December 2009

Looking back at The Dodgers and the 00 Decade

The 00 decade saw me going from single games, to mini packages to returning to being a season ticket holder.

When I review my Dodger pictures, what I remember from the 00 decades are the thrill of victories, the friends that I have made because of baseball and or the Dodgers, the friends that I continue to have, the sadness for departed players, the pain by the beloved players that have used PEDs, the way I have learned to accept that we can’t win every game but still the frustration of some of those winnable games, my beloved Dodger Stadium, the road trips, Vero Beach, Camelback Ranch, the game at the Coliseum, the Dodger float at the Rose Parade, the Bluetopia movie, the Dodger Star in Hollywood Walk of fame, my family and non-baseball friends accepting and understanding for my love for the Dodgers.     


Dodgers  Most Remembered during this 00 Decade.  

Vin Scully.    Hearing Vin Scully on the radio or TV or when I ride the elevator at the stadium brings a big smile to my face.   He is the reason I carry a radio to the stadium. 

Adrian Beltre. My first and last player’s jersey. After his departure, I vowed not to get a current player’s jersey.  My next jersey was a Jackie Robinson jersey.  

Paul Lo Duca.  He lingered in the minor league for a while.   From 2001 to 2004, he hit .288 and hit 55 homers and 286 RBIs.  I cried when I heard him crying when he found out he got traded to the Marlins.

Eric Gagne.  Oh, how electrifying it was to listen to “Welcome to the Jungle” when he exit the bullpen gate. There was such energy from the entire stadium with the anticipation of him coming into the game.

Paul Lo Duca and Eric Gagne: How dissapointed I was when I read the Mitchell report.

Shawn Green He hit 91 homers in a two-year span, including four of them in a single game at Milwaukee on May 23, 2002. Shawn just went quietly about his business. He was such a nice guy.

Here is a picture of Shawn Green with Sandy Koufax:


Jeff Kent.  He was the Dodgers’ best offensive player for the bulk of his four seasons with the club.  He got a raw deal with a writer from the L.A. Times.   I am glad that he got to host the WIN Baseball clinic for four years so that we, the fans that attended those events and others he attended got to see a more approachable and friendly Jeff Kent.  

 Derek Lowe.  Reliable, never been on the disabled list.   At times, I felt bad for the lack of run support.   I made it a point to go by the bullpen after his starts to praise his starts when he lost.   He was nice and friendly with the fans.  He helped Jeff Kent at one of the WIN baseball games 

Manny Ramirez.  He energized the team when he was traded during the July 2008 tradeline.  His production dropped off after his return from his suspension but one must also remember that he got hit on the wrist after coming back.  Likable and friendly when my friends and I met him by coincidence in the parking lot during Spring Training.      

Andre Ethier. There was no other player I’d like to see when the game was on the line than Andre.  He lead the majors with six walk-off hits in 2009 and a total of nine walk-off hits in 2008 and 2009 combined, with five of those hits home runs. What an incredible year he had in 2009.  

Happy Birthday Sandy Koufax! and Happy New Year!

Today December 30th, 2009, Sandy Koufax turns 74! Happy Birthday Sandy!


Back in 1955, Koufax was competing to make the Dodgers roster along with another left-handed pitcher, Tommy Lasorda.   That is why Tommy always tells the story that it took the greatest lefthander to knock him off the roster!   

Here is Sandy with with Roseboro.  
Sandy Koufax 3 from LA library.jpg

 This picture is from July 7, 1980… All-Star Game “Weekend”
Sandy Koufax  1 LA  Library.jpg


From left to right: Frank Sinatra, Sandy Koufax, Buzzie Bavasi and Dean Martin stand at the head table for a C.C. Banquet.  December 4, 1963

Thumbnail image for Sandy Koufax 2 from LA library.jpgAll All pictures from the L.A. Library.  

I have some other pictures of Sandy from the last time the Dodgers went to Fenway Park but they are at work and I don’t go back to work until January 4th, 2010!! 


Happy Birthday Sandy!  

Everyone here at the MLBlogsphere, have a wonderful new year! 

Twas the Night Before Christmas at the MLB Blogs!

“Twas the Night Before Christmas and in every house
All good MLB bloggers and readers were clicking their mouse

They hung all their stockings, decorated their trees
and now it was time to sit down and see
What everyone posted on this Christmas Eve.

A nice break to read a bunch of good bloggers
Was just what they needed, but Oh no! the buggers!

When they went to the MLB site, none could be found.
“Oh no, we’re afraid Mark went out of town
Is the server down the reason we cannot read?
How could he do this in our time of need?

The bloggers all panicked, they shivered in fright,
They pined for their read/write and settled in for the night.

“Did we misspell the link? Did we hit the wrong key?
Did it go to LALA land?” Oh such misery!
And then in a flash, with a stroke of a key,
One by one, they discovered their Christmas Eve reads.

Their eyes how they twinkled, they laughed and smiled.
And they settled into the chair to read/write for a while.

Their hearts were delighted, they felt just like kids,
But it’s still such a mystery where the MLB links had hid.
Was it there all the time and they just didn’t see?
Or did Santa step in and do a good deed?

Good baseball fans are on Santa’s list
And good MLB bloggers and readers he vows never to miss.

It’s been a long night, time to climb into bed,
So they shut down their computers and laid down their heads.

But in a quiet of night, before things came to an end,
They heard “Thanks for reading and writing with me,
Its great to read and write with baseball friends!”

I wish you peace and joy!
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!  Happy New Year!

Blue Holiday Spirit!

How a Dodger fan copes this season?   That is my friend Erik’s arm and yes, that is a Dodger tattoo on his arm.  We were enjoying a shot of Patron.  



speaking of patron.. (I heard a fan call Jaime, Patron, out of respect.  Patron means “the boss.”   “Un Patron para el patron.”    

Happy belated birthday Jaime Jarrin!

Jaime Jarrin has been the Spanish voice of the Dodgers for 50 years!   He turned 74 December 10th.   I remembered but have not been posting lately, but I have been reading you all! 

Jaime was born in Quito, Ecuador.  Jaime began work as a broadcaster in Ecuador when he was 16.  He went on to become the announcer for the National Congress of Ecuador.  He came to the U.S. in June of 1955.  At that time he had never seen a baseball game!  

When the Dodgers moved to Los Angeles in 1958, KWKW, where Jarrin was the news and sports director, picked up the Spanish language rights for the games and the rest is history.    


Here is a pic of the two Hall of Famers, Vin Scully and Jaime Jarrin.  the picture is from 2009 giveaway calendar.  

Vinn and Jaime.jpg 

Gentlemen: You look marvelous!!


Dodger Christmas Gift for Season Ticket Holders!

So Saturday I get this box and I knew it was my Dodger Christmas gift for season ticket holders!   The year before we had gotten a Christmas globe and the year before that a mini repplica of Dodger Stadium.  This year is a replica  of our seats!  

My friend Erik got his in the form of a bench since he sits in the pavilion.   Here is a picture


Here is my friend LTD23’s pic

Aren’t they adorable!   I love them!!!  

Until I saw these pictures, I realized that I don’t have the letters and numbers for mine.  I must have dropped it when I openned the box.  

Here is a pic of mine but along some other Dodger memorabillia and some my baseball books.

Did I say that the seats are adorable!?!!

Dodger Xmas gifts .jpg

Next to the box snowman is my Dodger Stadium replica, my Dodger seats from this year, and the Dodger Xmas globe.   You can see part of the baseball books.  There is Miss Piggy in a Dodger uniform, a Dodger Dog, Jackie Robinson statue and Sandy Koufax statue.  

Everyone have a wonderful, safe and healthy merry Christmas!   

My first December post!

Hello MLB bloggers and posters! So what have I been up to? Well, for one thing, I was a little sad and upset that we did not offer arbitration to Randy Wolf. A lot of us Dodger fans were scratching our heads on that. We expected those draft picks! With the slim picking in the farm system, we could have used those draft picks.

Am I upset enough to stay away from Dodger Stadium to make a statement? Heck NO!!! I am not willing to let the turmoil of the ownership steal from the joy of being at my happy place that is Dodger stadium.

All the happy moments I have spend watching the Dodgers outweighs anything else. Had I stayed away in 2009, I would have missed going to Camelback Ranch with my friends, Vin Scully throwing out the first pitch on Opening Day, Orland Hudson hit for the cycle, Billingsley great start, Andre’s Walk-offs!, the great start by the Dodgers at Dodger Stadium, Matt Kemp, Loney, Broxton. The great road trips with my friends to San Diego and Chicago and going to the playoffs!

I will be there in 2010! I can’t wait for Spring Training, Opening Day and the whole 2010 season!

So last Saturday I met with LTD23, Erik and my brother Vic at Barragans! I wrote about this place before. It is the place we sometimes meet for breakfast during the baseball season on Sunday mornings prior to games! It was so good to meet there, enjoy a nice breakfast and talk about the Dodgers! I missed you guys! Afterwards we went to Dodger Stadium. The plan was to sit in our seats but the Top Deck was closed so we went to the right field gift shop. They still had the entire store at 50% off so we all bought some things for ourselves and for Christmas presents. Some jerseys and shirts of players that have left were discounted more than 50%. I bought an original Nomar jersey for $30! for Vic.

Afterwards, we went inside and sat there while watching the rain come down and enjoying the serenity of our happy place!

I just got a text from my friend LTD23 that Juan Pierre got traded to the White Sox for two minor leaguers! Thanks LTD23 for the update! You were the first one that broke the news to me!

Good luck Juanpie! Thanks for stepping up when Manny was out! I am glad that I was part of the crowd that gave you a standing ovation in appreciation for what you did in Manny’s absence.