog, so I came over to see what all the fuss was. WOW! What a cool thing – Joe Torre AND Sandy Koufax! That is absolutely wonderful – congratulations!

Emma, that is so exciting! Thank goodness you were a passenger and not the driver when you took that call – I hate to imagine what might have happened otherwise.🙂 And how cool that it will be presented to you at the stadium! Make sure you post pictures of this momentous occasion!
Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

Can you imagine that they picked my entry!? I think I drove Jeff a little crazy when he called me.
Thanks Melissa! I can’t wait!
I was telling a friend that I was a little tamed on the car since my friend’s son picked us up. She said “that was tamed!” lol. And you are right that it was just as well that I was not driving!

Good news! Seems fitting on of their best fans gets the ball
Can you imagine a season without Vinny? Life, as we know it, would be over.

What a treat that would be for any baseball fan! Congrats! It’s good to know that Vin is okay.http://clevelandbaseball.mlblogs.com/

Thank you so much Knouff!
I don’t want to imagine a season wtihout Vinny. Vinny is the reason why I carry a radio. I have gone thru so many radios throught the years. A trip to the restroom or on the elevator or anywhere close to where there is a TV is nice since we can listen to Vin. I don’t want to think of life without him. I just want to fully enjoy him. I tape games that I can watch in the offseason.
Indians! Thanks! Yes, Thank God that Vin is OK. He will be at Camelback on Sunday and I can’t wait to hear those magic words “Is Time for Dodger Baseball!”

Wow Emma, an autograph ball by Koufax and Torre !!,I’m so jealous just kidding you deserved that and more congrats.
Good to see Scully is ok, Looking forward to watch sunday game.

GET OUT!!! SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET! I’d be jumpin’ for joy too. See! It does pay to give, be generous, help others. Great story. I’m cheesin’ for ya!

That is frikin fantastic….. I hope they cover it on TV or should say on the MLBTV coverage….. congrats, happy for you….:-)

Outside the Phillies Looking In

LOL..Emma, you are one lucky Dodger fan! Congrats! Be sure to keep us posted on which game you go on the field to get the ball.



Way to go Emma,
Congrats on the ball….Bet that will be in a safe place in your house.
Also a sigh of relief that Dodger Broadcast legend Vin Scully is okay. Bet more than a few hearts skipped a beat even hearing the news out on the West Coast.
I can bet there will be photos of the great moment with Dodger Manager Joe Torre.
Good things happen to good fans, and I am extremely glad to hear some of that good karma went to someone like you.

Rays Renegade


Thank you! You are the best! Don’t forget to tape Vin!
Thanks Jeff!!
How sweeeeet it is is ha!! The minute I got an email about the event, I got my ticket online.
Thanks Peter! I knew you all here would be happy for me!
Yes! I am one lucky Dodger fan!! I am not sure how they will do it, but I’ll keep all posted here and I’ll send you email too. Thanks!
Yeah, I got to keep that ball in a safe place! Thank you much Cliff!
I am still grinning about it!!!

Oh my gosh, Emma! THAT’S AMAZING ABOUT THE BALL! Congratulations! I’m so happy for you! And you’re going to be presented with it sometime during the season at Dodger Stadium? Emma, that is so special! You deserve it!

Thanks Elizabeth! I am still grinning about the whole thing!
Thank you so much!

Good things happen to good people!!! They couldn’t have picked a better Dodger Fan to win that ball. You better record your day at Dodger Stadium and share!! That’s really outstanding news Emma….Congrats!

thank you, thank you Mike!!! ::grinning from ear to ear::
I don’t know the details, but I sure will share when it happens! I’ll take a picture of the ball!!

WOW – this is GREAT news, Emma. Congrats!!! BTW, love your Dodger Blue nailpolish . . . . .

Hey Sparkle! Thanks! I can’t wait now to get my baseball! Sally Hansen has that Dodger Blue color. I like it too!

That is so cool, Emma! Congratulations!

I’m not going to be able to attend a lot of games this year, but I have tickets for Opening Day, Photo Day vs. the Cubbies, and Fan Appreciation Day. As usual, I’m on the field level – left field side on Opening Day, right field the other two.

Thanks Sue! If you ever need a ride, let me know. I’ll send you and email with my number so you can have it handy. Also I want to share something with you in the email that you might be interested.

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