OISK is at Great American Ballpark! Haeger against Maloney

Hearing that Carl Erskine nicknamed “Oisk” is at Great American Ballpark brought a smile to my face.   

Click on the first picture for Oisk videos.

Oisk is a former right hander starting pitcher that played his entire career for the Brooklyn and Los Angeles Dodgers from 1948 to 1959.   He lives in Indiana.  Rick Monday said he is at the ballgame wearing his Dodger hat.   I actually bought a baseball with his signature some time ago.   

This from Wikipedia:

Known as “Ersk”, or more accurately “Oisk”, owing to the Brooklynese diction of the borough,  Along with Snider and Reese, he lived in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bay Ridge, and was frequently to be found around the baseball diamonds on Shore Road, offering encouragement to youngsters.

Manny with a homerun since forever!  Juan Pierre was on base in the first inning.  In the second inning the Dodgers score two more runs but in the 3rd inning with two homeruns by the Reds by Craig Tatum (1) and Paul Janis(1) Haeger could not get out of the third so Jeff Weaver on the mound.  Score tied 4-4.

I am back after taking a shower and getting ready to go to a party.  

OMG!  Rafael Furcal with a homerun!   There is this contest where you fill out a paper saying who of the Dodgers will hit a homerun in the fourth.  If they pick your entry and announce it on the radio you are a winner if the guy you pick hits it out.  Well, I heard the guy’s entry and he said “Furcal”  I was like “yeah right”  Well, he did not hit in the fourth but he hit out in the fifth.

On this day in baseball history in 1948, Jackie Robinson hit for the cycle, 



Blue Star for past and present Dodgers! 

Looks like Jeff Weaver will get career win #99!  




Congrats on the win and to Weaver for #99. And very interesting that Robinson hit for the cycle on this date. Hope you enjoy your evening out.


Let’s hope he gets win number 100! That would be an awesome milestone. Have a great night out!!

The Dodgers played a good game today against my Reds…we had a chance to pull of another comeback win, but just couldn’t get it done, and your guys played very well against our young pitchers and with how my team melted down in the seventh, the Dodgers definitely deserved to win today…

I hope you had a great time at the party!


Hard for Weaver to get win but being the long man in the bullpen and the occasional starter, he is making the best of it. Yes, it is interesting that Jackie Robinson hit for the cycle in 1948! What a great player he was! I had a wonderful night out, Thanks!
You are back! Yes, I hope Weaver gets a chance to get his #100 win.
I was worry on the rubber game since Dodgers were trailing 2-0 but we pulled it off. Good luck from here on. Today was a long game on getaway day.
Hey Julia,
I had a wonderful time at the party. It was quite hot though with all those fires close by.

Emma: That’s impressive about Weaver. I remember when he was a Yankee. He wasn’t that good, but his ball moved a lot. He never really had much of a chance in NY. Whatever. If he is not going to succeed for us, I wouldn’t want him to succeed in any other city that in LA for the Dodgers.:)

The Dodger’s have been slipping, and the Rockie have been… uhm… a-climbing. The Dodger’s better put it in four wheel drive, or else they will be caught. Nice star by the way! =)




I remember Weaver as a Yankee and how much he …er stunk, but he really has been good in the N.L. He did good for St. Louis in the playoffs. Ahh. that is sweet of you. Thanks!

Good Morning EMMA,
Are boys are finally coming home again. I just hope that this time the can take the series with the D-Backs….LET’S GO DODGERS!
Furcal HR was a surprise and I hope more surprise come our way! Enjoy tonights game! GO DODGERS

Good morning Rosie,
This morning I got ready for going to tonight’s game. I usually cut all the tickets for a homestand and put them in my purse. Tickets, check
Binos, check
scorebook, check
lunch, check
bottle of water, check
work laptop (to check a mulfunction) check
change to a bigger purse. check.
camera, check.
Radio, check
… So I get to work and realize that I don’t have my license! UGH!! I left it in the smaller purse I had at Saturday’s party. hmmm this could have been my post for the day. I am mad at myself. If I use any of my credit cards, they say “Check Id” in the back.

You are right, the Dodgers better put this on fourth wheel drive. They better start hitting when they face a #! or #2 pitcher.

Well that just sucks. No drivers license (ID)! Well just make sure to stop by your bank and take out CASH! But importantly you have the TICKETS! LOL. I had that happen to me. YUP in Vegas…I had forgotten my ID. At the time it happened I looked younger so I was constantly carded. Couldn’t gamble, drink and couldn’t go out partying with the bacherlotte group (clubbing). Yup we were in Vegas for a wedding. All I can do was eat & go sight seeing. I should of just gone to Circus Circus!

I left my ATM with my license but lucky for me I have enough money to eat at the stadium. That hoovers that you had to go thru that in Vegas and to a bacherlorette party no less. Yeah, you should have gone to all the kiddy places.

I would never have thought years ago when Jeff Weaver was striking guys out in Detroit that he would become a journeyman pitcher later in his career.
Weaver has been a great “hired gun” and it is great he is finally getting a chance to get number 100.
I hope he gets it his next start and it is in a game that the Dodgers need to win.
He deserves a great moment at # 100.
Awesome infor on Jackie Robinson on this date. Funny how many teams have never had a player hit a cycle ( Rays are one of them). It is such a special event, and the fact Robinson got a chance to get that honor is a testament to his spped, quickness and power…………all in one package. Truly awesome!

Rays Renegade


the Weaver brothers grew up being Dodger fans so I hope Jeff does get the opportunity for #100. He has been great doing whatever the team asks him to do, be it be emergency start or a long man. BTW, Randy Wolf goes for career win #100 tonight! Good luck Randy! Is funny these two are both local boys from the San Fernando Valley. they faced each other as kids playing baseball and they were born on the same year, month and day.

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