July 2009

Oh they may be Bums, but they’re my Bums…Go Dodgers!!

The Dodgers lost the last game of the homestand to the Marlins then headed to St Louis where they’ve been having

a nightmare of a week.  

Make it stop!!   the first 3 games totals that have taken 33 innings are:












So far, we have out hit the Cardinals and have nothing to show for.  

Dodgers missed a good quality start by Wolf (yet again) in the first game.  They got shutout in the second game with Billingsley on the mound, granted Billz fell apart at the end, BUT still no run support!.  Lst night the Dodgers wasted a GREAT performance by Kershaw!   

Why is it that the Dodgers have a hard time winning in St Louis?????

Since the Dodgers were losing 10-0 in the second game, position player Mark Loretta pitched 1/3 inning in the 8th.  

The last position player to pitch fo the Dodgers was Robin Ventura on June 25, 2004 in a 13-0 loss to the Angels.  My brother Vic likes to tell people about me still cheering for the Blue in the 9th inning at Dodger Stadium with “Let’s go Dodgers, Let’s Go!”.  I told him that day “At least I got to see Ventura pitched!”

When I went to St Louis in 2006, the Dodgers lost all four games.  In the first game  I was sitting in the left field bleacher when Odalis Perez came in extra innings.  He served up a homerun to Albert Pujols.  I was two rows back of the fan that caught the ball.  

When we were losing the final game that Sunday, there I was chanting “Oh, they may be Bums, but they’re my Bums, Go Dodgers!”  ::clap clap::   An older Cardinal fan sitting in back of me said “That is the spirit!, keep rooting for your team!”

The Dodgers Song from Danny Kaye always brings a smile to my face:::  


Oh, they may be Bums, but they’re my Bums…..Go Dodgers!


The Best news I heard yesterday: 



From Marlins to Road Trip with a Baby to Cardinals

The Dodgers salvaged one game from the three game series with the Marlins and now we start a four game series with St. Louis. 

Saturday night, our closer Jonathan Broxton picked up his 7th win!  Broxton has the 3rd most wins in the Team!   Casey Blake delivered a single in the 9th inning to give the Dodgers their 10th walkoff this year!!.  The team had 8 last year     

Sunday, Jason Schmidt did not fair well.  an error by Furcal did not help and Weaver did not have it.   I was so rooting for Schmidt to do better.  I believe that Joe Torre will give Schmidt one more start and if he does not do well, that will be it for Schmidt.  

Sunday when I got to my seat, there was a nice couple holding a baby and being interviewed by a local TV station next to my seats.   I told them to stay there as I jumped over and gave them room for their interview.  I was curious when I saw their baby girl with a pink bib and pink hat reading “30 ballparks and a baby.”  Baby Sophia is so adorable!!  as you can see in the picture below. 


30baab .jpg

I missed getting Judy.  Isn’t baby Sofia adorable? 



Look at baby Sofia’s bracelets.

You can check their website at www.30ballparksandababy.com.  Buena suerte Judy, Roberto and Sofia!  It was a big pleasure meeting the three of you.  God bless you and keep the three of you safe!


My Dodgers are at St Louis for a four game series.  I was in St Louis a few years back when the Dodgers lost all four games BUT this is a much improved team so Go Dodgers!  

I am going to check if any of my good friends that are big Cardinal fans in this picture are going to any of the games.  I know Linda and I wish we were back in St Louis this week so that we can improve on that 0-4 record.      

DFW 003.jpg  

 I just found out my friend Amy from ITD  will be going to tomorrow’s game.  

Let’s go Dodgers, Let’s go!! 


Friday night against the Marlins

As I was  typing “Marlins” in the thread, I am listening on the radio an infomercial about Omega3 Fish oil.   It sounds like it does wonders, maybe I should order it.

Busy Friday.  For one I was trying to meet Jane Heller but it did not work out.   Sorry I missed you Jane.  I took it for granted you were going to be sitting by Frank and Jamie McCourt seats so I sat in the first row of the field level behind those seats during BP and for the 1st 2 innings  but only Tommy Lasorda passed by.

I could see Larry King sitting behind home plate instead of his regular seats.  I should have walked that way and maybe I would have seen Jane.  Oh well, I hope you will be back Jane!

While waiting for Jane, I noticed this sign.  Actually I had noticed it before but did not take a picture until Friday.  This sign was OK when there was no new dugout seats.

july 09 028 (2).jpg 

No way you can interfere with balls in play from this side of the wall.  I know it was left from before those new dugout seats were built, but it should be on the other side.     

Second, seven of my train buddies were also going to be there as part of a bigger group from the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels.  Four were arriving by train and 2 were carpooling.   I was to meet them at the stadium.   

Sonya who had never been to a baseball game, asked me when she saw a player was walking to first base  “Emma, Emma, he is walking to the base but he did not hit the ball.” so I started explaining the game and pointing out to the scoreboard explaining what the numbers meant.  I did a little explanation as I did not want to give her too much information. 

The two friends that carpooled had to leave early due to one of them getting an emergency call from one of their kids.     

At the end of the game I asked them if they wanted to watch the fireworks from the field or from Top Deck.  I told them Top Deck was a better view and one of the elevator workers agreed so up we went and I reunited with my Top Deck family.      

Normally my brother Victor and  I do not stay for Fireworks when we lose.  Victor was telling me when we got home that  he enjoys watching kids while they watch the fireworks because they get so excited.  He said “your friends acted like little kids watching the fireworks and applauding thru the whole show.   to which I replied   “I know, I was smiling watching them and hearing their exitement.” 


july 09 001.jpg

 Here are part of my Train friends.  Note the fans on the field leaving after the fireworks.

Ok, so now that two of our friends had left because of an emergency, It was time to see how I was going to have 6 people in my Toyota Solara.  ????  Hmmm.  We put the four guys in the back with Sonya and in the front.  Because of how the guys  were packed as sardines,  they had me in stiches all the way to Union Station.    It all worked out and I was able to get them to the  Station in time before the last train left.  I drove Sonya to Pasadena and then Vic and I headed home.  

We lost Friday but we had a good time at the stadium.  .   Kershaw pitched well and so did Johnson.   Our overworked bullpen lost it but we can’t win them all.   




Wow Manny Wow!

When I left work yesterday on my way to the stadium, I went into my facebook and wrote “I am on my way to Dodger Stadium.”  A friend that should know better responded “Manny is not going to play Goofy.”.    She should know that Manny or no Manny, I go to the stadium.   I have only missed 3 games this year and only because I was out on a business trip.  

What a game!  What a game!    Like Manny said “Wow”   You can’t scrip that better.  Bases loaded and in comes Manny with the bases loaded.  Bang!!  first pitch into the area designated as “Mannywood”.  I could see my friend Rosa and her daugther Ronny jumping up in down.  They have season tickets in the first row of Mannywood next to the Dodgers bullpen.   

We were all jumping up and down and the noise was deafening even with the headphones of my radio.    This game reminded me of the Back to Back to Back to Back game against the Padres.   Like that night, there we were high fiving everyone and reaching even further to high five more fans.   Since we sit in the last row, a group congregates in back of us and when Manny comes to bat, well they multiply there!.    We love our section and all the rest of the season ticket holders there or those with packaged tickets.    We have even gotten to know the friends of the regulars there.  

No Game today (Thursday)  but as reported by Josh Rawitch in his thread titled “You got to be kidding me” at http://insidethedodgers.mlblogs.com/, Manny was at the stadium on an off day BEFORE 10AM taking batting practice.  WOW!  That is dedication!   What a guy!  What a team!  What a Team!


Manny showing some love for the Left field pavilion (pic from MSTI’s blog)  

 Congratulations to Andre Ethier who hit his 20th homerun!  and to Billingsley who finally got his #10 win!

 The Marlins are in town and a group of my friends from the Metrolink train will be there.  For one of them it will be her first trip to a baseball game.   

The Chad going for #10 on Manny’s Bobblehead night!

Tonight is Manny’s bobblehead night and as expected the game was declared a sellout a few days back. With Manny being hit on the wrist by Homer Bailey last night, we are not sure if he will play. We were put at ease when it was announced at the stadium that the X-Rays were negative.

Chad Billingsley, chasing that illusive win #10 goes against Bronson Arroyo. . Good luck Billz!

Kiss-Cam and James Loney.  Last Saturday when they were showing on the big screen couples kissing, they showed a young woman with a very colorful sign saying “Kiss Me Loney!”. James Loney was not playing that night so when he saw the sign from the dugout, he came out scanning the crowd for the sign and sent a kiss. Of all the Dodger players, I think Loney is the one that is quiet and shy, so it was funny seeing him do that. When he noticed the camera was showing him on the big screen, he smiled embarrased and went and he went back into the dugout laughing. It was funny!. Usually signs are not permitted at Dodger Stadium but every once in a while fans do sneak them in.

Juan Castro and his at bat music.  Juan Castro started the other day for Orlando Hudson. When they played his at bat music, you could hear all around the stadium including my friend Lore and I with the typical yells like “AHUA” when hearing a good mariachi. The name of the song is “La Negra” or “Al Son de la Negra” here it is if you want to hear it. coudl not do the youtube. 


 Casey Blake…Is he Mejicano?   When we started hearing the Mexican song “La Negra on Tuesday, my friend Lore and I looked at each other. She said “Is Casey Mexican?”. We even got a text from my brother Vic asking about it. My friend Lore answered “well, he is a Doyer.”.

.Bowling with James Loney and company;  Thursday is a day off and is the annual Dodgers bowling event to benefit the Dream Foundation. It is about $850 per person so a little too steep for me, besides I should be on the D.L as i have a bum shoulder. Still I am heading to the game soon.

With the Marlins in town this weekend, the upcoming events are:

Friday night. A tribute to Elvis Night_ Fireworks.

Saturday night.. Hollywood Star Night. with that softball game starting at 5.

Sunday afternoon: Webkinz pet Giveaway for first 15K kids 14 and under.

Oh and a new giveaway has been announced for September 14 against the Pirates: Free Dodger dogs. Not the stuff animal but the ones you eat.

Let’s go Dodgers!!!

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!! Jason Schmidt gets a win!

Jason Schmidt wins a game!   The last time Jason Schmidt got a win was two years ago!  Do I remember it?  Heck no!  it was tooo long ago.  I do remember his last ugly loss against the Angels.   

The final score was 7-5 with Schmidt giving up 3 in the 1st inning.  Schmidt looked like was going to come out in the In the first inning, but he survived!  .  As bad an inning as the Dodgers had, the Red had a worst one.   It looked like it was going to be a long night at the ballgame when at the end of the first inning it was 4-3.  

Congratulations to Jason Schmidt on his first win!    I’ll await for his second start with my fingers and toes crossed.  Good luck!

Speaking about luck,Randy Wolf really needs to get some run support so good luck Lobito!


I could not post earlier and now that the computer is working I got to go sooon.   I will be sitting in the field level closer to the visiting bullpen using the company seats.tonight. 

A Split with Astros and on to the Reds!

After losing the first two games, we took the next two with a brilliant performance from Clayton Kershaw on Saturday and the following day Matt Kemp scored all four runs.  

Saturday there was a play I have never seen before:  After a run scored,  Mike Hampton was walking back to the mound and being mad with himself, he tried to fire the ball into his glove but he missed , by the time he chased it down in foul territory, Kemp scored.  

Series against the Reds.   My friend Rosa and I were rembering the old days when Dusty Baker played for the Dodgers.    We used to throw gum to Dusty prior to each game and he and a bat boy would pick it up and he would acknoledge us fans as he would pickup the gum.    In those days, we used to refer to the left field side as “Bakersfield.”   For those that might not know, Bakersfield is a city about 2 hours from L.A.   My friend said to me “Remember when Dusty, Reggie Smith, Ron Cey and Steve Garvey hit 30 homeruns?  I sure did.  We did not know each other back then but we both have been coming to Dodger games for a long time.    

Jason Schmidt is back!    I so hope he pitches well tonight!   He has not pitched in two years!  Good luck Schmidt!   Lets Go Dodgers!  




Dodger Series against the Astros. Stitch and Pitch anyone?

Is there a more unlucky pitcher than Randy Wolf, I don’t know him.  He is our Derek Lowe this year.  D.Lowe was another guy that when he started he did not get any run support.  Why is it that the hitters consistently score more runs for some pitchers than some others?  Ok, sometimes it is the opposing pitcher but with Randy is getting r-i-di-c-u-l-o-u-s.   Randy took the loss in the first game 3-0 to Wandy Rodriguez.  

Friday night matchup:  Oswald against Billingsley.  Ouch!  Billz had his worst start, Oswald is very good and giving him 4 runs in the first inning, we knew we were in for a looong night.  Luckly, it was also Stich and Pitch day so I sat in that section and worked on my project while my team was being pounded.    Anyone here attended a Stitch and Pitch at their stadium?   Here is their website with the schedule of upcoming event at a stadium near you. http://www.stitchnpitch.com/  I see The Padres and Pirates Stitch and Pitch is tomorrow.  

 Here is a picture of the bag that we got and the hat.  You can also look at the hat that I was working on.   Still need some finishing touches.  


june july 09 005.jpg.

On the front of the bag it says “Stitch and Pitch” with their logo and on another side is the Dodgers Log.  Lot of pockets all around.   


I can only crochet so I was working on that hat in the picture.  Lots of women knitting and I saw a guy working on a project also. 

Tonight’s matchup:  our kid Kershaw against Mike Hampton.     We are putting our recond on the line that we have not lost 3 in a row.  For good luck I am adding this picture I took where I lid a candle for our hitters and tonight’s pitcher.  I do that every once in a while to get them off whatever bad funk they get in.   I added a baseball signed by players of the 70’s when we were known as The Big Wrecking Crew.  

june july 09 007.jpg.

I added Tommy Davis because of his back to back batting titles.  Kershaw is in the magazine on the left smiling and on the right in the Dodgers.com commercial 


Happy birthday Joe Torre!   He turns 69 today!  C’mon guys make it a birthday win!!!

Update:  I would like to make a couple of more hats and donate them to Dodger fans that are battling cancer.   Not sure how to to go about donating them though..    

The NL loses another All-Star game / Mannywood is back

I am so sick of seeing the National League lose year after year to the American League!  I am sick of it!    Also that it was the National League West pitchers that gave up all the runs.   Ugh.  

C’mon Bud Selig!  get rid of that stupid rule that the game determine homefield advantage!   Ever since you made that rule, you put a curse to the N.L.!   

OK, serenity now.  We won’t need the stinking homefield advantage.  Time to move to the second half.   I am so ready to get back to the stadium.  

For those Manny lovers and haters, checkout what is happening at Dodger Stadium:.  

 Yep, Mannywood is back.   Thursday will be Manny’s first game back at Dodger Stadium. 

All-Star games, Fanfest and the Second Half of the  Season

All-Star games and Fanfest

I have only attended one All-Star game and that was at Dodger Stadium in 1980.  Dodger Stadium has only hosted ONE All-Star game.  The Angels on the other hand are going for their  3rd!  C’mon Bud Selig!  Let Dodger Stadium host the All-Star in 2012 when the stadium will be  celebrating its 50 year anniversary!  

Two years ago, when the Giants were hosting the All-Star, I went there but only to the Fanfest.   I highly recomend it to anyone that if you cannot go to the game itself, go to the Fanfest.   The was my first Fanfest as they did not have those back in 1980.  

For kids they had batting cages, pitching skills, base running, etc.   The memorabilia was very extensive from the standard new stuff to a lot of vendor booths with old baseball cards, old pictures, yearbooks, programs, etc.  I could have spent hours going thru all the memorabilia the vendors were displaying.    

 Another thing that they had was a Karaoke booth set where people were lining up to sing “Take me out to the Ballgame.”  We found it funny that the booth had the Dodger logo🙂.   My friend and I got in line but we changed some of the words to the song to  “Buy me some peanuts and Dodger dogs.”.  Of course we got booed by Giant fans.

Edit:  I found the picture from the Babe Ruth All Star booth:



They were so many exhibitions at the Fanfest like the Hall of Fame, Negro league, Minor League, Latino League, baseball equipment and Women’s league.   there was also autograph sessions with women players from the AAGPBL, and current HOF inductee Tony Gwynn.
 We also caught the last minutes of Bud Selig’s interview.   I hope to make it to the game next year at Angel Stadium and also of course to the Fanfest.  

 Second half of the Season

Thursday is the start of the second half of the season. I hope all our boys in Blue get a well deserved rest and they all recuparate from all their aches and pains.   That Ned finds us a pitcher and that  doug mientkiewicz will be ready in the second half.  I saw him working hard at the stadium when I attended the ITD (InsidetheDodgers) blog tour.   Here he was with a shirt that says “Minor Setback for a Major Comeback.”.  I love the shirt!  Good luck Dougie!

may june 09 075.jpg