Finally Opening Day at Dodger Stadium!!

Oh I just can’t  wait for Dodger Stadium to open so that we can start the Home Opener!   

Gates open at 10:40 a.m., ceremonies begin at 12:35 p.m., and the game begins at 1:10 p.m.

Mr. Vin Scully will  do the honors of throwing the ceremonial first pitch!!! 



Click on the link below and Vote for VIN! is holding a contest for “Mr. LA”,  forget the others on the list, Vin is the man!


This is Vin’s 60th years with the Dodgers!  That means he started in 1949!  in 1950!   Thanks Malleycat for the correction. 

In Honor of Jackie Robinson:  

The 1949 All-Star Game at Ebbets Field marked the first appearance of black players including Jackie Robinson, Roy Campanella, Don Newcombe and Larry Doby.  Here is the All-Star pin from that year. 




The Starting lineup for your 2009 Los Angeles Dodgers!

SS Rafael Furcal  ___ His speed is superv, his arm like a rifle!

2B Orlando Hudson __He brings his gold glove, Vin Scully loves to say Oooo-Dog!!

LF Manny Ramirez __ His bat is electric, I love his work’s ethics! 

1B James Loney ___ Soon to be a gold glover and developing Homerun power!

C Russell Martin ___In Martin we trust, our young pitching staff!

RF Andre Ethier ____Hitters beware!  He is in right field everyday!

CF Matt Kemp_____ The sky is the limit for his arm, power and speed!

3B Casey Blake____As a hitter he is solid and he guards the hot corner!

P  Chad Billingsley__ Billz will be dealing! A star in the making!




Have a WONDERFUL!!!! time at the game!


Happy opening day Emma !!!!

Are you as excited as I am ? I bet you are, have a great day and enjoy the game. Btw, I love your blog.

Thanks Julia! I woke with Nancy Bea Cd! She is the organist at Dodger Stadium!1
Bluedog! thanks! I am way excited!!! WOOHOO!

Absolutely I will be at the Dodger Stadium! I about to signoff here and get ready!! Woohoo!! Did I say that Vin Scully is throwing out the ceremonial first pitch?!! And yes, I am aware of RJ’s record at Dodger Stadium. Hopefully Billz will be dealing today for us!!
Is a beautiful day for a ballgame, for a ballgame today!!

It IS a beautiful day in CA and it should be a glorious one at Dodger Stadium. Have a great time, Emma!!!

I hope you have fun at the game, but I hope you don’t go home sad when Randy Johnson shuts you guys out. lol jk Go Giants!

~ King of Cali

Great opening day for you. I’m sure you had a great time. Nothing like being home.

Jane, It was a glorious day at the park! I had a wonderful time!
Cali, sorry for the loss NOT! . 🙂. RJ had a 7-0 record at Dodger Stadium so I am glad we got to him!
Jan, Vin made me and many cry with what he said. Yeah, you are right, nothing like being home!
will post later more but I got a ton of work today as a result of time off last week to go to San Diego and off yesterday.

Emma – Are the Dodgers fans enjoying the start of the season? How are you holding up? Going Crazy yet?

Canuk! I am always crazy! That’s what people tell me🙂

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