March 2009

Meet my traveling friends.

Here are my friends.  Yeah, is just shadows of us.  One of them wants it that way.   Pic taken at Camelback Ranch March ’09.

Friend1, friend2, me and and maybe a future friend at the end.   Check out my pic in my profile.  did not know my friend had taken that pic at the stadium last year🙂

Dodgers 061.JPG

We ran into Manny!

We got to our hotel, parked the car and who is walking toward us?   None other than Manny!  he was parked next to us!   I told him in Spanish “Manny, we are not going to bother you, I just want you to know we are so happy to have you back”.  My friends said something similar.  Manny was super nice. he shook my friends hands then he gave me a hug!   We were so happy!!  


We saw our fist win at the Milwaukee facility so we sang “I Love LA”.   that is the traditional song at Dodger Stadium after a win.


Short thread.  Today’s game is televised and our beloved Vin Scully is in the house!  



I Dedicate my #34 Ranking to Fernando Valenzuela!

To follow the tradition of other bloggers, I dedicate my #34 ranking to Fernando Valenzuela!   Fernando brings back so many memories when I first became a season ticket holder.  What a year 1981 was from Fernando taking over on Opening Day for an injured Jerry Reuss to the Dodgers winning the World Series against the Yankees!   How sweeeet that was!  

I remember watching Fernando playing with a baseball but using it as a soccer ball. He was very playfull.

This is my favorite picture of Fernando.  


At the peak of Fernandomania there was a song sang at the then Dodger flag station which again became the Dodger station last year. It went like this

Fernando the great Valenzuela

Supreme matador of them all .

………………………………………….. (this line I forgot )

But by throwing a little baseball.

Don’t know why I still remember that portion and not the other.

Another song that brings so many memories is Abba’s song “Fernando”

Abba Fernando Song 

There was something in the air that night Fernando…..the stars were bright Fernando…Though we tthought we never  lose, there is no regrets…

Abba’s songs reminds me of my first boyfriend.   

I can still hear Vin Scully say “If you have a sombrero, throw it into the sky!”


Que viva el toro!! OLE!!! Ahua!!!

Thank you all that contribute to my rankings! xoxoxo

Los Angeles Welcomes Manny!

Welcome back Manny! 

morepics 018.jpg

TroyfromWestVirginia’s Youtube “We are the L.A. Dodgers”

I first met TroyfromWestVirginia last year when I went on a road trip that took me first to Yankee Stadium then PNC.    I had seen his tribute to Joe Beimel before so when he walked infront of me, I recognized him!.  

Yesterday I ran into him again at Camelback Ranch.  For those that don’t know anything about Troy, he is a big Joe Beimel fan.  He is the reason why Joe got a bobblehead.   I took a picture with him and his sign saying “Bring Beimel Back”.  I  I posted the in my prior thread. As the game progressed, I spotted him behind home plate when our pitching started to fall apart, he was displaying his sign and getting other fans to chant with him “Bring Beimel back!’  running up and down trying to get the attention of whoever was in the suites upstairs.   I told the people sitting next to me who he was.  

Troy’s original youtube was titled “The Legend of Joe Beimel”.  He has done many since the but I like this tribute song he did  titled “We are the L.A. Dodgers”.   Great job with the song Troy!  

We Are the LA Dodgers - 2009

Meanwhile back at the Ranch, part 3. (3/8/09)

I got back from Camelback at about 10:45 p.m.    This was my second weekend there and….there might be another one next week.    I have friends that are going already soooo I might also go. 

Camelback Ranch scoreboard.  Notice the distinction of the logo.     

Cdodgers 444.jpg

Larry King was very gracious, posing for pictures and signing autographs! 

dodgers 452.jpg

The famous Troy from West Virginia!  He is the reason why Joe Beimel got a bobblehead.   He got plenty of Youtube videos showing his total support for Jjoe. 

dodgers 455.jpg

We found the minor league area where we watched our Baby Blue practicing!!  The kid standing up smiling is Preston Mattingly.  We saw Johnson pitching well.   Dodgers could have used him today.  

dodgers 463.jpg

Meanwhile Back at the Ranch part 2.

Meanwhile back at the Ranch…part 2.

Sunday 3/1 Opening Day (posting 3/7/09 from hotel in Glendale, AZ)

So this is the day that my friend Lore, Erik & I had been waiting for! We just had to go to the Grand Opening of Camelback Ranch!  I had gone downstairs to use the computer and print the thread  tited Jeff Weaver & The Boys of Summer.  I was hoping to give it to him to encourage him to do well🙂 There were problems with the printer but I finally got it printed and rushed thru the hot breakfast offered at Springfield Hotel (perfect name!). While I was making my waffle and waiting for it to cook, I was having a small bowl of oatmeal. My friends were anxious to get me out of there. 

We got to the Camelback Ranch’s parking lot and paid $5 for parking. When we started walking out of the car I heard someone yelled “Emma!”. It was one of my neighbors at Dodger Stadium.  She with her hubby and their 2 little girls sit infront of me.   We hugged and caught up with each other since (scratches head) oh yeah since the event for season ticket holders at Dodger Stadium in December. 

So now we are at the roped area where fans wait for players to pass by.  We saw Either and I told him  ‘Andre!  We need a new restaurant review!’ He looked back, smiled and pointed a finger in my direction.  Next James Loney went by and we sang the Loney song that two posters from ITD came up with (I’ll incude names afterwards ).    Loney and some of the players smiled at the song.  It goes like this:

My Loney has a first name. is J A M E S

My Loney has a second name, is L O N E Y

Oh I like to see him every day and if you ask me why I’lll say

Cause Loney has a way with H I T T I N G.

Fans applauded us after heading the song🙂

Ok, so next we wanted to see Jeff Weaver.  Lore is a fan of Weaver and I wanted to give him my post.  Everyone said he had already gone by, so after watching some of the guys practice, we came back to the roped line to see if we could see Weaver.   I spotted him signing autographs and I said  “WEAVER!”   I startled him and he said “That is me”.   I asked him if he coud read what I had posted in my blog and basically told him what was in the page.  He took it and stuffed it in his pocket and said he would read it later.  He told me he remembered that game he pitched at Dodger Stadium against Roger Clemens well. 

So Weaver continued to sign autographs and pose for pictures.  He seemed like he was having a good time.  I got on the phone and called Lore to ask her where she was and that Weaver was right infront of me.  She was almost at the end of the line so I moved there with her and told her I could take a picture of her and Weaver since I’ve seen him posing for pics.  But when he got to where we were, he picked up his things and we were like “ohhhh”, BUT he threw his things at the end of the line and came back.  Everyone applauded him.   I took the picture of Lore & Weaver and while he was signing Lore’s ball, I said “We are glad to have our guerito back.”  Guerito is an endearing term for a blond guy.  He smiled and said “also flaquito”.   LOL. I did not know he knew a few words in Spanish.  Flaquito means skinny.   Note that adding the “ito” for males or “ita”  for females, it makes it an endearing term.  

We lost that game, but we had a lot fun and did not want to go back home.   We drove back Sunday evening working on plans to come back soon.  

Blue Skies Nothing but Dodger Blue Skies…

Blue Skies Nothing but Dodger Blue skies smiling at me :-)…Yes!  Manny is back!  .Here is  Old Blue eyes who was a big Dodger fan singing Blue Skies.

Blue skies with Old Blue Eyes

I was blue, just as blue as I could be
Evry day was a cloudy day for me
Then good luck came a-knocking at my door
Skies were gray but theyre not gray anymore

Blue skies
Smiling at me
Nothing but blue skies
Do I see

Singing a song
Nothing but bluebirds
All day long

Never saw the sun shining so bright
Never saw things going so right
Noticing the days hurrying by
When youre in love, my how they fly

Blue days
All of them gone
Nothing but blue skies
From now on

I should care if the wind blows east or west
I should fret if the worst looks like the best
I should mind if they say it cant be true
I should smile, thats exactly what I do


taken from


i dedicate my #45 Ranking to Johnny Podres!

Here is to you Mr Johnny Podres!! I dedicate my #45 ranking to you sir! I hope you are wearing a halo around your head!

Johnny Podres.jpg.Here here are some of the lyrics to “Johnny Podres wears a halo ’round his head”  that was written after the 1955 World Series.

“Johnny brought the crown to Ebbets Field at last,

No more ‘Wait ’til Next Year’! Now ‘next year’ has passed! Casey’s mighty men struck out,

You could hear old Brooklyn shout,

Johnny Podres has a halo ’round his head (I could kiss him!)

Johnny Podres has a halo ’round his head!

(Pinch me, I’m dreaming!)”

Wish I had the 45′ record!

 link to card taken from

Meanwhile back at the Ranch..

Meanwhile back at the Ranch…..Lore and I made it from the L.A. area to Glendale, AZ in 5 hours. The first thing we saw when we were approaching Camelback Ranch was a digital sign from CVS drugstore that read “Welcome Dodgers fans to the Cactus League”. We both pointed to the sign excitedly. We got more excited when we saw that to our right we could see a field with a whole bunch of White Sox players exercising! Ooooh we could hardly wait to park the car!

As we approached the gate, we were told that there was mockup game that day. (The team was in Tucson playing the Rockies.) We parked and started toward the gate but noticed that we needed tickets. I went to the ticket window but I was told that it was only for family and friends. I thanked the lady and we were about to walk away when this very nice guy gave us two tickets! We thanked him profusely and we went inside and took in all of the sites from the inside. The grass looked so green and the whole place looked magnificent. They were practicing all the festivities for the pregame. We sat where the ticket said we could sit which was behind home plate after getting our free food. We both tried the Chicago dogs. I never had one before and I really liked it. They gave us the first item free plus a drink and any additional items were a dollar. Beer was regular price.

After enjoying our lunch and realizing that there was not going to an actual mock game but only a few ladies throwing on the field, we walked through the whole stadium taking in the beautiful view, talking to ushers and taking pictures. We noticed two workers with drills still working on some seats. We were all decked out in Dodger blue! One of the ushers told us “I think I saw Vin Scully upstairs” so up we went to check out the suites and see if we could see our beloved Vin but he was no longer there. The only one I saw was Josh Rawich (Dodgers VP of Communication) who was walking by with some people heading to get some food. I yelled “JOSH”. He looked around who was calling him. I yelled “UP HERE.” He said “Hi Emma, you guys are everywhere”. lol. The next day I read Josh post at ITD  (Insidethedodgers.mlblogs) saying that he had given Vin a tour of the place so we had just missed him.

We left to check in at the Springhill suites hotel . Later on our friend Erik called us that he had arrived in Glendale and if we could pick him up so afterwards, the three of us headed to find a place for dinner. We were close to this shopping center that had several restaurants. We ask what the wait was at the Yard House and they said between 45 minutes to 1 hour. Ran into 2 Dodgers photographers there and Jon told me the wait was going to be like that everywhere.. We went to a place called Joe’s Grill for drinks and food. Later on we headed to Scottsdale blasting the CD playing “I Love L.A” and singing along to get ready for the season. By the time we came back it was 3:30 in the morning. It did not help that we got lost on our way back and that the gas station where we got off was not open.

To be continue with the Grand Opening day!