Looking back at some more pictures from 2009

I owe a few fans pictures so I was looking at my old camera and found some  pictures that I wanted to share

First of all, here are my nieces Kirsten and Krystal.    I took them to the Kids corral where kids and adults too might get autographs if the kids ask nicely.    It was a hot day in the middle of the summer.  

I love you girls!

My nieces.jpg

I was driving to work when I spotted this bus so I chased it down until I could take a picture.  I have another picture that I wa closer but I like this one where you can see a little of a mountain in the background.   It startled me that I got too close..  iThis is my Town with Loney.jpg


From the Viva Los Dodgers festival.  “ESTA ES MI CIUDAD” means “THIS IS MY TOWN”, the theme for 2009. 

Esta es mi Ciudad with Fernando.jpg.

This is Dee.  Check out her Vin Scully tatoo!  It was done by Trublue, a tatoo parlor owned by a die hard Dodger fan.   

Dee with her Vin Scully tatoo.jpg


Hello Emma, Andrei here. Thank you for checking out my blog Taking Me Out to the Ballgame @ http://drei.mlblogs.com/. I’m glad you enjoyed the pics. I also have a Dodger blog as well BLOGGIN’ IN L.A. @ http://dodgerdrei.mlblogs.com/. Come check it out, I hope you enjoy my blog. I really enjoy your blog as well. I too am on a mission to go to as many MLB and Minor League Parks as well, especially the Dodger farm system. If all goes well, I may go to Albuquerque this year. Well, thanks for checking out my blog and I hope to see you on my Dodger blog as well, my fellow Dodger fan. GO DODGERS !!!!

Ohhhhhhhhhhh man. Looking at those pics makes me YEARN for baseball to be back. It’s cold and nasty and cloudy here in Chicago (haven’t seen the sun in a month)…. so I’m very jealous of that SoCal charm that is the weather. Ugh.

Great photos…and that tattoo is hysterical! Nice.


thanks! I’l check out your other blog. I’ve been wanting to go to Albuquerque. I have never been there. Go Dodgers!
It has been raining here a lot and the biggest storm will be Wednesday but I know what you mean, the weather here is nice! I have a friend on the train that all year long he wears shorts. it does not get cold enough for him to wear long pants.
When I met Dee last year, I just had to take a picture of her tatoo.

Your nieces are adorable, Emma! And your friend’s Vin Scully tattoo is great. I would be too chicken to get one.


haha Jane! I coudl not do it ethier. I am so afraid of needles.

wow! that is an awesome tat! im not a big fan of body art but that is pretty cool. i definitely respect it.awesome pics. it is so much fun looking back at great memories from the season. it wont be too much longer till we are making mew ones!


You said you were headed to work, but then saw the bus and chased it down. I hope you weren’t late..lol

Yeah Matt, the tatoo looks awesome. Trublue does great job. the kid running the shop is a great kid and a huge Dodger fan. He has season tickets in the field level as well as the Pavilion. I can’t wait for new memories for 2010!.
At least I am not an ambulance chaser! LOL. I was just a little late🙂 but all for a good cause!

Chasing the bus to get a picture? That’s something I would do. A woman after my own heart! u go!!

Reading your blog I KNOW that is something you would also do! LOL

Baseball is almost back, finally!

Nice photographs, what a fun day at Dodger Stadium it must be. That venue will be my first ever stops should I plan to go in California. Great entry.

Matthew T.

A Vin Scully tattoo – that is TRUE dedication. Or maybe just craziness😉. I love Harry Kalas (rest his soul) but I’m pretty sure I’d never have him tattooed on my arm. Nonetheless, the tattooer did an amazing job!
Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

Caravan is coming up next week! Yippy!!
If you do come, let me know. I loved to give you a tour of Dodger Stadium!
Dee has a picture with Vin. Yeah, that is true dedication. I could not get one either. I probably cry if I was to get a tiny one. I am such a chicken when it comes to needles. Matt Kemp got his tatoo in the same place.

Hey, Emma. Cool photos, esp. of your nieces! The Vin Scully tattoo is an interesting concept, but I think I’d stick with the T-Shirt! (Not crazy about tattoos, but that’s just me).
And yeah, I can’t wait for baseball to start, either, even though many of us Red Sox fans think it will be a long year for our team! Hmmm!…
I wonder if you would mind sending me an e-mail? I have a question I want to ask you about your “pro blog” ITD. I’d appreciate it! Thanks!

Me too! I’ll stick with t-shirts!
I think your Red Sox will do just fine!
I just sent you an email!

You always have thee best photos seriously! It’s crazy😀

Does she really have a tattoo of Vin Scully on her arm?! O.O!! Oh my!! That is devotion. You know i was thinking of getting an Angel logo tattooed somewhere on my body but not anymore! Too scary of a thought🙂


She definitely has that tatoo! She was by the Vin Scully Press Box that day so I asked her if I could take a picture. She told recently that that day she went inside Vin Scully Press Box with Landon the guy that did the tatoo and they spent some time with Vin. I adore Vin but I would not a tatoo! a shirt yes even a jersey if they had them!
The picture on her shirt is from one of the Dodger Magazines last year.

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