My boys golfed today.

Enjoy the off day boys!  You got 17 days after today without a day off!   My boys golfed today at the Dodgers Dream Foundation Golf Turnament.  I hope you took it easy at the tournament!   I can also use a night off.  Working and going to the games every night can take a toll on you so I’ll recoup today/night and get ready for the Angels this weekend!  

I love the matchup for Friday night!  It will be our 21 year old Clayton Kershaw who is coming off his 1 hitter against Jerred Weaver.  Hopefully we will be celebrating with the fireworks after the game.  

Saturday is El Lobo(Wolf) against Lackey and I will be watching the game from baseline seats on the left  right field side!   We also get to try out the baseline restaurant!   My friend and I gave our Top Deck seats to one of the security guards in the Top Deck who will be bringing his family.  

Sunday is our ace Chad Billingsley!  We will try out the new area designated as “Bleacher Beach”.   We both want the beach bag that comes with the tickets this Sunday.   Check it out:  

     • All-you-can-eat BBQ Burgers and Chicken, as well as Dodger Dogs, Nachos, Peanuts, Popcorn,Beach Items
       Watermelon Slices and Soft Drinks (Beer available for purchase)
     • Live DJ from 102.7 KISS-FM
     • Private Beach Themed Party Area
     • Free Dodgers Beach Item

Located in the Lower Reserve, sections 55 & 59, on the 3rd Base Side

     • GROUP – $35.00
     • INDIVIDUAL – $45.00
     • DAY OF GAME – $50.00



I run the trivia everyday so check back often for it.

I hope you have a great time at the Beach Party! It sounds like fun!


Congrats on being #46 on the Latest Leader’s List!


Wow, those bleachers sound like so much fun! I hope you have a great time with them!!

Love the idea of the beach at Dodgers Stadium…it should be fun. Don’t forget your sun screen…LOL! Well I’m all pumped and ready for the freeways series. I hope they keep on sweeping. I just hope both Andre & Russel repeat last years homeruns against the Angels. I’ll be watching from home. GOOOO DODGERS!

Go all out against the Angels! Tell your guys not to hold back…🙂 Lots of HRs!!!
Have a great time at the beach party!

I’ll check now that I know where you are.
Thank you so much for keeping me informed! Happy to be #46!
Wonder if it was Dr. Steinberg that came out with that idea. You know he used to work for the Padres.
Definetely need my tan lotion. Hey maybe they should supply that! I am also so pumped for the series against the Angels. It would be sweeet if Russ gets his first homerun against the Angels and Andre gets out of his slump.
I hope the angel pitchers have as much control as two rabbits on a first date🙂.
Thank you all. The beach party sounds like is going to be a lot of fun.

So do you get the hat, flip flops, AND tote bag? Pretty cool! I must say, the Dodgers have some pretty neat giveaways. They need to give some suggestions to the Phillies!
Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

No, the first Sunday is the tote bag. Send the Phillies some suggestions for giveaways. I am sure they welcome feedback from their fans. The Dodgers have a director of fan hospitality. I met her last Tuesday night when one of my friends was meeting her because of a complain she had. She was very nice , was taking notes and stayed with us for a few innings until the end of the game. They also have a group of very nice kids as ambassadors.

Talking about giving suggestions. Dodgers do give the fans a lot of stuff. But I would love some special effects during homeruns, other than the mid-way billboards lighting up and the song. And I think that they should have a ” Trolley” over by the pavillions and people can sit in there to watch the game

send your suggestions to

I will – Thanks!

I’d love one of those beach bags. Very cool!

I’ve gotten responses from them or they see me at the stadium and tell me they saw my email.
even if it says “This is my town! “Dodgertown.” ?
I just thought that I get to take my bag to Chicago next week!

Heya Emma, Congrats on sweeping my boys. You didn’t deserve it, but you have a great team there. I’m hoping for more with Johan against the Red Sox tonight. Congrats on being #46 in the leaders. Ash

Thanks! That is right! We missed Johan! . Your team landed like what 8 AM? I hope they slept well in the daytime and are ready to battle the Red Sox. Good luck!

congrats on being the featured blog! that sounds like a nifty promotion. good deal too, at least a good deal in LA you could go to like 3 games for that price in pittsburgh

Thanks mattpeas! The thing with the game/giveway is that it also uncludes all you eat BBQ.
Heading to the game now for BP/game/fireworks

Featured blog…Congratulations Emma🙂

Thanks! I was totally surprised about the featured blog. Hey, I dedicated my #46 ranking to Burt Hooton. He was so quiet, he just went about his business.

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