March 2009

Dedication time! Ranking Dedicated to #26 Heinie Manush!

Thank you all that helped be #26 in the latest ranking!

Only two players have worn #26 in Dodger history. One of them is Hall of Famer Henry Heinie Manush!

Heinie Manush was born in Tuscumbia, Alabama . He was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1964 by the Veteran’s committee. He passed away in May of 1971 at the age of 69 .

Mr Heinie Manush played for

Detroit Tigers (1923-1927)

St. Louis Browns (1928-1930)

Washington Senators (1930-1935)

Boston Red Sox (1936),

Brooklyn Dodgers (1937-1938), YEAH!

Pittsburgh Pirates (1938-1939)

Heinie Manush ended his 17-year career with a .330 batting average!

He hit .378 to win the 1926 American League batting title, edging out Babe Ruth on the final day of the season by going 6-for-9 in a double-header.

In 1928, Manush hit .378 again, but lost the batting crown to Goose Goslin’s .379 mark. After their battle for the 1982 batting crown, Manush and Goslin playfully made an annual bet on who would record the higher batting average. The loser would have to pay the winner $50 and buy him a new suit. Manush collected on the bet 5 times while Goslin collected 3 times.

He finished second to Jimmie Foxx in 1933’s race for the batting title, but his league-leading 221 hits and 17 triples paced the Senators to a pennant.race.



I am going back to Camelback Ranch and….

as an added bonus, the WIN Baseball Clinic is Saturday 3/28/09!   Here is the link to the event:

Click where it says “Camelback Ranch  Glendale WIN Clinic for more information. 

The event will be hosted by Maury Wills, Ron Cey, Mike Davis & Bobby Welch!  I am not sure If I mentioned why Bobby Welch became one of my favorites back in the 80’s.   I told him at the 80’s luncheon and he was like “Me?”   I hope I can get tickets there for this event as it was too late to buy online.  

Click on the photo album for pictures from prior events.  See the lady wispering to Jeff Kent from the 2007 pictures?  She is Maybelle Blair from the All American Profesional Baseball league.  She was portrayed by Madonna in the movie “A League of Their Own”.  Maybelle was a lot of fun at all the WIN events.  At work I have a picture with all the ladies from the AAPBL that attended these events.   

The second  picture from 2008 is me throwing the ball to a  friend that gets down in position to catch the ball.  You can see the ball in the air.    We had a nice luncheon after the baseball clinic and Jamie McCourt, Russell Martin, Don Mattingly, Joe Torre & Matt Kemp were at the luncheon fielding our questions.  The lady with the Jeff Kent shirt in the next to the last picture is me.  I miss my ponytail when I wear baseball hats.  

Russell Martin and Matt Kemp were asked to show their tatoos and no, that was not me asking that! .   I directed my comment & question to Mr. Mattingly.    What do you all think of Don Mattingly’s picture?

Looking back at the pictures reminds me that I will not see Jeff Kent anymore :-(   I will miss you Jeff!  Thank you for hosting the WIN baseball clinic at Dodger Stadium for the last 4 years!   -Emma (crzblue)

ok, now I really need to get off the computer as we leave very early tomorrow morning.  We changed our plans of leaving at night to early morning because of heavy traffic on the 10 & 210 freeways.     



2008: It was a very good year…

Looking back at my camera and all the pictures I have taken, it reminds me of baseball seasons from beginning to end! 2008 was a very good year! Baseball season started a little earlier for us Dodger fans from the volunteering to decorate this



for the Rose Parade.  We worked until our fingers were numb filling out little vials of water, then we moved to glue flowers, then to glue peanuts, then we worked with so many flowers to start giving shape to the design of the float.

We got up early to go to the parade and then I did a crazy thing without thinking!. I followed the Dodger float running along side and my friends followed me!. Dodger players and ex-players were seated in the dugout seats made on both sides of the float.

As i was running I waived at the players and yelled “HI GARVEY!”  “HI FERNANDO!” “HI NOMAH!” HI PENNY”  “HI SAITO-SAN”. they looked at me and waived back. I remember a security guard just smiled at me. At one point we could no longer get thru so we stopped. At that point, one of my friends said “OMG! We could have been arrested! I did not know that you could get arrested for doing that! The three of us laughed about it afterwards.

Fast track to Caravan day where I got up very early to go to the stadium to see the equipment truck leave the stadium. The words in the side of the big wheel were “VERO BEACH OR BUST.” I noticed boxes of this 

The days activities continued to the Panda Inn event where my friends and I already had reservations. The Panda Inn event was out of this world having our boys in Blue act as our waiters. We had James Loney and Pepe Yniguez as our waiters. James became one of my favorites that day! When we started a chant “LET’S GO DODGERS! LET’S GO!!” from our table, Tommy Lasorda came over to our table and gave one of his inspirational speeches. It was a good thing we had already finished eating as spit started flying. WE LOVE YOU TOMMY!

Vero Beach was great as usual. I attended the WIN baseball clinic there. I got to talk to my favorite player Jeff Kent who said he remembered me attending the WIn events at Dodger Stadium. i talked to D. Lowe also. I told him “I might draft you again in my baseball fantasy team.” to which he replied “No, don’t do that. I am not good with numbers.”🙂.

 Vero Beach WIN Baseball clinic.  See how close fans were to the media area (where you can see clock)?

VB 2007 028.jpgThe exhibition event/game against the Red Sox at the Coliseum was wonderful. I wish I would have had a chance to meet Carl Erskine (Oisk), but the lines were huge. Too bad Sandy Koufax was not in attendance but he did show up for Opening Day! Who would have thought seeing Manny at the Coliseum that he would end up in L.A? During BP at the Coliseum, I yelled to D.Lowe, “D.LOWE! I GOT YOU IN MY BASEBALL FANTASY”. To which he yelled back “I TOLD YOU NOT TO DO THAT.” Some fans around me were laughing at his response🙂.

See full size image





What an incredible day Opening Day it was! I’ll never forget Duke Snider slowly walking from center field and all the players that kept coming from both bullpens and from the Dodgers dugout. The last person to show up was Sandy Koufax. All thru this event, our venerable Vin Scully was at his booth doing us the honor of introducing each player. Carl Erskine , Sandy Koufax and Don Newcombe threw out the first ball. The catchers were Joe Torre, Tommy Lasorda and one of the bat boys. Kent hit a 2 run HR and Penny got the win against Zito for a score of 5 -0. King of Cali: Do you remember😕

Along with attending games, I attended several events like the WIN Baseball clinic hosted by Jeff Kent. Thank you Jeff for being such a great host these past 4 years! I will miss you😦. Other events were the “Carne Asada with Nomah”. This year is going to be hosted by Andre Ethier. There were also events for the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s & 90’s with players of each decade attending the event. I missed the 90’s event since the WIN baseball clinic was scheduled for the same day.. I talked to players from Wes Parker of the 60’s to 80’s players like Bobby Welch. Yankee fans might remember Bobby Welch as the rookie that struck out Reggie Jackson in the 1978 World Series.

A roller coaster took us thru some ups and downs. I missed three games during the season but I attended a few road games. I made two trips to San Diego and Arizona, one trip to Anaheim, San Francisco, Colorado and the last one to Pittsburgh that also included a trip to see Yankee Stadium for the first and last time. As I sat at Yankee Stadium, I remembered when I watched the 1981 WS games on TV, in particular when Kenny Landreaux caught the last out and Steve Howe (RIP) jumped up and down.

We won the NL West, we swept the Cubs and then got eliminated by the Phillies. At least we got eliminated by the team that won the World Series.! Yes, like Frank Sinatra says in his song “it was a very good year”.


WBC Final Game: Japan vs Korea at Dodger Stadium

What an incredible atmosphere at the stadium for the final WBC game between Japan & Korea.    Korea had the most fans but Japan also represented very well.   The home team was Korea but Japan had the Dodger side.  Yesterday’s game Japan was the home team using the Dodger dugout and USA was the visiting team. 

The Japanese fans kept chanting “NIPON” (Japan)  clap clap 

The Koreans fans kept chanting ” DAE HAN MIN GU” (Korea) clap clap (haha one word was put as *** so I edited)

There were several drums at different levels starting the chant.  

Here Sunset Blvd with the WBC banner. 


wbc 012.jpg

Opening Ceremony

wbc 025.jpg

The Japanese dugout side

wbc 030.jpg..

Here’s the Korean dugout side & also meet my Korean friend.  Edit to add:  Note her hat has Chan Ho’s Park’s #61, a pin with his picture and in the back of her hat says “Parks”   She also owns a Chan Ho Park jesrey.  

wbc 037.jpg 


I loved this girl’s enthusiasm for her team.  I thought she was going to pee in her pants everytime Ichiro-san came to the plate.   She went by herself to the game and she stayed until the final ceremonies were done.  

wbc 057.jpg  


here is a pic of the final ceremony.  The Korean players had already been given the silver medals and they are giving the Japanese players are receiving the gold medals. 

wbc 066.jpg

 Attendance for the final WBC game:  53,846!   A new record! 

3/26/09  Correction:  Attendance 54,846.  Thanks Malleycat!  

More pictures from the WBC at Dodger Stadium

It was freezing and oh so windy at OLOCR.   You could see some snow in the San Gabriel mountains.  Davey Johnson waited too long to get Oswald who was not in top form. .  

Soon I’ll be heading back to OLOCR for the matchup between Japan & Korea.

Here are some pics courtesy of my good friend in the Top Deck.

players exchange hats  

Players Exchange Hats.JPG


Pics from WBC game at OLOCR: Korea vs Venezuela

What happened to Venezuela?  the seats at Dodger Stadium were not warm yet when the score was 5 to 0.   And 5 errors by Venezuela?  that was a long night for them.  Korea fans were in the majority and they sure are loud.  You could hear a drum going and they would chant something after the beat of the drum.  

Here is a pic of my tickets:

wbc 001.jpg

Here is a pic from the introductions of the teams.  Note the thundersticks from the Korean fans. 


Thumbnail image for wbc 002.jpg


Soon we’ll be together again my beloved OLOCR!

I was remembering the Sting’s song we’ll be together

This weekend I get to go to OLOCR! Our Lady of Chavez Ravine”. That is what some of us endearingly call Dodger Stadium, OLOCR! . I get to see her in her splendor all dressed up in her Sunday’s best! I can’t wait!


I am super excited to go see the WBC finals! That USA is in the final four is icing on the cake! Congratulations to all the teams that are going into the Final 4: Venezuela, Korea, Japan & USA!!!

Can’t wait to chant USA! USA! USA!

See you soon OLOCR!

What should I wear?  What shoud I wear?

 I wonder if flags are allowed for the WBC.   If you’d been to OLOCR, you know that banners & flags are not allowed.

 pic from  I have pics like this but even if I change them to 500, is not working. 

Because of blogging late at night I missed…

I missed my 6:50 train!  I got up too late.  Ok, the next one is at 7:15  no way I can make that one.  OK, maybe the 7:30 one.  I get to Union Station with two minutes to spare.  ::runs to the train station:::    I missed the  train!   ::looks at schedule::  The next one is 8:50 Metrolink or Amtrank 9:05.    Walks to look at the Metrolink.  No plugs for my computer…Ok, I’ll take the 9:05.  What is 15 minutes more of waiting. 

So I sit and read the L.A. Times.  Hmmm food section title ‘The Art of Waiting”.  Sport section:  An article about James Loney!  Cool!   He is my favorite.  Torre compares him to a young Bernie Williams.  Yes, Torre, I think he is special too.  Ohoh…9:04!!   ::runs to take train::   I missed it again…. :::looks at schedule:::  the next is 9:50.  Ok, time to call boss again. 

I wonder if the bar is open.  I need one of these

with my luck Ill miss the train again.   Oh, someone left the New York Times & the Wall Street Journal!   picture in the NY Times Dining section of whoopie!  Oooh.. Is this a cookie, pie or cake?   The weekend Journal of the Wall Street Journal has a picture of the inside of Yankee Stadium.  Nice Banners.  Title of article “Luxury Strikes Out”   from Friday March 6th. $2,500 for a ticket!!  article here Luxury Srikes Out ::looks at the time::  15 minutes before train departs.  Better start walking now.  


Vin Scully: My favorite Irishman!

the poet laureate of Baseball: 

Vin Scully!  We Love you!

 Vin Scully Photos

pic from the L.A Times at the Coliseum .

Happy St Patrick Day everyone!

A toast also to the O’Malleys and the McCourts! 

The O’Malleys used to have this elaborate parties on ST. Patrick’s day.  you can read about them here 

St Parick’s day in the O’Malley Days

I like the menu items from the O’Malleys St Patrick parties:

clever menus were concocted based on the names of Dodger players, coaches and executives: Oysters O’Zark, Alston mixed salad without Dressen, Corn O’Sorda, Soft Drink O’Drysdale, Scully onions, Andy High balls, Podres pudding, O’Porter potatoes, Milk O’Davis and DeLury Lima Beans…

Here is what I am wearing today but notice my blue nails🙂

morepics 052.jpg

Pics from inside Camelback Ranch

dodgers 474.jpg


Clayton Kershaw warming up.

dodgers 464.jpg!

dodgers 475.jpg 

O’Dog at the plate. 

I have yet to see a win at Camelback Ranch but there is still another weekend after the WBC games this weekend at Dodger Stadium.  



official locker room[1].jpg

Official Locker Room for the Dodgers!


all pictures are mine except the lockeroom is from one of my cousin that took the tour before ballpark was done.