May 2009

I’m going back to Cali, Cali

I had lots of fun in Chicago, Wrigley is very nice but  like the song says  “I’m going back to Cali, Cali, Cali….I need to go back to my beautiful Dodger Stadium!   My friend Lore and I fly back at 6:p.m. and my boys play the last of the four game series with Chicago at 7:p.m.  PLEASE play better than how you played Saturday!  Sunday’s game is the ESPN game.   I hope to hear good news when I land at LAX!

OK, let me tell you that Larry King is a traitor, yes a traitor!  He says he is a Dodger fan from back in the Brooklyn days.  He has Dodgers season tickets to and I always see him there with his wife and kids.  At Wrigley Field, he sang “Take me out to the ballgame”  and prior to the game and during the 7th inning stretch he was wearing a Cub’s jersey!   Traitor, traitor!   Believe it or not, this is Larry King’s first trip to Wrigley Field. 

I will be back to work on Monday and then to the games!  Arizona will be in town for 3 and then Philadelphia for a four game series.  On Sunday 6/7, I will be taking an early flight to N.H. for a business trip.  Lucky for me I will only miss three games since the Dodgers have two days off:  Monday 6/8 & Thursday 6/11.   After playing 17 consecutive games, my boys deserve some R&R. 

While In N.H. I do want to visit the minor league park of the Nashua Prides.  I’ve been meaning to do that for a while.    

Pictures when I get back home!

Update:  I will be volunteering at the stadium recruiting blood donors for our upcoming blood drive from the Dodger Booster club. 


Greetings from the Friendly Confines!

It was so cold when I got to Chicago on Wednesday that I bought me a coat.  Guess what color?  Dodger blue baby!   We went to Numero Uno for dinner.  Good pizza!  We felt guilty after having the pizza so we went to work on the threadmill while watching our Lakers win! 

Thursday, after having lunch at the hotel we went to John Hancock observatory.  Wow 96th floor!  My ears were popping!  Beautiful view from there and I loved all the history.    

We got to the friendly confines, Wrigley Field in time for BP.   Before going in we walked around the park.  Take a look at this picture from a local bar: 

Too funny using Manny’s name!  Z has been suspended for 6 games.  

Entering this series, the Cubs and Dodgers franchises have split their 2,024 games against each other!  

Two Randy’s on the mound for the first game:  lefty Randy Wolf against righty Randy Wells. 

I was on the edge on my seat in the 9th inning when the baby bears had the bases loaded with one out.  Our closer was not on the mound as he had thrown 36 pitches the day before so Troncoso was on the mound.  Tron pitched the 8 & the 9th.  Dodgers win 2-1!  El Lobo picked the win!   

We met Dodger fans from Whittier, CA; The San Fernando valley; and ran into two Dodger Lady fans from the Booster Club!   They recognized me from the meetings.  I kept score but😦 I lost my program and not only that, I lost one of my Dodger earrings :-(( but we won the first game!!!🙂. 

Friday’s matchup:  Lefty Ted Lilly against our righty Chad Billinsgley.

Memorial Day: Blood of heroes never dies

I lost my original post as a result of having trouble with the computer so better late than never.

Hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day.  

Thank you to all that have given the ultimate sacrifice and for those that are currently serving in the military.  God bless you all! You are our true heroes !

I was wondering why all the red baseball hats then Vin explained it that all MLB teams were wearing.  Then he recited a poem  written by Moina Michael titled “We Shall Keep the Faith.” that was in reply to the poem “Flanders Fields.”  We love you Vin Scully!

The second of three stanzas of this poem reads:

 We cherish, too, the poppy red
That grows on fields where valor led;
It seems to signal to the skies
That blood of heroes never dies
But lends a lustre to the red
Of the flower that blooms above the dead
In Flanders Fields.
I wonder how you all feel about the red hats. They will wear them again on 7/4 & 9/11.  Dodgers will be in San Diego for 7/4 & in SF for 9/11.   No way would I wear a red hat,   people might think that I am an …Angel fan.  Perish that thought.   I would have preferred a patch or a red white and blue logo. 


Two more days before I fly to Chicago for my first trip to Wrigley!!

 Update on Manny:  He is working out at Dodger Stadium while the team is away.  

A “Happy” #46 and a Worthy Foundation

In the tradition started by Jimmy Curran, I dedicate my #46 ranking to

  1.  #46 Burt Hooton who Tommy Lasorda nicknamed “Happy” because he hardly ever smiled. 
  2. The Taylor Hooton Foundation that fights steroid abuse.  Don Hooton, the President is a cousin of Burt Hooton.   

1.  Burt Hooton started with the Cubs pitching three full seasons there.  In 1972 and only in his fourth start as a Cubbie, he pitched a no-hitter against Philadelphia.   After a losing record with the Cubs, he was dispatched to the Dodgers for Jeoff Zahn & Eddie Solomon in 1975.  That year he won 18 games for the Dodgers–at one stretch 12 in a row.  In 1978, a pennant-winning year, Happy Hooton won 19.   He was the NL Champshionship series MVP in 1981 and won the desisive 1981 World Series game 6  against the Yankees!  He posted a 1.59 ERA in that World Series.   His signature pitch was the knuckle curve.


2. Taylor Hooton Foundation was formed in memory of Taylor E. Hooton, a 17-year old high school athlete from Plano, TX. Taylor took his own life on July 15, 2003 as a result of the abuse of anabolic steroids. This Foundation was founded by the parents, family and friends of Taylor after his death when the founders became aware of the magnitude of a growing problem among high school athletes across the country–the illegal use and abuse of anabolic steroids as a performance enhancement drug in addition to other PEDs. They discovered that this is a serious problem among young athletes; and that young people and their parents are generally ignorant of the real dangers of these powerful drugs.   Link to the foundation

My boys golfed today.

Enjoy the off day boys!  You got 17 days after today without a day off!   My boys golfed today at the Dodgers Dream Foundation Golf Turnament.  I hope you took it easy at the tournament!   I can also use a night off.  Working and going to the games every night can take a toll on you so I’ll recoup today/night and get ready for the Angels this weekend!  

I love the matchup for Friday night!  It will be our 21 year old Clayton Kershaw who is coming off his 1 hitter against Jerred Weaver.  Hopefully we will be celebrating with the fireworks after the game.  

Saturday is El Lobo(Wolf) against Lackey and I will be watching the game from baseline seats on the left  right field side!   We also get to try out the baseline restaurant!   My friend and I gave our Top Deck seats to one of the security guards in the Top Deck who will be bringing his family.  

Sunday is our ace Chad Billingsley!  We will try out the new area designated as “Bleacher Beach”.   We both want the beach bag that comes with the tickets this Sunday.   Check it out:  

     • All-you-can-eat BBQ Burgers and Chicken, as well as Dodger Dogs, Nachos, Peanuts, Popcorn,Beach Items
       Watermelon Slices and Soft Drinks (Beer available for purchase)
     • Live DJ from 102.7 KISS-FM
     • Private Beach Themed Party Area
     • Free Dodgers Beach Item

Located in the Lower Reserve, sections 55 & 59, on the 3rd Base Side

     • GROUP – $35.00
     • INDIVIDUAL – $45.00
     • DAY OF GAME – $50.00


Chilling at the Ravine! I LOVE LA!

I know my friend Ash at is not having as much fun as I am but I loved reading your recap of the past two games Ash!  Thanks!!

What a wacky wild game Monday was!  I don’t like to see so many errors in a game even if it is the opposing team but I am so glad we won!   Kudos to Mark Loretta for noticing that Church missed the bag at third!.   Wild and Wacky game!  First you have the Mets winning 3 -2 only to have the final score be Dodgers 3, Mets 2.  Good job to El Lobo (Wolf) even though he did not get the win.  Another cheap win for the bullpen. 

On Tuesday’s game Billingsley struggled in the first few innings with a high pitch count but then he showed why he has a record of 6-1 now.   Gutsy performance for the pride of Defiance, OH.   Oh and what about the bearded one Casey Blake with his 9th homerun?  Not bad for your number 8th batter.  On to game 3 today with Hernandez for the Mets against Jeff Weaver.   Good Luck Weaver!  

Today is Casey Blake bobblehead night.  I heard that the BBH resembles him a lot.  Stay Thirsty my fiends:  From the name that was given to Casey Blake at   TMIMITW (the most interesting man in the world) because of his beard.  Still having problems adding youtube so here is the link to TMIMITW

Stay thirsty my friends. 

Great Road Trip Dodgers taking 4 out of 6!!

Dodgers take 2 out of 3 from the Phillies and Marlins!   Great road trip boys!  Congratulations

Congratulations to our young 21 Clayton Kershaw who had a no-hitter going into the 8th inning!  Of all people, our ex-Dodger Cody Ross broke the no-no with a double.


 Mota was called to protect a 10-0 score but final score ended up being 12-5.   Cody Ross got a grand slam.  The two biggest pain in the


See full size image




for the Dodgers in this homestand were two ex Dodgers:  Jayson Werth & Cody Ross.   The post steroid Mota is not working.  

Congratulations to Juan Pierre and Mark Loretta who got 3 hits each!  

 Dodgers come home to play 3 with the Mets and the Angels!  Yeah!   

I checked out “Baseball an illustrated History” by Geoffrey C. Ward & Ken Burns from Monrovia library. This is a great read!   I happen to be there for the library Grand Opening day.   Ray Bradbury was scheduled to be there so I am glad I stayed to hear him.  The place was packed and he was running late so I was reading this volume to Ken Burns magnificient  PBS TV series.   The intro is by Roger Angels and essays by Thomas Boswell, Robert W. Creamer, Gerald Early, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Bill James, David Lamb, Daniel Okrent, John Thorn, George F. Will and an interview with Buck O’Neil.  

Bought a couple of used books from the Friend of the Libray and this lady said “You like to read and you are a baseball fan.”.  I was not buying baseball books but I had a t-shirt with small letters reading “This is LA baseball”.  She said if it was just the shirt she would not have said anything but I forgot I also had my baseball diamond pendant on.   The back of the pendant reads “Diamonds are forever.”   

Again, congratulations to our Dodgers!  4-2 road trip without Manny and Kuroda-san



We Took 2 out of 3 from the Phillies! Next: The Marlins!

We took 2 out of 3 from the Defending World Champions Phillies!

I was worry about the trip to Philadelphia. How would my Dodgers do? Can they win consistently without Manny? Would James Loney and Russell Martin start picking up the pace? Well, they did!. James Loney hit two homeruns in Philadelphia. Russell started hitting better. Casey Blake hit  his 7th home run. Not bad for a guy hitting 8!   Wolf “El Lobo” got his win against his old team. Billz has been pitching lights out although Jonathan Broxton could not save the win for him. Jonathan got the cheap win. I wish there was a way for Billz who only allowed 3 hits and 1 run in 7 innings to get the win but those are the rules.

On to Florida to play at ::looks for the new name of the stadium: Land Shark Stadium.  what is that story behind that name? The times for the 3 game series are: Friday 4:10 P.T., Saturday 3: P.T., Sunday 10:10 P.T.

At first I was “why the 3: P.T time? I went back to the Dodgers scheduled and it says


3:10 PM



Broadcast joined in progress

What is up with that?????????

Well, I learned that Saturday afternoons have been FOX’s exclusive territory for years – there’s a national blackout between the hours of 1pm and 4pm western time.  If any team wanted to start a game in the blackout period, they’d be unable to broadcast the game until the blackout ended

So Saturday we start watching the game in what?  the 4th inning?   Oh and the reason for the early start?   A concert of some sort. Thanks a lot Marlins. 


In the meantime.. Good luck Dodgers!  Good Luck Stults! 


Baseball Boogie video

Dodgers lost two games now so I thought that instead of dwelling on the losses, I’ll post something for fun. 

 I saw this video last year and I thought it was hilarious.   It is funny wathing it  all over again. You can see Orel Hershiser, Rick Honeycutt, Mike Scioscia, Bobby Welch, Pedro Guerrero, Mariano Duncan and other players.   Now at the beginning of the youtube it gives a list of players that participated but I did not see Fernando Valenzuela on the video. 

Mariano:  Can I borrow the pink jacket for the 80’s night at the stadium :-)?  

Any ideas on how I should dressed for 80’s fireworks night?  Is Friday June 5th.  Nothing too crazy OK :-)?  Thanks!

I Do Not Condone Steroid Use

Today walking around Dodger Stadium I noticed some fans wtih t-shirts saying “Free Manny” or “I Support Manny”    Someone asked where they got the t-shirts and they said someone outside the stadium was selling them for $5.  I was left wondering if those people bought the t-shirts because it was $5 or because they think is OK to cheat with steioids.   I don’t condone steroid use, to condone it would be to say “is OK to cheat.”   Is it OK for kids to cheat on their exam?   No!  Is unfair for those that have worked hard to take those exams.  

It is unfair for those players that have stayed clean and continue to stay clean even with all the steroids being used around them.  It reminded me of what Jeff Kent said during his retirement speech when asked what he thought about this whole steroid issue.  He said “The integrity of the game has been jeopardized for so many years, and I’m embarrassed about the steroid era.”  He also said “I saw it around me what could I do but work harder to compete.”

If you have read my post you know that I met Manny and found him to be so nice.   But just because he was nice to my friends and I does not mean he gets a pass with me.  It also bothers me that he has not addressed his teammates.  If he needs more time for that, Ok take it but do address your teammates.

I gave Barry Bonds and all involved with steroids a hard time and Manny is not getting a free pass with me just because he is a Dodger.  I also hate that only after players get caught using steroids is when they apologize and they say how sorry they are.  Are they truly sorry or sorry that they got caught?   I am disgusted with all the players that have cheated this great game but especially with those that already had great abilities.   

Is a sad day in baseball but like Vin Scully said today in his broacast “no one man stops baseball.”