I got a feeling, That tonight is gonna be a good  Night..

I got up this morning super excited about tonight!    I started singing Black Eye Peas song “I got the feeling, that tonight is gonna be a good night”  I was singing it in the car and was still singing it when I got to work   One of my co-workers said “Slow down girl.”   I can’t slow down.  I am

Dodgers gonna get it done tonight!  I can feel it!   Randy Wolf is gonna get it done!   We’re ready to party at our Magic Castle that is Dodger Stadium.      

 I gotta feeling that tonight’s gonna be a good night
that tonight’s gonna be a good night
that tonight’s gonna be a good good night ooh hoo (x4)

Tonight’s the night night
Let’s live it up
I got my money
Let’s spend it up
go out and smash it
like oh my god
Jump off that sofa
Let’s get get crunk

I know that we’ll have a ball
if we get down
and go out
and just loose it all…..

Tonight is also Tommy Lasorda 60th Season day!  

Congratulations Tommy on your 60th anniversary wtih the Dodgers!

The first 50K fans will get a Tommy Lasorda replica Hall of Fame plaque

Also Lasorda’s official Hall of Fame plaque from Cooperstown will be on display in Autograph Alley!

Also the Dodgertown sections will become Tommytown.  Fans in Dodgertown, Italia, will receive Dodgertown, Italia, T-shirts that read “This Is My Town” in Italian, as well as an all-inclusive menu featuring marinated artichokes, Tuscan-style barbecued chicken and grilled Italian sausage, as well as Dodger Dogs, nachos, peanuts, popcorn and soft drinks.

Wait..there is more…A Lasorda wine tasting will be held in the My Town, Italia, section, as all Lasorda Wine comes from Italy


Matchup for tonight:  Jimenez for the Rockies versus Randy Wolf!  

Let’s go Dodgers! 



Still can not believe the team has drawn this out to almost the last three games.
Maybe they want to get it closer to the Fan Apprieciation Day so everyone can celebrate with them.
Whatever the reason, you know the next three days will be special no matter what………..but also sad that the regular season draws to a close.

Rays Renegade


I know. That’s my Dodgers for you. this guy that heard me singing “I got a feeling, that tonight’s gonna be the night”, said “Have you been singing that song for the last 5 nights? ‘ And yes, Rays, soon we will not have any baseball so we got to enjoy October as much as we can. I play a couple of games during the offseason to help get thru Winter.
Thanks! I would love a rematch of 1981!

Emma: I’m getting excited and I’m not even a real Dodger fan!! Well, that’s not true. I love the Dodgers. They are my 2nd favorite team. I am rooting for them all the way if my Yankees don’t go all the way first! -Virginia

Emma – what is up with the Dodgers! They are driving all their fans crazy! Good luck and I would love to meet up with you if you are in Boston next year!


Emma: if i were you I wouldn’t be able to wait either. I gotta feelin whoooo whooo!! ….. take it away emma,.. new post up.😉


Great title. Who knows what will happen in the NL West at this point. I think either the Dodgers or the Rockies could win it. It is that close.

yes, our Dodgers are driving us nuts but WE LOVE THEM no matter what. I’ll let you know about next year’s trip to Boston. I have a feeling that the game in Boston will be part of the Fan Road trip games.
Hard to concentrate today. All I can think of is the game tonight! Dodgers baby!

Emma… well with a 12-3 record against the Rockies this year they better win…the question is..tonight and take away Lasorda’s lime light or Saturday and let the fans party hard early into Sunday…:-)
Outside the Phillies Looking In

yeah, rock me baby!

They’re breaking my heart and squeezing my soul!

I can’t even write at my blog because of the anxiety (but I might try to anyway later today)

If they don’t win tonight, I think the Rox might take it in the Euphoria … where are all the bats? Why isn’t Belliard hitting??

I have to calm down …

Nice entry though Emma!

~Will the Smiler

Jimenez was a on fire last night. He struck out what? 10! UGH, they are driving to drink!

Our team is killing us. Where are the bats? At least Ethier woke up. Manny strikes out FOUR TIMES
Blanke strikes out FOUR TIMES

So sorry about last night. I watched the end of the game hoping they’d score in the bottom of the ninth. Soooo frustrating! But today’s a new day and I have a good feeling. Stay positive!


Man oh Man oh Man oh Manny … O Fer! 4 K’s!!! Who will step up for the Bums?

Buz – http://buzblog.mlblogs.com/

Even the Yankee fan bartender in the club level bar was rooting for the Dodgers. They looked PATHETIC.
O Fer 4K’s for Manny and O’Fer 4K’s for Blake!
We better see better performance tonight!

Emma – the Dodgers need to clinch, if they do, then the DODGER faithful will finally take their Manny hair pieces off and go home. Just kidding, I love the Faithful over in LA!😉 New post up.


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