The NL loses another All-Star game / Mannywood is back

I am so sick of seeing the National League lose year after year to the American League!  I am sick of it!    Also that it was the National League West pitchers that gave up all the runs.   Ugh.  

C’mon Bud Selig!  get rid of that stupid rule that the game determine homefield advantage!   Ever since you made that rule, you put a curse to the N.L.!   

OK, serenity now.  We won’t need the stinking homefield advantage.  Time to move to the second half.   I am so ready to get back to the stadium.  

For those Manny lovers and haters, checkout what is happening at Dodger Stadium:.  

 Yep, Mannywood is back.   Thursday will be Manny’s first game back at Dodger Stadium. 


Ash said from prior thread:
Wow, the NL are really starting to stink up this whole All Star Game mess. Maybe next year. Did you see Torre’s face when Mo came to pitch the 9th? He knew!


By popejonash on July 14, 2009 11:53 PM

Ash, Oh yeah, Torre knew, we all knew. We messed up, Manuel messed up. You know is the manager’s fault when a team loose.

Emma…You guys came thiiiiis close, then Howard was out. The Mo was pitching and well…that’s an automatic win pretty much. Torre knew. You could see it.

I felt better seeing Evan laughing and having fun during the game. He’s still planning on playing on Friday, so hopefully he’ll be back to 100%.

Happy trip planning!

By crazy19canuck on July 15, 2009 12:04 AM
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Yep, it was pretty much over. Mo should be called “Game Over” like Gagne used to be called. Glad that you feel better about Evan. I feel better about Brox. He was smiling in a group pic with O Dog, and Billz. A road trip will make me feel better.

I never understood the “Mannywood” thing. Is it a section of seats with special prices? Did the fans set it up? Is it just a promotion by the Dodgers to push their recent acquisition?

Hard to believe that the NL hasn’t won in 14 years. There aren’t many things you can say that about. And how is the AL that dominent!?

I am a happy guy, though. CC is MVP! That is sweet!

Road trips have that effect!:) Glad to hear Brox was smiling…it does make you feel better.

Yes, it is the seats in the field level, the left side. You purchase tickets in that side and you get a t-shirt with it that says “Mannywood.”.
I can’t beleive it either that it has been 14 years.
LOL . Brox does not smile too often. He really is a quiet person. Well, before a road trip, we have a long homestand!
Ginny & Rays,
Good luck to your the Rays! and congratulations to th AL. Let’s see what the second half has in store.

Emma – even though it is my American League that keeps winning – I think it should be the team with the best record that has the home field advantage in the World Series.


Ooooooo, a t-shirt for sitting in ManRam’s area? That’s kind of neat.

I think the Rays need to make “Crawford’s Corner” in left field–especially after his MVP win. T-shirts for all those who sit there. I would definitely trade my seats for some left field seats. Very neato.

You and I and many many fans are in agreement that the team with the best record should have home field advantage. If only Bud Selig would also agree..
You should suggested to the team and you should get credit and a t-shirt!

I don’t know how I ended up with two thread with the same title. It is getting me confused! ok, I’ll see how I can remove one or not publish.
That should get the Dodgers Fans going! We’re off until Friday too. Wonder if the Dodgers game in on TV? The way they’re going the Dodgers will be in the Series for sure.

By crazy19canuck on July 15, 2009 10:00 AM
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How about a Rays/Dodgers final? Would that do?:)

By crazy19canuck on July 15, 2009 10:02 AM
We play Houston Thursday so I don’t know if is on TV. I know Saturday is the Fox game here. Ray/Dodgers final would be cool. My brother Vic would be so happy as those are his two teams. When I was in Vero Beach two years ago, I brought him back a Ray’s hat. You if that happens, I am going on the road to see them there.

From msrussyethier
It has been a long week without a Dodger game. Thought watching partial of the All-Games will be satisfying….but it wasn’t….needed more BLUE.
That rule makes the All-Star game more interesting. But yeah the team with the best overall record should get home field advantage.
By msrussyethier on July 15, 2009 3:23 PM

Mee too! I need my fix of BLUE! But tomorrow we will be able to hear “Is time for Dodger Baseball!”

Sorry but I have to say I’m happy the AL won. Now, I know you aren’t, but the Tribe is AL so I gotta say I’m glad. I actually feel bad for the NL, though. Good Luck next year against us.:)
By indiansluv on July 15, 2009 3:27 PM
I can understand. Now is that good luck in the WS? Is so that is the spirit! I hope next Spring to check out your ballpark in AZ I have a firned that is going to the Cleveland/Seattle game Fri for Beach weekend.

I think we’re cursed too. It shouldn’t count for anything but swagger and bragging rights.

That’s really cool.:) Aww, thank you. Yeah, I really want to visit Dodger Stadium sometime.

“Now is that good luck in the WS”

No. Since the home field advantage rule came about by Selig, 3 world series were won by AL teams and 3 by NL teams. As for the “jinx” there is no jinx. The NL lost 6 straight All Star games before Selig decided on the home field advantage. So it has nothing to do with that. I was at yesterday’s game in St. Louis and I can’t say I am happier to be home. Thunderstorms and humidity on and off, I know the heat could have been worse but I hate that kind of weather. It will be great to have perfect weather out here when it’s in Anaheim.

Emma – Thanks now you have put “road trip” into my mind. All I can think about is travelling!


Hey Jeff.
Maybe we should do a petition for Bud.
If you ever come to Dodger Stadium, let me know! I love showing our stadium.
Lucky you that got to go. I am working on a friend to help me tickets next year. Even though I was born in Honduras, I hate the humidity.
If you ever make it here, let me know. I love to show people Dodger Stadium. I’ll give you and your family a tour.

I updated the Fanfest thread with a picture of the Baby Ruth booth at San Francisco back in 2007

Having never been to the southwest ever…is it possible to make a trip from LA to Phoenix over a few days? I’d love to drive it, just to see the scenery!

Absolutely! but the trip from LA to Phoenix gets a little boring of just desert and watch out for those cameras on the freeway in AZ. Is about a 4 1/2 to 5 hour drive.

Hey Ginny,
Congratulations on being mentioned on the main blog!

Thanks! and Thanks! LOL!:)

Emma – Don’t know if I should post my comment here or on the All start thread, but oh well. Love the pic!! I really wish I could get to a fanfest one day. I’ll keep dreaming!

You are hilarious! I was reading your responses
to comments & when I came across the beware of
the cameras I started to chuckle! I love reading your
blog Emma! Keep up the good work!

Don’t dream it! Live it! You deserve it!
Hey Luvthedodgers23!
Guess what!? I was cleaning up my text messages and I ran into one I have not read! Wendell texted back in July 1st! He said he heard me on Dodger Talk! He, his wife and his kids are so nice.

Emma, great post 24 comments?! Dang, I am 25 i guess haha:) keep up the good work, and I am so happy that MANNYWOOD is back. Hopefully the fans will keep a comin’:) please check me out

Hey Cal,
I am so glad the boys are back in town! can’t wait to be at the stadium tonight so I am leaving work a little early to go to BP. Oh, and I know the fans will show. We need our fix of Dodger baseball. Manny is extra topping:-) Hopefully he will help get us that illusive ring.

Emma, I’d love to get to Fanfest…can you imagine how giddy I would be actually being at the Trop? That could be scary! You guys think I’m crazy now….:)


LOL, When you go we want pictures! How far are you from the Trop?

About 1400 miles. But to see my guys it would be worth every minute of that drive!

Ouch! 1400 miles! Is like a day of driving. how much are airfares?

Thanks for commenting Emma, Good luck with Mannywood and good luck at the game:)

I feel terrible about the All-Star game. Padres pitchers have lost three out of the last four All-Star games. Not good!! I’m pretty sick of the NL losing all the time too!

Fly? Are you crazy?! Getting me on a plane would take a lot of convincing and bribery. I’d rather drive. It’s about a 1.5 day drive, probably more like 2 if I took my time.

I feel worst that it was all NL West that gave the rusn. Giant Lincecum, Dodger Billingsley and Padres Bell. We are better than that but the guys did not have it that day.
Ginny, Ginny,..
Yeah, I am crazy:-) Are you afraid of flying? I am sure you heard this a lot but you are safer on a plane than a car. There is so much more to see if you fly. As we are close to landing or after the plane takes off, I like to look around and spot all the baseball diamonds. I used to get a little nervous flying but now I like it.

Ya, I hate flying. It’s my nerves that are shot even before the plane takes off. The longer the flight the worse it is. I flew to D.C. in ’99…it was an hour flight. That was the last time I ever stepped foot on a plane. You’re right it would be faster, but I’d need a whole lot of convincing.

Wow, Ginny, and I thought you were a REAL fan. You are going t let a little thing like a plane scare you away from seeing your guys in person? Come on!

Driving that drive is not fun. Lots of cars on the road, mountains, majesties. All that stuff make for a long drive.

I’d like to fly out to LA and see a Dodger game. Sounds like fun. I would love to see how the stadium is nestled in the ravine. Very neat (Um, it IS in a ravine, right? )

Rays – Come on, mountains makes for a fun drive. It can’t be any worse than driving though the passes in Switzerland.

Emma – How many cameras do they have? Didn’t you get 5 tickets or something like that this spring? Maybe I will fly after all!

Ginny & Rayfan,
If you ever make it here to the Ravine (Yes, Rays, it is a ravine), the tour is on me and I’ll give you a tour of the outside of the the stadium.
You got to overcome your fears. The co-worker that I fly with to N.H. is afraid of flying but he knows he has to do it. He works on his crossword puzzles to keep him occupied. I can see him tensing when we take off but once we are on the air he seems fine. For him is the anxiety before taking off and yes the wait.

I suppose you will have to live with the good and bad about Manny. When Cleveland had him, he didn’t really get into “manny being manny” much yet. I swear he’s one of the most talented hitters out there, but he just isn’t made to be put in front of thousands of fans and marketed as the next Mantle. Well, at least Joe knows how to handle him.

The good we’ve seen. the bad was the suspension which he paid for being out of the ball game for those 50 games. As you know Manny loves to hit, so I am sure it was killing him not playing. So aside from that, we have not seen a “manny being manny”. I’ve seen him around fans and he seems like he enjoys it. More so if you talk to him in Spanish. I don’t agree with him marketed as a franchise player. I like the whole team and I don’t believe he should have a second bobblehead. Many Dodger fans at ITD (InsidetheDodgers) blog feel the same way. We think that Ethier should have had the next boblehead. Right now he is in a slump.
thanks for stopping by

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