Brooklyn Dodger Players Alive


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I’ve been working on a list of Brooklyn Dodger players alive.  When I started the list, there were 63, but Thursday 1/21/10, Bobby Bragan passed away at the age of 92.  

Below is the updated list.

It starts with Tony Malinosky, the oldest at 100 years old and Rod Miller who had a birthday on 1/16, the youngest at 70 years old.  Sandy Koufax is the third youngest one. 

Here is Duke Snider working with the young players at the Winter Workouts iat Dodger Stadium in 2009.  

July 28, 2010:  Sadly, the list is now down to 59 Brooklyn Dodger players.  

November 7, 2010:  Rest in peace Clyde King.  He passed away November 2, 2010

Player name


Born in and other Notes

Tony Malinosky


Illinois, lives in Oxnard, CA. 

George Cisar **


Chicago, Il. **Died 2/19/10


Mike Sandlock


Old GreenwichCT, active Golfer. 

Ray Hathaway


Grinville, OH.   Minor league manager

Bobby Bragan **


***Passed away Thursday 01/21/2010*** 

Cy Buker


Greenwood, WI.  Cyril was a pitcher.

Lee Pfund


ILL.  His son was MGR of  Miami Heats.  

Luis Olmo


Puerto Rico.  Played for Mexico, Cuba.

Cliff Dapper


Los Angeles, CA.  Traded for announcer Ernie Harwell

Boyd Bartley


Chicago.  . Played in nine games in 1943. 

 Gene Hermanski


Pittsville, MA.  Raised in New Jersey.

Jean-Pierre Roy


Canada.  Commentor for the Expos.

Pat McGlothin


Coalfield, TN.  Ezra Mac was a pitcher.

Johnny Schmitz


Wasau, WI. Lefty pitcher. Still living there. 

Andy Pafko


Boiceville, ILL.  lives in Mount Prospect, IL.


Johnny Van Cuyk


Little Chute, WI.  Pitcher.  Passed away July 10,2010

Marv Rackley


Seneca, SC.  Left fielder. 

Chuck Kress


Philadelphia, PA.   Lefty First Baseman.   

**Morrie Martin


Dixon, MO.  LP.   Lives in Washington, MO. Died 5/24/10

Eddie Basinski


Buffalo, NY.   Nickname:  the Fiddler. Bazzoka.  

 Don Lund


Detroit, MI.  Also drafted by the Chicago Bears.

Tim Thompson


Coalport, PA.   Lives in Lewinston, PA.  

Clyde King **


Goldboro, NC.  Was Pitcher, coach, manager, GM for the Yankees.  

George Shuba


Youngston, OH. 

Ed Stevens


Gavelston, TX  Coach for the Padres in 1981.  

Johnny Rutherford


 Ontario, CN.  Pitcher. Nickname:  Doc.

Wayne Terwilliger


 Clare, MI.   Coach under Ted Williams.

Chris Haughey


 Astoria, NY.  Pitcher Appeared in one game @ 18.

Cal McLish


Anadarco, OK.  Pitcher and pitching coach.  Died 8/26/10

Ralph Branca


 Mount Vernon, NY.  Lives in Rye, NY.

 Bob Borkowski


Dayton, OH.  Lives in Dayton. Traded for Joe Black

Randy Jackson


Little Rock, AR.  Nickname: “Hansome Ransom.”  

Dick Teed


Springfield, MA.   One at-bat in 1953.

Elmer Sexauer


 St Louis County, MO.  Pitcher.  Lives in Florida.

Don Newcombe


 Madison, NJ.  Currently works for the Dodgers!

Bobby Morgan


 Oaklahoma City, OK.   Infielder.

Duke Snider


Los Angeles, CA.  HOF.  The Duke of Flatbush!

Charlie Osgood


Sommerville, MA.  Appeared in one game at 17.  

Carl Erskine


Anderson, IN.

Preston Ward


Columbia, MO. Played 4 Cubs,Indians, Pirates, A’s

 Rocky Bridges


 Refugio, TX.   Infielder, coach & minor league mgr.

Tommy Lasorda


 Norristown, PA.  60 years working for the Dodgers!

Tommy Brown


 Brooklyn, NY.  Also played for Phillies & Cubs.

Dick Williams


 St Louis, MO.  LF, 3B, coach, Manager. 

Ken Lehman


 Seattle, WA.  Afterwards coach of Uni of WA.    

Joe Landrum


Columbia, SC.  Pitcher

Joe Pignatano


 Brooklyn, NY.   Catcher and coach.

Billy Loes ** 


 Long Island, NY.  **passed away 7/15/2010

Gino Cimoli


San Francisco, CA. Worked 21 years for UPS.

Roger Craig


 Durham, NC  Pitcher, coach and manager. 

 Ron Negray


 Akron, OH.  Also played for the Phillies. 

Glenn Mickens


 Wilman, CA  Afterwards became coach for UCLA

Don Zimmer


 Cincinnati, OH.  Currently working for the Rays. 

Ed Roebuck


 East Millboro, PA.   Relief Pitcher and scout.

Fred Kipp


 Piqua, KS.   Also pitched for the Yankees.  

Bill Harris


 Canada.  Pitched one game for Brooklyn and L.A.

Chico Fernandez


 Cuba. SS.  Also played for Phillies, Tigers & Mets.

Danny McDevitt


 NY, NY.  Pitched last game at Brooklyn.  

Jim Gentile


 San Francisco, CA.  Hitting coach for Flyers.

Don Demeter


 Oaklahoma City, OK. CF.  Now a Baptist minister.

Sandy Koufax


 Brooklyn, NY.  Greatest Lefthander pitcher!

Bob Aspromonte


 Brooklyn, NY  Resides in Houston, Tx. 

Rod Miller


 Portland, OR.   He played in one game in 1957. 


I love you Boys of Summer!

What I have done after my baseball career and being able to help people with their lives and getting their lives back on track and they become human beings again — means more to me than all the things I did in baseball.  — Don Newcombe


yeah Indians and I am not done! I am crazy that way!

Very interesting. That is a lot of research!

CRZ you out did yourself!! I’ve been waiting to see this list since you told us you were working on it! Awesome. I tip my B’klyn cap to you.

George Shuba! the name is synonomous with baseball in my hometown of Youngstown. i do believe there is a ball field named for him

I loved meeting Don Newcombe when I went to see the Dodgers last summer. He was such a gentleman and very handsome still!

Thanks Mike!
I finally finished updating it!
Really? did you see he has a website?
Don Newcombe is a sweeetheart! and the best dressed man at the stadium!

Happy Birthday Bob Borkowski! He turns 84 today!
In fact, Happy Birthday to all the Boys of Summer on the list that have birthday in January!

Clif Dapper, who was traded for an announcer. He turned 90!
Ed Stevens, he turned 85
Ralph Branca, he turned 84
Don Zimmer, he turned 79
Ron Miller, the youngest one turned 70!

My goodness what a list!!! You have outdone yourself🙂

That must have taken a long time. Thank you for sharing that is quite wonderful

LOL. Yeah..It took a while. I was going down the list and thinking “OK, how many more to go?” But still it was fun. Thanks!

Great work on digging up all those facts and throwing them out here for all of us to enjoy.
It is great to see so many old timers from a beloved franchsie like Brooklyn/Los Angeles still kicking and cursing at the television.
I know Don Zimmer always chats about his days up in the borough of Brooklyn, and even about a few movie star sightings while in Los Angeles.
Digging up this type of history is fun and can amaze you with what you find.
Again fantastic list and hopefully we will not lose another soul in 2010…..

Rays Renegade

Wow, Emma, that’s quite a list! So many former Brooklyn Dodgers I need to go bug for autographs! Next post you should publish their addresses (lol, just kidding of course😉

thanks Cliff!
I am happy that so many are still around like you said to kick and scream at the TV🙂. I can imagine some saying “That is not the way to do it or something like it.
It must be a joy to have Zimmer telling stories.
Digging to all this took me to many website and half way thru it, I became a member of the Society for American Baseball Research.
I only have 4 autographs from the 63 Brooklyn Dodger players. I would love to get one more autograph but a handshake would make me just as happy.

Wow, that’s pretty cool. Some of these guys are about my Great Grandmother’s age. She turned 99 in November 2009, and she’s still alive. Hope the Dodgers do well this season. Heard they signed CT native Brad Ausmus.

How wonderful that your Great Grandmother turned 99! Big one coming up this year! Was she and is she a baseball fan? If she was/is, ooooh the stories she can tell. I am happy to have Aumus back. I hope that when he retires as a player, that he goes into coaching and hopefully with the Dodgers. We shall see. Did not realized that he is a CT native.

Hi Emma! It’s just overwhelming!
I never imagined a Brooklyn Dodger other than Mr. Lasorda is currently working for Los Angeles Dogers.

Thanks Nao!
I’ve been looking for the baseball book you mentioned but have not been able to find it but I did see I can purchase it online.
Thanks Indians!

Boy, Duke is looking kind of grumpy in that photo. Nice work compiling the list. I never would have imagined there were still that many Brooklyn players still with us.
Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts


VERY nice, CrzBlue !. Such a great list and what a great bunch of memories they must have.

Do you have your spring training plans set yet? I will be in Glendale,Az for the week of March 8 thru the 12th. 2 games @ Camelback and 1 in Goodyear against the Reds.

Hope to see ya there.


You are right. He looks a tad grumpy but I am OK with it. I am just glad that he was lecturing the young guns coming up the latter.
Hey Mike!
I was at Dodger Stadium today for Select a Seat. I have some pics I will share.
So good to read you again! Thanks! My friend and I are planning on being at Camelback the first weekend and the last. Just looked at the schedule. Looks like I will miss you. Oh well, see you at the Stadium!

I am sorry to report that the second oldest Broklyn Dodger player passed away.
George Cisar, who appeared in 20 games for the Dodgers in 1937, passed away on February 19 at the age of 97. Now we are down to 61.
Rest in peace George.

Sadly with the passing of Johnny Van Cuyk and
Billy Loes in July, we are now down to 59 living Brooklyn Dodgers.

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