Dodgers score Two Touchdowns while the Nationals get the Safety.


Dodgers score two touchdowns while the Nationals settle for a safety.

Hard to believe that with 14 runs, there was only one homerun (Casey Blake)

Maybe this was the game that Billingsley should have started! 

Congratulations to Kuroda-san and the Dodgers on the win!

 Loney 020409.jpg


Dodgers magic number is



Seven is my lucky number!



 lou_johnson_large[1].jpgHappy Birthday to our own Sweet Lou! Sweet Lou Johnson turned 75, September 22nd.  I love seeing your smiling friendly face at the stadium Sweet Lou! 

 Johnson is most well known for his home run off Jim Kaat in Game 7 of the 1965 World Series that gave the Dodgers a lead they would never relinquish against the Twins.  

Johnson also played a key role in another memorable win by Sandy Koufax that year. 

During Koufax’s perfect game against the Cubs, on September 9, 1965, Johnson was the only batter from either team to reach base.  He walked off Bob Hendley to start the fifth, advanced to second on a Ron Fairly sacrifice bunt, then stole third and scored when catcher Chris Krug’s throw went into left field.  Johnson also doubled in the seventh inning, breaking up Hendley’s no-hitter.


Bluetopia pic5.jpg   

Happy 25th Birthday to our  centerfielder, The Bison, Matt Kemp!

We love you Matty!

Matt is having a fabulous  year!  He is batting .307, has 25 homeruns, 97 RBIs and has 34 stolen bases. 



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Wow! 14 runs and only one homerun? That is a lot of hitting!


The Nationals could have had up to 5 errors charged. It was not a pretty game unless you’re a Dodger fan. Now that the Dodgers can clinch a playoff spot any day now I’m starting to figure out what it would take for the Dodgers to have to wait to clinch the division until they can do it at home against the Rockies. It will take a little hard work and luck by the Rockies but it’s possible unless the Dodgers continue winning at this 8-2 clip they are on. I want to see the fans loving it again like last year. I want to see it come down to the last out and everything…

Emma, Nice props to Sweet Lou and Matt… Dodgers could have this wrapped up by the homestand. : )

Muy Graci on the Haiku comment too.. .and the text thing takes a smidge longer.. but I think it makes for a more compact read. Whataya think?

Buz –

Oh gosh.. sorry bout that on that stupid address was in my paaste…. yikes.

Yep 14 runs and only one homerun!
It would be nice clinching at home but a little nerve wrecking. I was in San Fracisco the last time we clinched the W.S. there and there was a sea of Blue there celebrating. I am going to San Diego on the 29th so we will see what happens. We still have four at Pittsburgh.
I removed your address. Sweet Lou is the nicest person. I ran into him at Roger Dean’s parking lot. My friend and I did not have tickets to the game as it was sold out but we told him we were contect to be there and just wait for our friend that had tickets. He got us in and the following day at Vero Beach he joked that it was us that got him into Roger Dean. Very, very sweet person. You always see him smiling at the stadium.

Fantastic offensive show by the Dodgers in that one! And great pic of you and Kemp, Emma!

Emma how lucky you are to have your picture taken w/ such great baseball folks! Must be the #7😉

Thanks Jane! I was watching the game in delay after I got home and in the first inning Livan Hernandez was actually laughing cause he got out of that inning. I was saying to the TV “Wait till you see what happens to you later.” lol. We all talk to the TV, right?
Jeff! haha, 7 and 2 are my lucky numbers. When you posted that I rememebered that I do have pictures with Sweet Lou Johnson. Maybe I’ll update the post.

Emma, the pics with James and Matty are great!

Emma: It’s comforting to know that your team can score runs in a variety of ways. 14 runs and only 1 via home run is comforting. Hits, hits, hits. In the postseason, you are probably going to have to build runs. The longball may be hard to come by. Nice job Dodgers!
James & Matty are adorable. They are both having very solid years. That guy in the background of the pic of you and Matty is a true Dodger fan! Nice face paint!

I was at that game in San Francisco, I think we talked about that before. Best day of my baseball life. I remember the media trying to interview Kenny Lofton down by the Dodgers dugout but we were screaming too much. Did you see the older white dude who was a fan going all the way back to Brooklyn? It was funny seeing him cheering with a bunch of younger Hispanic guys chanting “Who’s house? Our house!”

Thanks for the comment, ya we lost but it wasnt near as bad as the score looked and plus the best part was seeing morons jump in the fountains to throw back the big papi homer


thanks! Nice twitter page you got there!
The guy with the Dodger Blue paint on his face is always at the stadium. He comes out in the Bluetopia movie saying “this is my church.”.
haha, we might have bumped into each other at that game in San Francisco. Haha, it looked like “our house” with all that blue”. That was great clinching at San Francisco.
See, that is what I say of our loss yesterday that it was not that bad. I have to look at the positive and I saw some with Bilingsley on the mound. Just looking at the score does not tell the whole story.

Its always fun to see how scoring early plays out to a big win. It seems that the Dodgers have really been scoring!!😉 Its always fun when your team has more than the other team. haha new post up.

Ted –

We lost last night but that is the good thing about baseball, you come back the following day and you think about winning series more than games.

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