November 2009

Happy Birthday Vin Scully!!

Yesterday November 29th, our baseball poet laureate turned 82!

We love you Vin! Happy birthday!!

Here is a Vin Scully short video that you will love from the California Sports Hall of Fame org:  LOL.  I love what Vin tells Tommy at the end!

Is too bad that this year we will not have the Christmas event for Dodgers season ticket holders.  Last year, my friend LTD23, Erik and I had a ball at Dodger Stadium.   An extra bonus was that Vin Scully showed up.  Here is a pic I took last year!

Vin Scully Dec 2008.jpg

It was an overcast day but we had a wonderful time! 

After Erik and I yelled our customary greeting to Vin with “Vin Scully, we love you!” Vin looked at us and smiled. He talked about how the stadium is like a person with open arms, about the sky with some clouds but that us fans were brighten up the day🙂. At the end he took notice of this little girl in the front with wings on telling her and other kids “you better watch out, you better not cry, Santa is coming to town….”  Afterwards Tommy Claus waddled  to that area.  It was a great event for both kids and adults.  

Here I am at the pitcher’s mound while the line to visit Tommy Claus was getting longer.   Meanwhile at the batter’s box, they are taking pictures of fans and putting the message  “Season Greatings from <insert name>”   

Dec 08 D.S. 2.jpg 

Yes, Vin, it was a day filled with clouds, but YOU brighten the day by being there!   May you continue to enjoy broadcasting games and brightening our days!


Here is Vin throwing out the first pitch at Fenway Park.   That was the last time the Dodgers were at Fenway!   I hope Vin does goes again next year!

vinfirstpitch at Fenway.jpgA Happy belated birthday also to Ross Porter who shares a birthday with Vin!   Ross turned 71! 


What have I been up to lately?  Well for me, is the busiest time at work from November till February so I am thankful that it is during the baseball off-season.   I have also been in a reading binge.  My last three books?  Well, one had zombies, and the last two?  Vampires and werewolves.   

Gold, Silver and Dodger Blue!

Ahhh, the awards are coming in!   Gold gloves for Matt Kemp and O’Dog!   Congratulations to both gentlemen!   


but wait!  there is more!    The dynamic duo of Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp get Silver Slugger awards!!!  Congratulations guys!  

Ethier and Kemp from mag.jpg


I’ve been in N.H. this week.  We brought the nice sunny weather from Southern Cal!!  It has been in the 50’s here but the rain will start Saturday when we leave :-))  I was supposed to be in N.H. the prior week BUT I had to leave that week open in the event that my Doyers were going to the World Series.  Oh well,    The only thing I regreat that I missed this week back home was that Vin Scully was going to be at the HRTS (Hollywood Radio & Television Society) luncheon on Tuesday 11/10/09.   Had I been in L.A. I would have gone to the luncheon to hear Vin Scully’s stories.  

 HRTS Vin Scully Luncheon

The good news is that Vin Scully said Tuesday he will continue in the broadcast booth for the Los Angeles Dodgers through the 2010 season, then decide whether he will walk away😦.  I know the day is coming, I just want the last year of Vin to be a memorable one.  

“When the team takes the field and the crowd roars, it triggers something in me,” he told the audience at the Beverly Wilshire hotel. “Forget about where they are in the standings, I think that’s the secret. You just do the game and enjoy the game.”

Vin, who turns 82 on Nov. 29, and his wife Sandy celebrated their 36th wedding anniversary Tuesday.   Congratulations Mr and Mrs Scully!    

Dodgers Off Season and World Series

First of all, congratulations to Andre Ethier!! Ethier has been named the 2009 Major League Baseball’s Clutch Performer of the Year!   Andre led the Majors with six walk-off hits, including four homers. Congrats Andre! A Well deserved award for you!!

Andre Ethier

I was watching Game 5 of the 1969 Mets-Orioles series on MLB TV. I love to watch old games and take a look at the suroundings like fans in suits, ties and hats. I noticed a sign for Royal Crown Cola. I think it was back in the 80’s that I used to work for this company. I remember Lee Majors used to advertise Diet Rite, a product of RC Cola.   Remember him playing the bionic man in The Six Million Dollar Man. Here is a commercial I found of Lee Majors and his son from back in 1986


Talking about the bionic man, Mariano Rivera sure is some tough hombre.   He is the only closer in the postseason that has not had a meltdown inning.   

Did you know that during Charlie Manuel playing days in Japan, he took a fastball in the chops which took out a large portion of his teeth and shattered his jaw?

Well, is the battle of the P’s for game six of the World Series.  Two old vets in Pedro and Pettit  I think I want the W.S. to go seven so that I watch more “beisbol.”.  

Meanwhile between the McCourt’s divorce (see this blog for updates ) and now that Padilla shot himself on the leg, is never a dull off season for the Dodgers.      

I went to the LaPrensa,com from Nicaragua and read the report in Spanish.    He got there on his own and he said “it was a light accident.   The dimwit is OK and back in his ranch.  Actually, the way our countries in Central America are, who knows what really happened there. 

And because I never get tired of watching Gibby’s walk-off homerun in the 1988 World Series and listening to Vin Scully, here it is: