First Game against the Cubs and THINK CURE Weekend!

First of all, great win last night against the Cubs!   Weaver who started for the injured Hiroki Kuroda, kept us in the game going 51/3 innings.  His ERA as a starter is now 3.13.  Good job Weaver!!   Russell who has been struggling, hit a grand slam in the 6th!    We asked for a curtain call.   Keep it going Russ!   

At 8:09 PM,  I get a message  that there is a new comment in my blog.  The message was from ADucker at  If you have not checked his blog, check it out!  He gives some great analysis with supporting statistics!.    I have never met ADucker who lives in Delaware, but I guess he has seen a few of my pictures.   anyway he posted the following comment:  

I think I just saw you at the game on TV, Emma.  In the 2nd inning with Furcal at the plate on ball 3 to make it a 3-2 count the camera shows either you or your twin sitting next to a young kid with a white shirt. I took a screen capture of it just for fun.

I was like Wow!   that is funny!  Here is the screen picture:

emma at 082009 game against Cubs.jpgYep!  that is me to the left of Kemp.  Notice Tommy in the bottom right corner.  Thanks ADucker!  

Oh I did got to take pictures of John Cena and I got his autograph for my cousin’s little niece.     .  

THINK CURE:  Like last year, the THINK BLUE sign has been changed to THINK CURE for the Second Annual Think Cure! Annual ThinkCure! Radio Telewebathon.  Check it out at    Hiroki Kuroda is matching the first 25K donated during the telewebathon.   You can bid on an assortment of things like these Dodger Experiences:

Dodger Experience: Visit Vin in His Booth: Package for 2 includes a visit to meet Vin Scully in his booth at Dodger Stadium which is currently at $3100

Dodger Experience: Take an Insider Clubhouse Tour: This package for 2 includes an insider tour of the Dodgers Clubhouse with Josh Rawitch 

Dodger Experience: Be a Cub Sports Reporter with 790 KABC Dodger reporter, Josh Suchon.  Follow Josh Suchon throught Dodger Stadium.    

Here are other  items you could win:

Script Review: Script writer Ken Levine – from MASH and Cheers TV Shows – will read and critique your own original script

join the dodgers at 2010 Spring Training in Glendale, Az.

and many many more!

UPDATE***  Please check Julia’s blog.  A fellow poster’s dauther has been missing.   Maybe someone in the West Coast have seen here.  Keep her in your prayers that she is found safe..


Wow, Emma you’re on TV. Lasorda’s right around the corner. What a moment you had, that must have been fun for you.

Matthew Tan

EMMA (the TV Star…LOL) must feel wonderful to be recognized by people all over the country. You look great!

Emma, you’re famous! What fun seeing you in that screen shot. Your seats are pretty fine. Enjoy tonight’s game and go Dodgers.

Emma: OMG that is so cool! Look at you! OMG if I had seats that good at a Yankee game, I would be relentless. I would call out to all the players I love and wind up annoying the heck out of them until they looked at me. And once they look at me I would faint. OMG.
In case you are interested, I made a post of the cute and hot players in the AL East. I have to do the other divisione eventually. -Virginia

I’ve been on TV before at Dodger games, but I thought it was funny that ADucker who has a blog here recognize me and that he was able to take a picture!
Rosie, LOL. I was showing friends the picture at the stadium since he sent me the link. So far I’ve been on TV from games in CA, AZ, FL (Vero Beach) and St Louis. Is not like I am looking to be on TV, it just happenes. I wish I could take back the one in ST Louis from a few years back since that was a HR hit by Pujols off one our pitchers.

Thanks for stopping by.
My team name will be Ted’s Tribe Talker’s. And I believe in speed, and good pitching so don’t expect me to take an Albert Pujols, but don’t be surprised if I do if he is out there.🙂


So your team would be the TTT or the TRiple-T Nice!
We are all True fans here! That is why we all get along because we have our love for our teams that binds us .

Russell Martin, bravo! Great game.

And wtih Randy Wolf on the mound, let’s howl to the moon again! “AUUUU!!!” Good luck Randy Wolf. I was going to say just Randy but both pitchers’s first name are Randy. Randy Wells and Randy Wolf! GO GET THEM LOBO!!

Awesome that you got on TV! I remember when my uncle got on during a Yankees-Red Sox game and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Congrats!

Well done on that game, as well. Also cool to meet John Cena, sounds like you had quite the time.

What a GREAT picture of you!! And thanks for the link! We’ve got to do all we can to find Don’s daughter!


I like the script/critique reading thing. That sounds neat. You guys beat the Cubs again today. You are making them look pretty stupid.

I was on TV before Game 7 of last year’s ALCS for a long time during the TBS pregame show. I had my playoff mustache grown out and was looking pretty silly. Guess that’s why they kept me on screen so long!

Emma, you are a SUPERSTAR!
And nice seats by the way😉

Go Blue!


Fenway Bleacher,
Thanks! I have pictures of Cena but I left my camera cable at work. A friend had gone to N.H. to take a chef class on making . I took pictures of her work and at the last minute she asked to send them to her and I forgot my cable.. Oh well..
you are welcome. Hopefully Don will hear from her soon.
This lady had a fan with a Cub crossed over and it said “Hunting Season” Wish I could post the picture but like I said above, I forgot my camera cable at work. hah do you have picture of that game?
Hey Rob,
thanks! Ever go to “Dodger Talk” when he is being hosted at the 3rd base restaurant? I was there last Friday. Saturday Iwas too tired to go.

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