June 2009

The Power of a Blog

Without having a blog like http://insidethedodgers.mlblogs.com/where we from all parts of the country can share our passion for our beloved Dodgers, this story would not have taken place.   Please take a moment to read this touching story well written by Rhett Bollinger /MLB.  


Tributes at the Ravine, Ethier goes deep with 3HR and ITD Tour update

Quick post so that I can head to Dodger Stadium for the ITD Tour.

There was a tribute to Michael Jackson at Dodger Stadium.  There was a moment of silence for Michael, Ed Mcmahon, Farrah Fawcett and Horace Lee.   I knew about the 3 but Horace Lee?  I was Oh No!   See, he was one of our elevator attendant.  When you see these people for every game, they become part of your extended family.  R.I.P to all of them.  I will miss seeing you on the elevator Mr. Lee.

.Pau Gasol threw out the first pitch at the stadium and usually we have a kid or several kids saying “Is Time for Dodger Baseball”  which is what Vin Scully always says at the beginning of games.  Well, this time it was Ione, this lady that was celebrating her 100 years!  Happy birthday Ione!  

Congratulations to Andre Ethier who hit 3 homeruns last night!  The last Dodger to do that was Heep Sop Choi!  

When I found out that Joe Pierre(Oldbrooklynfan) was at the game, I found out where he was sitting and I spent from the 6th inning on sitting with him on the field level.  He was sitting there by himself.  We both were keeping score so what I missed when I took the elevator from my seat to his, he helped me catch up.  Here is a picture of oldbrooklynfan:

may june 09 068.jpg 

Clayton Kershaw had his first RBI!  Congratulations Kersh!

Almost six months, to the day, after Tim was named the Isotopes’ Manager, the Los Angeles Dodgers selected his son, Brett Wallach, with the 96th pick of the Amateur Draft.  Is all kept in the family!  Congratulations to Brett and his family!

Inside The Dodgers Blog Group Get Together

The first blog that I started reading and posting here was http://insidethedodgers.mlblogs.com/  We have a nice group of faithful pasionate Dodger fans there.  A while back someone suggested that we should have a group  get together at the stadium and that maybe our leader from the blog Josh Rawitch who is VP of communications for the Dodgers should give us the tour.   . 

Josh agreed and finally this is going to happen! http://insidethedodgers.mlblogs.com/archives/2009/06/inside_the_dodgers_tour.html#comments   the tour will take place this Saturday at 11:30 A.M.  We got a special price for the tour and also for tickets later on that night.  I know a few of the posters there like Amy27, Cats, Dnelly, Trueblue, Carol, Roberto6, and I can’t wait to meet the rest!  

Someone there suggested that the Dodgers should fly here oldbrooklynfan who lives in New York.   Well!  Josh wrote that he talked to Frank McCourt and Frank agreed!   At first oldbrooklynfan declined but after working things out, he posted the following:

Hi Everbody
I just want to say first off that I am very nervous, I can hardly sleep or eat but I am preparing myself for the trip.
I am giving Josh via e-mail all the information that he’s asking for so that he can arrange the trip.
I haven’t been on a plane in over 45 years and that was when I flew in from Hawaii after my tour of duty ended in the Army.>>(9/30/63)
I really had no plans of flying again.
When Josh contacted me I was in tremendous shock, but after thinking it over, I began to feel, If I turned it down, I know I’d regret it the rest of my life, since I’ve remained a Dodger fan after they left Brooklyn.
Again I want to thank all of you on ITD for suggesting it and making it all possible.

Dodgers in Chi-town, Manny’sTemporary Housing & Westways Magazine

Dodgers are in Chi-Town playing the White Sox.  Finally one of our starters was able to keep the pitch count low and go deep into the game!   Thanks Kuroda-san!  I am sure the bullpen also thanked you. 

 The Dodgers lost the second game with El Lobo on the mound.   El Lobo lasted only 3 1/3 innings and sorrounded 3 homeruns. Corey Wade, who has not been as effective as last year,followed and gave up two more dingers.  J-Mac  gave up the last one.  that was 6 homeruns given up by the Dodgers.  

But the good thing is they fought back and made it close,  final score: 10-7.  I am surprised the White Sox had any fireworks left for the end of the game.   Oh well, we’ll get them tomorrow in the rubber game with Billz on the mound. 

Manny’s temporary home is Albuquerque, NM where the Isotopes play.  When I used to hear the name “Isotopes”, I thought it was some kind of lizard.  It shows you how very little I know.  Anyway I learned that

 Isotopes Atoms of the same element can have different numbers of neutrons; the different possible versions of each element are called isotopes. For example, the most common isotope of hydrogen has no neutrons at all; there’s also a hydrogen isotope called deuterium, with one neutron, and another, tritium, with two neutrons.

Deuterium Tritium






The Dodgers Tripe-A team used to play in Las Vegas where they were known as the 51’s after that area in Nevada called “Area 51”.  The mascot was “Cosmo”  Now the mascot for the Tope’s is Orbit so is stil extra terrestial.  


The Isotopes were named after the Springfield Isotopes, the fictional minor league team in “The Simpsons.” One of the co-creators of the nickname is Ken Levine. Ken who is is an Emmy winning writer/director/producer/major league baseball announcer, is also one of the hosts of DodgerTalk!


Next temporary housing for Manny:  San Bernardino, CA where the Single A 66r’s play.  The IE66’rs are advertising that there are limited number of tickets when the 66r’s return home on Sunday June 28th.  BTW, June 28th is my birthday! 

Anyone here get the Auto Club of Southern California magazine “Westways“?  My picture is on the July issue in the section “Picture This.”  the idea is to take the magazine with your and have yourself be photographed with it.  I took it to Camelback Ranch on Opening Day but did not submitted the picture until May. 

My Trip to Fenway Park 8/26/05

Dodgers are off today and I ran into this post that I posted in another forum back in 2005.  It was nice reliving the experience by re-reading this.  


Fenway Park Friday 8/26/05 against the Tigers.

After my trip to New Hampshire where I stayed two nights in Nashua that took me to Peterborough one day and another to Laconia my co-worker  and I left Nashua about 5:45 AM on Friday and headed to Boston where he was taking an 8 AM flight to LAX . I on the other hand was staying at the Hampton Inn near the Boston airport to catch a game at Fenway.  My friend returned the car and I took the Hampton Inn shuttle to the hotel. The Hampton offers free breakfast from 6AM to 10AM so after having breakfast they were able to give me my room early so I took a little nap.

About 1PM I headed downstairs and asked how far was the subway. The driver that had brought me earlier in the morning told me that he would take me to the subway. He dropped me off at Woods Island and gave me directions for the Blue line to the Green line. He also told me to call the hotel when I was coming back to get picked up at the same location. I was a little concern about having to wait for the shuttle coming back at who knows what time. I had read in the morning paper that the game was starting an hour later (8PM) because of the damage done to the field after the Rolling Stones concert.

I forgot where I was supposed to get off from the Green line but I asked someone that was wearing Red Sox gear (who doesn’t wear Red Sox gear there?🙂. I got off and started walking around until I saw a Barnes and Nobles. I had a snack and a frapuccino. (I am addicted to those things) and headed to what book section? the sport section! . I glanced thru the whole baseball section and settled down reading this book written by two guys visiting all the stadiums. Naturally I read the whole section on Fenway Park paying attention and writing down what sections they recommended and what sections obstructed your views.

I got out of Barnes and Nobles and looked around for Fenway. I looked up and I could see the lights so I headed that way. WOW! as I got closer “Baseball” was in the air. Scalpers were already around but since it was early I just decided to walk some more. I was overwhelmed with beatifull Red Sox memorabilia stores. I noticed this guy was telling this father and son that it was early and they should go see the statue of Ted Williams. I asked him also where it was and I headed that way. I noticed a guy with a Boston Globe apron taking a picture of this couple by the Ted Williams statue. I asked him if he could also take my picture.. Afterwards I asked him where I could buy a ticket to the game. He told me to come back around 6PM and to look for him. That I would get a better deal than buying from a scalper.

I walked some more, had something to eat, bought a program and then I noticed a bigger group gathering at one spot and I remembered that was the place where the guys from the book had said you could get autographs or see the players arriving. (Yawkee and Van Ness?). I had just missed Damon from what people were telling me as some had gotten his autograph. I then saw the owner of the RedSox pulled in his Mercedes Convertible. Someone mentioned that the car was worth more than his home. He smiled waived to the crowd as he got in.

OK, so now is about 5:40 and all of a sudden I can’t remember where I was to meet the Boston Globe guy.  Embarrased, I asked several people where Ted Williams statue was and they had no clue! Anyway, I was able to find it and I was back early. The newspaper guy saw me and he said just to wait there. A few others were also waiting to find tickets. All of sudden they open those rolling doors that you see in back of warehouse and I get my first glimpse at the inside. Wow! now I am more excited and can’t wait to get a ticket and go inside. In the meantime I start talking with people around and I find out that that area is scalper free and people with xtra tickets are allowed to go there and sell their tickets only at face value or less. Talked with a couple with two kids that were on vacation visiting several stadiums. They had gone to Dodger Stadium the year before r along with other stadiums in CA. After Fenway, they were going to New York to watch the Mets against the Phillies.

The newspaper guy taps me telling me this man has one ticket. The price on the ticket $80 so I pay the man who lookedto be in his 40’s. He is accompanied by an older man that looks to be his father and his son about 5. They tell me the ticket is in the field level close to the dugout. I tip the guy that helped me find my ticket and he tells me “the good thing is you don’t need to go in right now as you already have a ticket” I tell him “Are you kidding me?! I want to go in right now!”

I get inside and my eyes are wide open looking left and right. I felt like I had walked back in time and anytime soon I would see Babe Ruth eating a couple of hot dogs prior to the game or see Ted Williams with those baggy pants. I asked where my seat was and a nice older man helped me out. WOW! WoW! ! Right behind the Red Sox dugout Field Box, Section 15 Box 25 Row K (8th row from the bottom) seat 4. I recognized the man I had purchased the ticket as he and his family are already there. His father told me you are lucky to have this seat. His son bought them from a scalper for $200 so apparently they could not use the 4th ticket. Wow Fenway is SMALL!

I left my program at my seat and started walking around taking pictures. I saw a crowd getting autographs so I headed that way and got my hat autographed by someone that later I asked who he was (Chad Bradford). Took plenty of pictures, got me a Fenway dog. Boy, there is hardly any room between aisles, just room for one person to walk. Nice and cozy. anyway, I was talking with this young man sitting in the next aisle. He noticed my Dodger gear and he said “Oh I get it! Your favorite team on the NL is the Dodgers and on the AL is the Red Sox. I told him yes, I was rooting for the RedSox but that I LOVE Pudge Rodriguez and that I wished we had him. He said “Are you kidding me? We have good catcher, he is the captain!” I told him I was referring to the Dodgers! Anyway, he had to move as that was not his seat but he ended up in the first row of Box 25. Later on Wally (?) the mascot came prior to the 7th inning stretch and was sitting next to this guy so he was high fiveing him.

I LOVE the manual scoreboard. I kept glancing at the guy between inning updating it and looking for news from the Dodgers not realizing right away the time difference. Later on Chad Bradford came into the game and I asked the man next to me about Chad but he said he did not know and asked his kid. The kid knew more about him than his father! They left in the 9th inning as the kid was getting sleepy. The singing of “Sweet Caroline” surprised me as I did not know that they sing that song at the stadium. I have since then read about it here in this forum. I love how everyone gets into the singing!

Manny was acknowledging the fans behind the dugout with his usual gesture pointing his index fingers to the crowd. . There was this kid with a sign that said “Many is just being Many Man”. There was a controversy play where there was ball going to the right field foul pole that was called a Home run. After that play anytime there was a foul ball, everyone would start signalling HomeRUN and making noise that got the attention of the umpire and we would make more noise and kept signaling HomeRun. It was funny. RedSox won 9-8. I did applauded when Pudge hit one out. I told the people next to me “I love Pudge”. Heck just like some of you I love catchers and pitchers oh my!

On my way back to the subway I was surprised with all the RedSox gear being sold on the streets. That was a big selection of hats and t-shirts. Needless to say I had a great time, The experience at Fenway was awesome. Every Baseball fan should experience Fenway. I was still high from the game on my way back home. 

Went home Saturday evening so I spent Satu
rday doing some sightseeing and ended up at Bellini’s basement. (never been to that store). I bought me a pair of work pants and a pair of jeans there. Did not know that the dressing room is just one big dressing room for all. Even there they have RedSox gear. They have a nice RedSox backpack for $19.99!! I wish I could find a Dodger backpack for that price.

Two things I did not like: Fans booing Kevin Millar and yelling some things to him (my God he could clearly hear the guy infront of me) and Fenway Dogs. I prefer my grilled Dodger Dog

Interleague: Dodgers at Anaheim

My beloved Dodgers are at Angel Stadium or like I like to call it the “Rat House”  you see, Angel Stadium had a problem with rat infestation.   I know a guy  that works for the pest control company that helped them clean the place.  He told me  Friday that he stocked the place so that I would go to the stadium.  He was joking but I told him no thank you very much, I’ll watch the games on TV.   


For the first game, Billz could not hold on to the lead so we lost 5-4


Weaver vs Weaver

The Weaver brothers who are local boys match up tonight!  Imagine the parents!  Who are they rooting for?  I imagine they want a tie and leave it to the bullpen.   Good luck Jeff Weaver!  Make us proud that you are wearing the BLUE!

Jeff Weaver #63 of the Los Angeles Dodgers poses during photo day at Camelback Ranch on February 21, 2009 in Glendale, Arizona.  (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Jeff Weaver

Here are some pictures I took of Dodger fans at Dodger Stadium during the last Dodger Angel series:

may june 09 031.jpg



may june 09 033.jpg

Let’s Go Dodgers!   I LOVE LA!


Back at OLOCR!

Oh how fun it is to be at OLOCR! Our Lady of Chavez Ravine.  Dodger Stadium!  OK, OK, I missed 3 home games because of my trip to N.H. but it felt like I’ve been gone a looong time! Can you tell I was so happy to be back?

Things did not look good for the Blue team Tuesday night against the A’s, as Braden had retired 14 in a row. then we took the lead, then the bullpen let it get away and then bang! in the 10th inning Kemp came thru with the walk-off and another win for the bullpen. A while back I started calling the bullpen :

 The Vultures because they just come in and whoosh! they scoop up a win!   They have at least 15 wins.

For the series against Oakland and to commemorate our local heroes, there is free parking for everyone! I could tell by the attendance that the crowd was bigger for a Tuesday night Funny that I missed the attendance number. I usually write it in my scorebook.

It was the first time back for our local boy Nomah. It was so strange seeing him wearing green. He came in as pinch hitter and we gave him a nice welcome. I noticed quite a few fans with their Nomah shirts and jerseys.

Also 31 year old Mitch Jones

Utah Athlete Mitch Jones

 made his MLB debut. He has been in the minor league for 10 years! We gave him a nice welcome when he came up as a pinch hitter in the 7th. He struck out but we fully applauded his effort. He was swinging a hot bat l for the Isotopes in Albuquerque. I hope I get to see his first hit!

For Jones, it wasn’t his first experience with a Major League club. He was called up by the Yankees and then-manager Joe Torre in 2006 for just one game but didn’t see any action. Mitch Jones did not even get to take BP as it was rained out before the Yankees played the Mets at then Shea Stadium. He was sent the next day back to Triple-A Columbus. I hope he gets to start a game or two and show what he can contribute to the team. Good Luck Mitch!!

BTW It was Jonathan Broxton 25th birthday yesterday! Jonathan: Did you miss me singing Happy Birthday to you? I had too much work so I could not repeat my singing performance from a prior year.  II am sure Jonathan did not miss getting embarrassed again. Also June 11th was the birth of his first baby! I was wondering how much the baby weight. Jonathan is a big guy.

He is listed as 6-4 weighing 295. Well, I heard Charlie say the baby weighed a little over 7 pounds BUT he was 5 weeks early! Imagine him at full term! Jonathan did well yesterday but the win went to Guillermo Mota. Kershaw, the starter threw a lot of pitches but still did not allow a run. I hope Jonathan does gets selected to go to the All-Star.

 Yesterday it was salute to Police Officers!  Tonight it will Salute to Firefighters!  

 Cahill on the mound tonight for the A’s against our “hero” Hiroki Kuroda on the mound.  Good luck Hero!

Don Newcombe & Roy Campanella played here!

I happen to be staying in Nashua, NH for business and after reading a little history on Holman Stadium, I was looking forward to visiting this ballpark.   The  American Defenders of New Hampshire play in this historic park.  Last time I visited N.H, the Nashua Prides played there.   

Back in the old days, one of the Dodgers minor league teams played at this ballpark in Nashua, NH.   

What a thrill to be at this historic stadium and see the plaque dedicated to the achievements of Don Newcombe & Roy Campanella!   Thank you Nashua, NH for permitting these two baseball players to play here. 

A very happy 83rd Birthday Newk who was born on June 14, 1926.  It is such a pleasure and honor to see you at Dodger Stadium!

may june 09 059.jpg


Here is the ballpark.  Note the retired numbers for Newk, Campy and Jackie. 

may june 09 060.jpgdlldlld

may june 09 061.jpg


may june 09 063.jpg

 Guess what I found out?  Eric Gagne has signed with the Quebec Capitales.  Quebec will play a three game series at Holman Stadium June 29 to July 1st.  

The Nashua Dodgers

Greetings from Nashua, NH!   

When a friend from New Hampshire found out I was a Dodger fan, he asked me “Did you know the Dodgers had a minor league team in New Hampshire?”  I told him, yes, I had heard of it but I knew very little of that. 

Well,  back in 1946 when Branch Rickey signed Don Newcombe & Roy Campanella   He had to send them to A ball because of their history as Negro League stars.  When a Midwestern league made it clear that blacks were not welcome, Rickey contacted Buzzy Bavasi, then a young general manager with the Nashua Dodgers. Bavasi made it clear that his only interest was in a player’s ability.

We were very lucky to play in that area, says Newcombe. On a short brick outfield wall in a very short left field are circles with the numbers 36, 39, and 42.

Roy Campanella (left) and Don Newcombe (right) at Nashua's Holman Stadium, 1946. Historical New Hampshire cover image courtesy of the Boston Globe.
And Did You Know?

Nashua holds another first in the history of the desegregation of major league baseball. When Nashua manager Walter Alston was ejected from a game that year, he left the team in the hands of Roy Campanella, who became the first African-American to manage an affiliated major league game. The Nashua Dodgers beat the Lawrence Millionaires 7-5. 3 That year the team won the New England League Championship.

There is another interesting note to the 1946 season. A local poultry farmer, Jack Fallgren, offered 100 baby chicks for every home run hit by a Nashua player. At the end of the season, Campanella shipped 1400 chicks to his father, who started a chicken farm outside of Philadelphia.

Holman Stadium has also been home to three other minor league teams, the 1980s Eastern League affiliates of the California Angels (1983) and Pittsburgh Pirates (1984-86), as well as the short-lived independent Nashua Hawks (1995-96).

A Split & 90090

We split the 4 game series with the Phillies!   I watched 3 of the 4 from my beloved Dodger Stadium.  I had to miss Sunday’s game as I had an early flight to N.H. where I am working this week.  I will miss the two game series this week with the Padres.   Dodgers have two days off this week (Monday & Thursday).   

Andre Ethier had two Walk-offs!   Friday night it was in the 9th inning and Saturday afternoon in the 12th innings!   It was so incredible watching the walk-offs at the stadium and walking down the row hi-fiving everyone!

Earlier before the Saturday game, Dodger Stadium officially got their own zip code!   90090!  After watching the official presentation on the field, I headed upstairs to my seat when I noticed that representatives of the post office were selling player’s stamps with the official zeal.  I bought one from each player they had (9) and I also bought a cool envelope and a set of 50 anniversary Dodger postcards that I had them add the zeal.  In addition, I had my ticket stamped.   Check it out!  I love, love this stamp collection!  

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for June 09 90090 .jpg 

I landed at Logan airport only to discover that my luggage did not make it.  My co-worker’s luggage arrived but not mine.  American airline (evil) said they’ll deliver it to the hotel which is about one hour away from Logan.   They also said they stopped delivering at 11:p.m. so I bought me the essentials to get me bybut I am not happy😦.   I sure hope my luggage is at the hotel by the time I get back from work Monday evening.