August 2009

Dodgers seeing Snakes. Kemp and Vin Scully Videos!

Dodgers seeing Snakes.  

A good matchup with Clayton Kershaw and Dan Haran turned the Snake way.   Kershaw was  so wild  in the 2nd inning with a 35-pitch four-run inning that included three walks, two wild pitches and three hits including one an RBI single by pitcher Dan Haren. He did struck out nine in 4 1/3 innings.  

HBP:  Reynolds got hit by Bellisario. Ethier got hit by Haran.  Both clubs were warned. 

Torre:  Why is Kemp hitting 7th??.   If you had Kemp and Manny back to back we could have had more runs.   Why is Russell hitting 2nd??   You just got to bat Russell and Loney lower.  

Donny:   Are you working with these guys (Russ and Loney)?   These two need to step it up and start hitting!  

Manny got 2 singles and a double while Matt Kemp got a HR and a double!  Way to go boys!  Speaking of Matt Kemp, here is a picture I spotted at Union Station:  


aug 09 Kemp this is my town.jpg

 Check out Lil Matt cool video:

Check out Vin Scully in this vintage commercial in the 60’s in the popular show back then of Bewitched


Going for Sweep Day at the Bay. WIN Baseball Clinic pictures

Dodgers won the first two games at the Bay!!   Kuroda won Monday, Wolf finally got another win on Tuesday with a three hitter and now Weaver in to fill in for Chad Billingsley against tim Lincecum.   Good luck Shaggy!

I am working on this thread and listening to the game on getaway day!  

WIN pictures:  

WIN Scott Elbert.jpg

Here is LF pitching prospect Scott Elbert.  To the right is Tommy Lasorda who always attends the WIN baseball clinics.  Dr. Steinberg to the left and the two ladies in white in the back played in the All American Girls Baseball Professional league.  the one between Dr. Steinberg and Scott is May Belle Blair.  She was played by Madonna in the movie “A League of their Own.

WIN Scott Elbert Catching

Scott Elbert catching during the WIN baseball clinic.  He was so excited that he was going to get his first major league start the following day but because he pitched the night before in the 15 inning game, he was sent back to Triple-A and Eric Stults was called back.

WIN Jim Campanis

Jim Campanis let me wear his World Series ring.  You can’t see it too well, but I have it on!

WIn Loney 1.jpg

James Loney! 

WIN Loney Hudson Loretta Torre .jpg

Orlando Hudson and Mark Loretta are having fun at James expense talking about about a prank played on him.

The person behind the prank played on James Loney:

IIt all started when a fan asking if there was a prank they could share with us.  Hudson mentioned it first and Torre and Loretta laughed.  James was quiet.  Well, On July 31st, while the guys were practicing, Don walked to James Loney and told him Joe Torre wanted to see him in his office.   O’Dog gave the mike to James to continue the story.    Seeing as how it was the day of the day of the trade deadline, James said “I told you guys I wouldn’t make it”   BUT O’Dog took the mike back as he told him “That is not how you reacted!”  and O’Dog procedeed to give us a demonstration.  It wa funny.  you had to be there.  

Joe Torre said he told James “I want you to know I had nothing to do with this.”   Joe seems like he has a nice rapport with his players.    

Back to the game…There was a bench clearing.. Lincecum was working on a no-hitter thru 3 innings, then a shutout.  El Guapo Andre Ethier broke the no-no and he tied the game!   9th inning is tied 2-2 going to extra innings 

WIN Baseball Clinic: My Butt and Legs Hurt!

We had to be at Dodger Stadium at 8:45 a.m.  to check in.  Once we got checked in, there was fruit for us to snack while waiting for the event to start.   Afterwards we took the field to practice with our partners.  This was my fourth WIN clinic at Dodger Stadium but I have also done one at Vero Beach and this year at Camelback Ranch in Arizona.  

I felt like a kid roaming around Mannywood, Bison(Kemp) county and Ethierland!  My friend Lore and I could see the marks that Kemp and Ethier have left on the wall.  

Brad Ausmus was supposed to take over for Jeff Kent who had hosted the event for the last four prior years.  Well Brad found out the night before that he was catching Kershaw so he had to be scratched.  Recently called-up left hander pitcher Scott Albert took his place. 

Dr. Steinberg first took the mike and introduce our embassador of baseball, Tommy Lasorda.  Tommy has so many stories to tell that is always a pleasure to hear him speak.  He was making fun of some of the guys that played for him who were helping at the clinic.   Our coaches were Tommy Davis, Ron Cey, Kenny Landreaux, Babo Castillo, Sweet Lou Johnson, Darryl Thomas, Jim Campanis _Thanks for letting wear your World Series ring!, and physical therapist Sue Falsone.

Of all the stations, the one with physical therapist Sue Falsone left me with my butt and legs hurting.  I still hurt this morning!

There is more, but I got to finish washing and head to the stadium for today’s game.   Pictures coming up too. 

MLB Fan Blog ranking at 28th! Howl At The Moon!!

Thank you all that visit my blog and comment!!  I made #28 in the Fan ranking!!   Thank you so much!!  28 is also the day I was born.  

I dedicate the #28 ranking to Wes Parker!

I had a chance to talk to Wes Parker last year at the 60’s luncheon. I talked to him about his cycle and who he thought had a better chance to accomplish that since at that time he was the last Dodger player to hit for cycle. Wes Parker has also participated in the WIN (Women Initiative Network) baseball clinics. What a thrill for us fans it was to be on the field learning from such greats as Jeff Kent and Wes Parker.

Wes Parker 2008

What a great opportunity the 60’s luncheon was to talk to the Boys of Summer of the 60’s!!.

West Parker ruled first base from 1964 to 1972.  In the process he won six gold gloves for fielding excellence.  He retired early at age 32.

After leaving the Dodgers, Parker played in Japan for a year, was a TV commentator for several years for the USA Network, became an actor and did lots of commercials.  Then he took a job with the Dodgers as a speaker, which he still does today.  In addition, he donates one day a week working for the Braille Institute.  “I talk to them about sports, about whatever sport is in season at the time.” he says.  

Wes Parker acting debut was on the now classic TV comedy “The Brady Bunch” in 1970.  He plays himself in an episode called “The Undergraduate” in which “Greg” is failing math because he has a crush on his math teacher.  Wes Parker shows up at the end of the show as the teacher’s fiance and gives Greg who is a baseball fan, an autograph and tells him if he gets an A in math he’ll give him two tickets to Opening Day. 

Wes Parker who grew up a Dodger fan said:

When the Dodgers first moved out here my father had season tickets right behind first base and we would watch Gil Hodges and my dad would say “just think, maybe you’ll be out there one day’, “reminisced Parker. “I said  no way, those guys are too good.  but I begged the Dodgers for a chance to play. spend one year in the minor leagues and the next year I was right where my father said I would be- playing first base where Gil Hodges had been two years before. It was really an amazing story.”  


Howl at the Moon!!   

Randy Wolf will be on the mound tonight on a full moon!   This is rematch of last’s week matchup with Derek Lowe.   Good luck Lobo!  I hope you howl to the moon victoriously!



Los Doyers contra Los Cerveceros

Los Doyers is a common nickname for the Los Angeles Dodgers used by Latinos because some Dodger fans’s parents pronounced it that way.   It has caught on on t-shirts but it does not sell at the stadium. bought two of these shirts last week in downtown Los Angeles. 
Los Cerveceros  Brewers took the first game when Kershaw was a little on the wild side (he walked six).  Dodgers trailed 6-1 in the six but made it preety interesting in the 9th but lost 6-5.  They did outscore outhit (thanks Martinez!) the opposition (what else is new) 11-8. 
The second game, well that was a different story.  Brewer Giovanni Gallardo faced Hiroki Kuroda on Korean night at Dodger Stadium.   Dodgers scored 2 touchdowns and a field goal to the Brewers 4 points…err I mean runs.  
Hit by a pitch:  Manny Ramirez (by Smith, C), Juan Pierre (by Swindle), Catalanotto (by Kuroda), Prince Fielder (by Mota) And yes, Guillermo Mota was ejected from the game right away.  As Mota walked off the field, Prince Fielder eyed him like he wanted to follow him.   After the game, it was reported Fielder was banging on the door to the Dodgers clubhouse.   One Dodger fan reported that Fielder did not make it inside the clubhouse because he could not fit thru the door.  
Attendance 45,535 (no giveaway).  The Spanish broadcasters (Jaime Jarrin, Pepe Yniquez and Fernando Valenzuela) have a year around bet between them to guess the attendance.  The “losers” pays $5 each and at the end of the season the money is donated to charity.  
Rubber game.  The fun continues tonight with Jason Schmidt (2-1)against Looper(9-5).  Oh, is Manny Ramirez poster night.   I will be using the company’s seats in the field level by the visiting dugout. I hope all the boys behave.  I don’t want to see any HBP tonight.
Here is another photo with Ethier 
Andre Ethier at LA Live 2009.jpg    

From St Louis to Hotatlanta to Los Angeles.