Vin Scully: My favorite Irishman!

the poet laureate of Baseball: 

Vin Scully!  We Love you!

 Vin Scully Photos

pic from the L.A Times at the Coliseum .

Happy St Patrick Day everyone!

A toast also to the O’Malleys and the McCourts! 

The O’Malleys used to have this elaborate parties on ST. Patrick’s day.  you can read about them here 

St Parick’s day in the O’Malley Days

I like the menu items from the O’Malleys St Patrick parties:

clever menus were concocted based on the names of Dodger players, coaches and executives: Oysters O’Zark, Alston mixed salad without Dressen, Corn O’Sorda, Soft Drink O’Drysdale, Scully onions, Andy High balls, Podres pudding, O’Porter potatoes, Milk O’Davis and DeLury Lima Beans…

Here is what I am wearing today but notice my blue nails:-)

morepics 052.jpg


I have my Green Red Sox hat on! And I blogged in green today! lol! The Red Sox are wearing their home whites with green lettering and shamrocks and green hats! GO RED SOX!


Hey Julia. I can’t get away with a hat at work. Only day I can wear a hat and jeans and also a t-shirt is on Frdays but I got a sweater over my t-shirt. Besides, today is Pilates day. The class is from noon to 1 p.m. on Tuesdays & Thursdays.

Love the shirt, Emma. And love Vin Scully too. He’s a pleasure to listen to and I hope he never retires!

Nice St Patrick’s Day Dodgers shirt…GO GIANTS lol

~ King of Cali

Me too Jane! We hope he does not retire. He does not go beyond Colorado for games. He deserves his shorten schedule. I always carry a radio with TV audio so that I can listen to him on the radio for the 1st 3 innings or the whole games when he is on the channel 9. Oh wait a minute! I can’t do that anymore with the TV antenna thing that started this yearūüė¶. boo to that.

King of Cali,
I met this charming couple last week. Their only fault is that they are Giant fans:-).

Hi Emma – That’s a great shirt! love the nails!:)

thanks fellow crazy fan! I forgot I still had my nails painted blue until I saw the pic.
Don’t you all hate it when you start typing and you have not signon yet?

Yeah, I get that a lot! It’s a pain…especially when you REALLY want to say something!

Hola Emma, as√≠ es, Venezuela se va para semifinales en Los √Āngeles, la casa de tus Dodgers. Esperemos que EEUU tambi√©n, mi imagino que tu coraz√≥n esta en este pa√≠s aunque todav√≠a no me has dicho ¬Ņcu√°l es el que te gustar√≠a que ganase? Un saludo mucho fuerte amiga.

Hola Alex! Recivistes las fotos? Pues si, mi corazon esta con EEUU.
Incluye la direccion de tu blog la proxim vez. Yo la tengo en la computadora de la casa.
Arriba EEUU! Que le ganen a los Puertoriquenos!
Entre mas pasan los dias, mas entusiasmada estoy que voy a ver mis primeros juegos de WBC.

Hey Emma – great shirt and thanks for sharing the Spring Training pics with us all. It looks fantastic. I’m so envious.Ash

Thanks for the comment, Emma. I’m blogging the USA game now, but will have to miss the Japan game. I’m glad you enjoyed my posts and I hope you come back and visit often. I love your LAD stuff. Do you mind if I add a link to your page in my favorite links?Ash

I hope you had a great St. Patty’s day! Gotta love Vin Scully! Heh, Dreeson is my last name, I wonder if my name comes from that? lol

Ash! No I don’t mind at all! I am honored! I will do the same! I want to read your posts!
Elizabeth! I had a great day. Our cafeteria makes some nice corn beef and cabbage and potatoes. I hope you also had a great day. I remember that interleague game at Fenway with the Dodgers when Vin made the trip there. As a rule he does not do the games beyond Colorado but that was a special ocassion.

I am so happy USA advanced! I was worry there for a while. Woohoo!!! Oh, I so hope they beat Venezuela, even though I also like Venezuela.
Estoy muy feliz que EEUU avanzo! Esta preocupada que los Puertoriquenos nos ivan a eliminar. Ahora contra Venezuela el Miercoles. Tengo que confesar que tambien me gusta Venezuela.

Hey Emma, very nice. Well done. I have bookmarked your site. Thanks!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Jhall!
I had cornbeef & cabbage for lunch so for dinner I decided to have one of these items from the O’Malley’s menu: Alston mixed salad without Dressen! haha. Just a little lemon & pepper on it.

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