The Magic Castle! Dodger Stadium

The Magic Castle!  That is what Vin Scully called Dodger Stadium last night!  There is a lot of magic going on at OLOCR (Our Lady of Chavez Ravine)!   Magic Castle!  I like it!!

The original Magic Castle is in Hollywood.  Is an exclusive place so you need a special iinvitation.  I was lucky to be there once.  

Magic Castle 

But I prefer this Magic Castle that Vin Scully was talking about.  Dodger Stadium is a magical place to watch a game. 

Dodger Stadium at sunset by elbelbelb2000. 

There was a triple play yesterday by the D’Backs but the Dodgers won their consecutive #11 win at the Magic Castle.


Going for #12 tonight with Jeff Weaver making his first start.   Buena suerte guerito!

Let the Blue magic continue!



I heard about the triple play! Good luck tonight!


I need to try to get to LA to go to a Dodgers game. I have been to LA pleanty of times but never to a Dodgers game.

~ King of Cali

What??? Cali, you need to come to a game when your Giants are in town and sit with my Top Deck Family. don’t worry we’ll try to go easy on you. You tell me when and I’ll get you a ticket.

The Dodgers are really playing magical ball right now, Emma. Could you please send some good karma to the Yankees? All we have are injuries!

Wow, the Dodgers are certainly hot! You know it can’t last forever, though😉 so enjoy it while it lasts! Will you be wearing one of your blue rally bras tonight?
Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

You know how you cannot mess with the mojo.
I know it cannot last forever so we are enjoying it as long as it last. Rally bra in place, Dodger poncho & Mexican hat for Cinco de Mayo day. It supposed to be the battle of the Mariaches today.

Que Viva Los Dodgers!

Hey Emma! Hope the Dodgers are enjoying this run! Think they can keep it up??

12 wins in a row at home? That’s some kind of magic.

Wow, that is pretty amazing. I’m not happy that it’s happening at the expense of my Padres, but you guys are on some kind of roll!

You gotta love the magic…….:-)

We are going for consecutive win #13! And yes we can do it! 21 year old Kershaw goes to the mound tonight. He does not have a win yet, but tonight is his night!!
Magic at the Magic Castle!
I’ve been singing a lot of the WIN song “I LOVE LA.”

Hey D4!
I want to keep on singing “I LOVE LA.”. I love the magic! I am little superstitious that I been using this old BIG 5 scorebook but is on its last two pages! I need to start a new one but would it be OK?

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